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January 2016, management briefing (Part 2)

The second part of this month’s briefing reviews just some of the supplier autonomous driving innovations that caught our eye in the consume...

THE WEEK THAT WAS - Where next?

The global automotive industry stands on the brink of unprecedented change due to the impact of eight discrete megatrends, according to a ne...

Dave Leggett | 30 Oct 2015

Volkswagen Group stayed very much in the news this week. The company posted a set of results that were dragged down by provision made for costs associated with ‘dieselgate’. I suspect it won’t be the last set of disappointing results to come out of Wolfsburg.

Graeme Roberts | 11 Sep 2015

Lots happening in the autobiz this week and the excitement building as we head into Frankfurt show media week is palpable. Hence full pictures - at last - of Jaguar's F-Pace SUV, a story that attracted lots of attentions from just-auto readers this week.

Graeme Roberts | 3 Jul 2015

This week it was, for once, my turn to stay back and mind the shop while colleagues scurried hither and yon to bring you news and interviews from a number of events here in Olde Engerland and Europe, all the while enduring 35C 'heatwaves', rail delays due to the 'wrong kind of heat', missed plane connections and the usual summer chaos.

Matthew Beecham | 22 Jun 2015

Continuing just-auto's series of research snapshots - pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE - Matthew Beecham reviews some novel shocks and asks: what does the autonomous car mean for suspension manufacturers?

Latest Interviews

Calum MacRae | 19 Jan 2015

Nexteer, the former GM Saginaw steering division, has flourished under the ownership of China-based Pacific Century Motors its owner since 2011. Calum MacRae caught up with Nexteer’s president and COO Laurent Bresson at the recent NAIAS.

Calum MacRae | 11 Nov 2014

Dr. Jens Sommer has worked as Senior Transmission Expert in Shell Global Solutions in Germany since 2010. Currently, he is based at Shell's new Technology Centre in Shanghai to support local OEMs. As Senior Transmission Expert, Dr. Sommer is in charge of manual transmission and dry dual clutch transmission fluid development activities, which covers passenger cars as well as heavy duty applications.

Latest News

Simon Warburton | 26 Jul 2016

ZF TRW says failure rates of certain technologies could reach one in a hundred million as industry and consumers look to ensure the safety of ever-rising vehicle content.

Simon Warburton | 25 Jul 2016

ZF TRW says one of its key issues affecting the extra technology now prevalent on new vehicles is heat as ever-greater performance creates its own set of challenges.

Simon Warburton | 25 Jul 2016

ZF TRW insists the former mantra adopted by its newly-acquired US supplier of 'affordable safety' continues to drive its business strategy.

Simon Warburton | 18 Jul 2016

ZF says it sees a "huge increase" in sensor fitment rates as demand for driver assistance systems starts to ramp up.

Graeme Roberts | 13 Jul 2016

ZF has announced a spend of around EUR2.9m at its radar factory located in Brest, France. The money is being used for new equipment, tooling and components for the development of a new radar sensor as well as a 500 square metre expansion of the warehouse.

Graeme Roberts | 6 Jul 2016

ZF Friedrichshafen is taking another step in the integration of TRW Automotive by combining the two aftermarket organisations of ZF Services and TRW Aftermarket.

Graeme Roberts | 4 Jul 2016

ZF Friedrichshafen said it had completed the sale of its global engineered fasteners and components business to Illinois Tool Works (ITW) for approximately US$450m. The business was part of ZF TRW, the active and passive safety technology division.

Simon Warburton | 1 Jul 2016

ZF says it respects the move by the UK to leave the European Union as a "sovereign decision."

Graeme Roberts | 29 Jun 2016

WABCO Holdings has demonstrated the prototype of a claimed breakthrough collision avoidance technology for commercial vehicles.

Simon Warburton | 28 Jun 2016

ZF Friedrichshafen has confirmed the extension of CEO, Stefan Sommer's contract for another five years.

Graeme Roberts | 17 Jun 2016

ZF has celebrated the official production start of its eight-speed dual clutch transmission (8DT), developed jointly with Porsche, at the Brandenburg plant. It's been developed as a modular kit so versions for 2WD, 4WD and hybrid can all be made on a flexible production line for which ZF spent EUR100m.

Dave Leggett | 16 Jun 2016

Following the easing of economic sanctions at the beginning of this year, ZF Friedrichshafen is intensifying its business commitments in Iran. To this end, the company has opened up the ZF Pars SSK subsidiary, which will start to combine ZF’s business activities in the region.

Simon Warburton | 27 May 2016

KSPG, a member of the Rheinmetall Technology Group, has deepened its cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen, inking a five-year deal with a lifetime value of around EUR66m (US$74m).

Dave Leggett | 19 May 2016

ZF TRW has announced that it will start production of its innovative heated steering wheel technology (conductor insert heating system, or CIHS) with a major European vehicle manufacturer in 2017.

Simon Warburton | 13 May 2016

ZF Friedrichshafen CEO, Stefan Sommer is lauding the acquisition as TRW Automotive as "a milestone in our Group's strategy," one year after its purchase.

Dave Leggett | 29 Apr 2016

ZF says it is bundling activities which will shape the future of e-mobility into its new ‘E-Mobility Division’ which will be focused on market opportunities in China.

Simon Warburton | 28 Apr 2016

ZF board member, Peter Lake is to assume responsibility for Asia-Pacific, which has seen sales double in the region from around EUR3bn (US$3.4bn) to EUR6.4bn.

Graeme Roberts | 13 Apr 2016

ZF TRW, the active and passive safety division of ZF Friedrichshafen, has opened the crash sled section of its Anting Technical Centre in China.

Simon Warburton | 22 Mar 2016

ZF Friedrichshafen says it generated Group sales of EUR29.2bn (US$32.7bn) in fiscal year 2015, including EUR8.9bn from ZF TRW, which has been integrated as the new Active & Passive Safety Technology Division since the acquisition in May last year.

Simon Warburton | 22 Feb 2016

ZF TRW says it is pursuing an expansionist policy in increasing its R&D capability as it cements further the newly integrated halves of the merged companies.

Simon Warburton | 22 Feb 2016

Demographic drivers as well as increasing demand for lifestyle choices are pushing partially-automated fitment rates says ZF TRW.

Dave Leggett | 25 Jan 2016

ZF TRW, the Active and Passive Safety Division of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, has announced it has entered into a sale agreement for its global Engineered Fasteners and Components business to Illinois Tool Works (ITW) for approximately US$450m.

Latest blogs

Dave Leggett | 15 Sep 2014

We're digesting the news that TRW will be (subject to the usual approvals) acquired by ZF. Looks like ZF has paid top dollar.

Simon Warburton | 14 Jan 2014

My first Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA) Outlook Conference yesterday (12 January) afternoon in the renovated Cobo Center in downtown Detroit and a pretty impressive 150 delegates made the sessions lively and entertaining.

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