The Future of Diesel Engines; Five Year Forecast Report

The Future of Diesel Engines; Five Year Forecast Report

Published: Bi-annual
Publisher: Rhein Associates, Inc
Product ref: 173225
Pages: 200
Format: PDF
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The Future of Diesel Engines: Five Year Forecast book is a comprehensive review of NAFTA produced diesel engine production trends over the last five years and for the next five years by application. The report is published twice a year with:

  • 5 Year Unit Volume History & 5 Year Forecast by Application
  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Major Overall Market Trends (Captive Engines, Emissions Regulations, Alternative Power)
  • Detailed Applications Analysis - History and Forecast with Eight Major Applications:
    On-Highway: Diesels used to propel trucks, buses & coaches
    Light Duty
    Medium Duty
    Heavy Duty
    Off-Highway: Diesels used to propel off-road equipment
    Industrial: Diesels used to power stationary off-road equipment
    Gen Set: Diesels used to produce electric power for all industries
    Marine: Diesels used to propel boats/ships
    Agriculture: Diesels used to propel tractors, combines and harvesters
    Automotive: Diesels used to propel cars and car based SUV’s, etc.
    Each diesel engine application is defined in the body of the report with a detailed analysis by history, trends, indicators, horsepower range, major players and forecast plus summary tables by application and engine manufacturer for each of the ten years.
  • More Than 50 Descriptive Charts and Graphs Providing Data that’s Easy to Read and Usable
  • A brief profile of the major diesel engine manufacturers based on business relationships and insights.
  • A chronology of news items related to each diesel engine manufacturer over the last year.

The intent of this 200 page report is to present understandable, logical and accurate diesel engine production forecasts. The diesel engine industry and diesel manufacturers are not like other industries, i.e. automobiles. The information on future programs is well guarded and manufacturers like to announce new and updated programs at the last minute keeping competitors off balance. As we continue our journey through the emissions regulations era, secrecy and security have become more intense. As a result, to forecast accurately, sources must be fine-tuned by market trends and intuition. Our information sources include:

  • Conversations and interviews with diesel engine manufacturers, distributors, dealers and components suppliers,
  • Discussions with vehicle and equipment OEM’s, analysts and industry experts,
  • Industry reports, publications and analyses,
  • Government data sources for economics, trends and engine information,
  • Industry association contacts and reports,
  • Over 45 years of industry knowledge, insights and intuition.

Our forecast book is the most informative primer and source for published and inside information on NAFTA diesel engine markets in the industry. The Future of Diesel Engines has become a must read for presidents to market analysts at companies involved in all areas of the vehicle, equipment, engine, powertrain, component and financial businesses.

Free with the purchase of our the NAFTA Diesel Engine Database.

Price: $700.00

Don't worry. No payment is taken yet

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