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RESEARCH SNAPSHOT - Moving closer to self-driving

While self-driving cars are not yet available to the public, more and more models across all segments now offer some form of advanced assist...

Briefing - ADAS highlights at CES

Among those traditional automakers taking space at this year’s consumer electronics show (CES) – and stealing much of the limelight - were A...

Graeme Roberts | 8 Jan 2016

The global automotive industry stands on the brink of unprecedented change due to the impact of eight discrete megatrends, according to a new report from just-auto.

Graeme Roberts | 4 Dec 2015

The Volkswagen group 'emissions scandal' rumbled on this week as more skeletons were rattled out of closets. There's bound to be a few more when the automotive equivalent of the Spanish inquisition starts internally, following this week's report that "around 50" employees have come forward just ahead of the deadline to testify in the group's internal investigation into the emissions controls cheating scandal. Employees had been given until Monday to come forward to testify without fear of repercussions - on the part of VW.

Graeme Roberts | 25 Nov 2015

Engines are expensive items for an automaker to develop and, after sharing some powertrains with former owner Ford, Volvo, under new Chinese owner Geely, developed its own Drive-E engine range. The engines, which are all built with a maximum capacity of two litres and four cylinders, offer lower weight, size and complexity, all resulting in lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and greater driveability.

Dave Leggett | 30 Oct 2015

Volkswagen Group stayed very much in the news this week. The company posted a set of results that were dragged down by provision made for costs associated with ‘dieselgate’. I suspect it won’t be the last set of disappointing results to come out of Wolfsburg.

Latest Interviews

Glenn Brooks | 10 Jul 2015

As head of software development for VCC's V526 project, Ulrika Pettersson manages the input of suppliers to the new XC90's advanced infotainment system. With more variants of this big SUV still to come, her role is evolving.

Glenn Brooks | 2 Jul 2015

Volvo Cars' technical director for the 90 Cluster models opens up about the development of the XC90. Plus, what's coming for two VCC architectures: SPA for medium and large vehicles, and the smaller Geely-Volvo CMA.

Latest News

Dave Leggett | 4 May 2016

Geely-owned Volvo Cars has posted Q1 earnings gains boosted by strong sales of its recently launched and high margin XC90.

Dave Leggett | 3 May 2016

The multi-billion pound motor insurance industry faces a period of radical restructuring as a result of the advent of autonomously driving cars according to research carried out by Swiss Re.

Chris Wright | 27 Apr 2016

Google, Ford, Volvo and the ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft are forming a coalition to push for federal action to help speed self-driving cars to market.

Dave Leggett | 21 Apr 2016

Volvo Cars has announced that it aims to sell a total of up to one million electrified cars by 2025. It says the planned cumulative total can be met by offering at least two hybrid versions of every model in its range and releasing the first all-electric car in 2019.

Graeme Roberts | 18 Apr 2016

GKN Automotive is again supplying Geely's Volvo Cars with an eAxle system for a plug-in hybrid.

Dave Leggett | 7 Apr 2016

Volvo Cars says it continued to grow sales globally in March and posted an 11.5% increase in retail sales for the month, selling 52,279 cars.

Dave Leggett | 7 Apr 2016

Volvo Cars plans to launch and autonomous driving test in China using local drivers to test autonomous driving cars "on public roads in everyday driving conditions"

Graeme Roberts | 9 Mar 2016

Geely's Volvo Cars believes the global automotive industry should strive towards the introduction of a standardised charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Graeme Roberts | 25 Feb 2016

Geely's Volvo Cars' UK unit has announced updates that add new semi-autonomous and connected car features to various models across the range.

Graeme Roberts | 23 Feb 2016

Zeely's Volvo Cars has claimed to be the first car maker to integrate the Spotify music streaming service in its new cars worldwide, starting with the XC90, S90 and V90 this spring.

Graeme Roberts | 18 Feb 2016

Geely's Volvo Cars expects record sales in 2016 for the third consecutive year, president and chief executive Håkan Samuelsson said. He also forecast operating profits would improve in 2016, due to growth in the three main sales regions of China, Europe and the US.

Graeme Roberts | 1 Feb 2016

In 2015 the European car market totalled 14.2m new registrations, an increase of 9.3% over 2014 full year results; the highest since 2009. The market benefited from the last two months of double-digit growth with December setting the highest positive monthly change of the last three years at 1.16m units. Therefore, the last quarter volume increase was the highest of the year, standing at 10.2% more than in Q4 2014, representing 3.42m cars sold in total. The Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, SAAR, came in at 16.52m units.

Dave Leggett | 18 Jan 2016

Volvo Cars is aiming to sell 87,000 cars in the US in 2016 and cement its position as a player in high-end segments of the US car market.

Glenn Brooks | 18 Jan 2016

A spokesman for Volvo Cars has told just-auto that the firm's contract with CFA - Changan Ford Automotive - has ended. Responding to a question regarding S80L production at CFA's Chongqing plant, VCG's man also confirmed that production of the extended wheelbase sedan ceased in late 2015.

Graeme Roberts | 12 Jan 2016

Geely's Volvo Cars sold 503,127 vehicles in 2015, the first time it has sold over half a million cars in its 89-year history.

Graeme Roberts | 11 Jan 2016

Volvo said at the Detroit show its new S90 flagship sedan would be launched with IntelliSafe Assist as standard. This includes adaptive cruise control and distance alert, and the advanced semi-autonomous drive feature, Pilot Assist.

Glenn Brooks | 6 Jan 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show saw the world premieres of various cars, concepts and automotive technologies as listed below. The press preview days were 5 and 6 January.

Graeme Roberts | 5 Jan 2016

Volvo said at the 2016 CES show in Las Vegas it is working with Microsoft to launch a wearable-enabled voice-control system. Owners will be able to talk to their car using Microsoft Band 2, allowing them to instruct their vehicle to perform tasks including setting the navigation, starting the heater, locking the doors, flashing the lights or sounding the horn via Volvo on Call, and the connected wearable device.

Dave Leggett | 3 Dec 2015

Volvo Cars has shown its new S90, a car it views as Volvo Cars’ "entry ticket to the premium sedan club".

Dave Leggett | 3 Dec 2015

Volvo Cars posted a 26% increase in retail sales for the month of November, selling 49,055 cars globally which it said represents a new all-time high result for a single month.

Dave Leggett | 30 Oct 2015

Volvo Cars is developing kangaroo detection technology to solve one of the most costly causes of traffic collisions in Australia.

Simon Warburton | 16 Oct 2015

Swedish mechanical components and sub-systems manufacturer, Leax Group is eyeing Iran for potential major new business following its recent visit to the country organised by Scandinavian automotive supplier association, FKG.

Latest blogs

Graeme Roberts | 5 Jun 2015

With the UK media launch of Volvo's XC90 on this week, a lot of readers are going to be hearing about the car's very intuitive, iPad-like screen I've already complimented.

Glenn Brooks | 28 Nov 2014

We all remember that video of the outgoing XC90 being rolled SEVEN times and no crushing of the roof. To me, it's been the gold standard of safe cars ever since.

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