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Skoda's new press shop draws eyes this week

News that Škoda is building a new, energy-efficient press shop at its main factory in Mladá Boleslav drew a lot of eyes to thi...


The big news this week was that Jaguar Land Rover announced a plan to build a 300,000-unit capacity plant in Slovakia. We knew that a plant...

ANALYSIS: BMW sales collapse in largest EU market

Glenn Brooks | 9 Jul 2015

The 12 percent YoY rise in the June German passenger cars market has seen some notable changes to the usual pecking order. Opel muscled past both Ford and BMW to take fourth position behind Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and third-placed Audi.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: VW's 'master tactician' falls

Graeme Roberts | 1 May 2015

The big news of the week[end] was the failure of Volkswagen supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piëch to unseat CEO Martin Winterkorn, as we reported here and here.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 'Bye Twin Gate, hello hatchback

Graeme Roberts | 1 May 2015

The key change for Skoda Superb generation three is that the Twin Gate choice of 'boot' or 'hatchback' opening is no more. As an insider revealed during a wide ranging discussion on the sidelines of the international media launch in Italy, owners rarely used the 'boot' option so hatchback only it now is.

COMMENT: Volkswagen's Piech got a lot right

Dave Leggett | 27 Apr 2015

Ferdinand Piech's forced exit from his role as chairman of Volkswagen Group's Supervisory Board appears to have resulted from yet another bout of political infighting instigated by himself.

Latest Interviews

IAC on personalizing tomorrow’s car interiors

Matthew Beecham | 18 Nov 2015

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with tier one suppliers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Fritz Schweindl, Director Advanced Engineering International Automotive Components (IAC) Europe. IAC is a global supplier of automotive components and systems, including interior and exterior trim.

INTERVIEW: SEAT chairman Juergen Stackmann

Glenn Brooks | 10 Oct 2013

Soon to clock up six months as head of SEAT, Jürgen Stackmann talks brand performance, plans for China and future products with Glenn Brooks reports.

Latest News

Volkswagen diesel recall in Europe will take year

Graeme Roberts | 25 Nov 2015

Volkswagen Group announced on Wednesday fixes for 1.6- and two-litre EA 189 diesel engines that give false emissions readings, saying it would need all of 2016 to carry out the recalls. The measures are for Europe only and do not apply to US models.

Škoda global sales dip in October

Graeme Roberts | 11 Nov 2015

Škoda sales dipped 2.7% year on year to 88,500 vehicles worldwide. Though deliveries were slightly down on the previous year in western Europe, Russia and eastern Europe, individial models such as the Fabia (+44.1%) and the Superb (+22.8%) saw volume rises.

Škoda builds new press shop at main Czech plant

Graeme Roberts | 9 Nov 2015

Škoda is building a new, energy-efficient press shop at its main factory in Mladá Boleslav. Construction has now begun on the M4 hall. In spring 2016, the VW Group automaker will install a servo press line in the new hall that will be able to press aluminium body panels for the first time. The new facility is expected to go into operation in February 2017 at a cost of EUR86m (US$93.47m).

Bernhard Maier new Skoda CEO

Dave Leggett | 2 Nov 2015

Bernhard Maier has taken over as the Skoda brand’s new CEO effective from today. He succeeds Dr Winfried Vahland, who has decided to leave the VW Group.

Škoda’s nine months sales revenue increases 5.7%

Dave Leggett | 30 Oct 2015

Škoda says that in the first nine months of 2015, its deliveries to customers increased by 2.2% to 791,500 vehicles worldwide. During the same period, the sales revenue increased by 5.7% to EUR9.3bn (US$10.2bn). Operating profit rose significantly to EUR734m, representing an increase of 12.7% compared to the same period in 2014

Skoda launches new Superb in China

Dave Leggett | 30 Oct 2015

Skoda has launched its new flagship model, the Superb, on the Chinese market and says it is on the way to delivering China sales of 500,000 Skodas a year ‘within the next few years’.

Škoda sales fall 2.1% in September

Graeme Roberts | 14 Oct 2015

Škoda sales slipped 2.1% year on year to 93,600 vehicles worldwide in September. Sales rose in western and central Europe, but fell in China, Russia and eastern Europe.

Škoda sales turn down in August

Dave Leggett | 8 Sep 2015

Škoda global car deliveries declined by some 3.4% in August to 70,700 vehicles. The company said the economic situation in China, Russia and Eastern Europe led to the decline.

Volkswagen starts output at Kaluga engine plant

Graeme Roberts | 7 Sep 2015

Volkswagen has commenced operations at its engine plant in Russia. The factory, adjacent to the company's vehicle assembly plant in Kaluga, has an annual production capacity of 150,000 engines.

Skoda to launch in South Korea - report

Dave Leggett | 20 Aug 2015

Volkswagen plans to launch the brand Skoda in South Korea by the end of 2015, according to sources.

Skoda resumes production after factory holiday

Simon Warburton | 18 Aug 2015

Production is again running at full capacity at Škoda's three sites in the Czech Republic after the factory holiday.

Škoda Superb features Canton sound system

Dave Leggett | 11 Aug 2015

Škoda says the new Škoda Superb has been "transformed into a concert hall on wheels" with the exclusively developed Canton sound system.

Škoda plans summer factory expansion, maintenance

Graeme Roberts | 28 Jul 2015

Volkswagen Group's Škoda Auto plans a variety of maintenance and expansion projects during two or three week summer holiday breaks at its factories in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí.

GAZ looks to Tier 3 and beyond in supplier focus

Simon Warburton | 25 Jun 2015

Russian producer, GAZ Group says it has "supplier visibility" down to Tier 3 level and even further as it looks to leverage the possibly short-lived advantage of a rouble under pressure.

GAZ 'wastes not one rouble' in efficiency drive

Simon Warburton | 25 Jun 2015

GAZ Group parent, Russian Machines says "not one rouble" is wasted in the company as it continues its efficiency moves to drive down costs in the business.

Skoda starts manufacturing Superb Estate

Graeme Roberts | 23 Jun 2015

Skoda has commenced production of the Superb Estate at its Kvasiny plant in Mlada Bolesl.

GAZ components welcomes rouble rate "absolutely"

Simon Warburton | 18 Jun 2015

GAZ Group's supply division is welcoming the rouble depreciation as a genuine business opportunity but noted it had to submit its tender to manufacture for its parent in just the same way as any other competitor.

GAZ owner sees market easing, incentives still key

Simon Warburton | 18 Jun 2015

GAZ Group's parent estimates the bottom may have been reached of plummeting passenger and light commercial vehicle sales in Russia but concedes the government will likely have to keep stepping in with incentive programmes.

Volkswagen opens new vehicle plant in south China

Graeme Roberts | 27 May 2015

Volkswagen Group has expanded capacity in China with the official opening of a new vehicle assembly plant for the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture in Changsha, southern China. The plant is the group's 119th global facility and its 20th in China.

Continental provides Skoda Superb tyres

Simon Warburton | 21 May 2015

Continental says Škoda has approved its ContiEcoContact 5 and ContiPremiumContact 5 tyres as original equipment for its Superb model.

Skoda drops import distributor in China

Tony Pugliese | 19 May 2015

Czech carmaker Skoda is streamlining its car distribution operations in China by discontinuing its imported car distribution business operated by its parent company Volkswagen.

Skoda considers plug-in hybrid Superb

Roger Stansfield | 1 May 2015

Skoda is considering adding a plug-in hybrid powertrain to its new flagship model, the Superb. The decision on whether to go ahead will largely depend on whether the company can meet the EU's 2020 fleet-average CO2 target of 95g/km using only combustion engines.

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