PLDB - vehicle cycle plan database (12-month membership)

PLDB - vehicle cycle plan database (12-month membership)

Published: July 2011
Publisher: PLDB
Product ref: 117513
Format: Online
Delivery: By product vendor

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Price: $4200.00

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PLDB from just-autoPLDB from is a cost effective, vehicle cycle plan database showing the production life of 1559 current and future vehicle models produced (or to be produced) globally by 200 brands from 99 groups.

For each model, PLDB will tell you the:

  • Vehicle code name
  • Plant and country of manufacture
  • Start of production date
  • End of production date
  • Platform name
  • Wheelbase in mm or inches
  • Drive configuration (FWD, RWD, 4WD)
  • Next product action - such as new model variants, new engines, facelifts
  • Textual analysis in the 'comments' field

Read more about PLDB model lifecycle data

PLDB is perfect for:

  • Monitoring future models by manufacturer
  • Monitoring little-known emerging market models
  • Gaining accurate platform-name reporting
  • Analysing and monitoring little-known joint ventures and re-badging/re-packaging
  • Monitoring product life-cycles

Read more about PLDB model lifecycle data

We have put considerable effort into ensuring PLDB is as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. Its simple online interface means:

  • you will be able to use all PLDB features instantly: there are no manuals to read, so you'll never waste time 'learning' how the database works
  • data manipulation is via simple and powerful search and filter functions - do everything you want by clicking: there are no complex queries to learn
  • 'show me everything that has changed since my last visit' function saves you time looking for new data - each time you log in you can quickly see all new data - save time trawling through what you already know
  • export search results to CSV (comma separated value) file for easy importing into Excel and other software applications makes using the data you need quick and easy
    data is cross referenced, so you can very quickly and easily find out about related vehicles

Read more about PLDB model lifecycle data

Price: $4200.00

Don't worry. No payment is taken yet

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