Toyota is to recall about 210,000 Land Cruiser Prados (Colorados) worldwide due to an axle problem, according to The Associated Press (AP).

About 100,000 vehicles will be recalled in Japan in addition to nearly 110,000 others, mainly in Australia, Europe and China, company spokesman Paul Nolasco told AP.

Toyota UK spokesman David Crouch said 54,455 vehicles were affected in Europe, 7,606 of those were in the UK.

The vehicles were produced between April 1996 and January 1999, the company said in a statement.

Toyota said that a crack may occur in the Prado's rear axle shaft if it is repeatedly driven on winding roads in the mountains at a high speed,  and it warned that a wheel may come off in the worst case.

There have been three reported cases of troubles but no one has been injured, Nolasco told AP.