Honda has said that it has partially restarted manufacturing operations at its joint-venture facilities in China, which were hit last week by flooding.

Dow Jones reported that production will centre around the completion of unfinished vehicles still on the lines at two facilities, and engines at another, all located in Guangzhou.

Despite the recommencement of production in China, Reuters has reported that vehicle production at a Dongfeng Honda plant will be suspended as supplies of engines produced at the Guangzhou facility have dried up.

Honda's 240,000 units-a-year main plant will operate as usual on Wednesday for the first time in a week. The other plant, a 120,000 units-a-year factory, which procures engines from a damaged factory held by Honda and Dongfeng Motor Corp, will be suspended on Wednesday.

Both factories build the Accord, Odyssey, Fit and City models.

The engine factory will operate only partially on Wednesday.

An export-only factory in Guangzhou which builds the Jazz/Fit subcompact for the European market, will be closed on Wednesday after working half the day on Tuesday.