Thailand: a year after the floods

Thailand: a year after the floods

Published: September 2012
Publisher: Interchange Europe Ltd
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This management report presents an exclusive insight into how the auto industry coped and the lessons it learnt from the 2011 monsoon floods. Those floods ranked as one of the five costliest natural disasters in modern history, according to the World Bank.

In a series of interviews with senior executives at Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota - the key players in Thailand's blossoming car industry - this report uncovers the weaknesses and strengths of the supply chain as the flood waters rose.

It looks at the different strategies used by the companies and the lessons learnt, making this an invaluable report for all those operating in any part of the world prone to natural disasters.

It also examines the state of the Thailand auto industry and its short-term prospects. As wages rise and with a shortage of skilled workers, what can be done to maintain the country's role as a key south-east Asia hub?

Price: $131.26

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