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PRODUCT EYE: Porsche 911 Turbo

The latest 911 Turbo might not look revolutionary but for Porsche it is. Electric power steering, ‘virtual’ gears to smooth out changing for...

Report from the Bangkok Motor Show

The 35th Bangkok International Motor Show got underway this week in a much more somber mood than last year. just-auto's ASEAN markets specia...

Management briefing: Geneva reflections (2)

In the second part of this month's briefing, just-auto's future products editor, Glenn Brooks, completes his reflections on the significant...

ANALYSIS: Scale and mega-platforms

Dave Leggett considers some of the big strategic drivers for the global automotive industry. In particular, he believes that the the shift o...

Latest Interviews

Q&A with PFC Brakes Europe 13 Nov 2013

Matthew Beecham

PFC Brakes develops and manufactures braking systems for motorsport, high-performance road, commercial vehicle and motorcycles. Matthew Beecham spoke to Peter Babbage, managing director at PFC Brakes Europe to discover how upcoming materials legislation is affecting the design of brake components for the commercial vehicle sector and how it is responding to ensure OEM and aftermarket customers can comply with the forthcoming legislation outlawing certain materials and how the technology could lead to lower running costs.

Q&A with Prodrive's Brand&: Brand potential 23 Oct 2013

Matthew Beecham

Prodrive's Brand& helps develop some of the potential in a vehicle manufacturer’s brand and distribution by creating carefully-positioned non-automotive ranges (mainly clothing and lifestyle accessories) and the retailing support that make them successful. To find out more, Matthew Beecham talked with Carl Ball, managing director of Brand& about its expertise and how social media is changing the ways in which dealers and OEMs should engage with their customers and potential customers, making cross-channel communications more cost-effective as long as it is cunningly implemented.

Latest News

BEIJING: First four-cylinder Porsche since 1995 23 Apr 2014

Glenn Brooks

Unlike the V4 in its new 919 World Endurance Championship racer, the engine in the just-announced Macan is made by the Volkswagen Group, not Porsche.

BEIJING SHOW: VW China e-mobility campaign 22 Apr 2014

Dave Leggett

Volkswagen Group is to start an electro-mobility campaign in China spearheaded by the electric up! and e-Golf models. VW Group CEO Dr Martin Winterkorn hailed it as the "biggest initiative for e-mobility in China's automotive history".

VW Group Q1 sales grow 5.8% 16 Apr 2014

Chris Wright

Volkswagen Group sales were up 5.8% at 2.4m units in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. Growth in March was 7.6% year-on-year at 929,500 units.

Former Bentley chief returns for another round 15 Apr 2014

Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen Group motorsport chief Wolfgang Dürheimer is to become chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors from 1 June, 2014, replacing Wolfgang Schreiber, who will take up a new position within the group.

British kit-car builders to aid Japanese EV 11 Apr 2014


British kit-car know-how will be used to help a Japanese company to develop rolling chassis for electric vehicles which, it is hoped, will go on sale in the Far East and Europe in less than a year's time.

Latest blogs

Porsche Macan is video-papped in Dubai 24 Oct 2013

Glenn Brooks

It had to happen. Just under a month to go before its international debut at the LA auto show and someone has captured a now only lightly disguised Macan on film.

Where to see 911 Porsche 911s later this month 9 Jul 2013

Glenn Brooks

This year's Silverstone Classic sounds like it's going to be an essential for any petrolhead here in England.

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Porsche Automobil Holding SE - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A),

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Global light vehicle door modules market 2008 to 2028

Global light vehicle door modules market 2008 to 2028

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Global 4WD and AWD light vehicle market 2008 to 2028

Global 4WD and AWD light vehicle market 2008 to 2028

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