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COMMENT: Foreign OEMs chose appeasement in China

China's ongoing investigation into anti-competitive practices in the country's automotive industry has picked up momentum in recent weeks, w...

Emerging markets in trouble (1)

In the full year 2014, Argentina, Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand & Turkey are set to become an even greater drag on global light vehicle ma...

ANALYSIS: Piston days - Daimler leads steel charge

In an automotive era when vehicle lightweighting is all the rage and vehicle manufacturers such as JLR and Ford launching all-aluminium vers...

ANALYSIS: BMW - 2Q14 results insight

An accelerating model momentum that includes product renewal and proliferation of the portfolio into an increasing number of new sub-segment...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Audi's 'Mr RHD' retires 31 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

David Ingrams, who retired from Audi UK's press office today (31 July) played a key role in helping the German automaker's engineers achieve "uncompromised" right hand drive configurations and also oversaw a collection of about 50 classic cars, many of which he helped to launch when new. The man who praised Audi for taking the long-term view has himself served 36 years with the automaker and the connection may not yet be completely severed.

Q&A with Faurecia 25 Jun 2014

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with tier one manufacturers of cockpits and instrumentation, Matthew Beecham spoke to Faurecia's David Weill about consumer expectations, materials trends, touch screens, HUDs and tomorrow's instrument cluster.

Latest News

SWEDEN: Redesign moves XC90 up market in UK 27 Aug 2014

Graeme Roberts

The launch of the redesigned Volvo XC90 in the UK will move the model and its customer base upmarket as the line, currently priced from around GBP37,000 (though discounts of up to GBP10,000 are not uncommon), heads into the mid to late-forties.

FAW-VW JV execs eyed in corruption probe 27 Aug 2014

Graeme Roberts

A Chinese corruption watchdog reportedly is investigating one former and one current executive at Volkswagen's FAW-Volkswagen Automotive joint venture for "seriously violating the law."

India regulator doles out fines on parts prices 26 Aug 2014

Chris Wright

Carmakers in India are coming under similar pressure from regulators as those in China with a total of US$420m in fines being handed out to 14 companies for stifling competition in the market for spare parts.

Lexus latest to cut prices in China 21 Aug 2014

Chris Wright

Toyota in China is cutting parts prices for its luxury Lexus models in response to heightened regulatory scrutiny over anti-trust issues.

Bearing companies hit in China pricing probe 19 Aug 2014

Chris Wright

China's antitrust regulator has fined Japanese bearing makers NSK and NTN a combined (US$47m) for violating rules in the latest clamp down on alleged industry pricing practices.

Latest blogs

Mercedes basks in German World Cup victory 16 Jul 2014

Simon Warburton

Mercedes-Benz has wasted no time in basking in Germany's reflected glory of winning the World Cup on Sunday night and becoming the first side since reunification to lift the golden trophy.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé: tilting suspension tech explained 3 Jun 2014

Glenn Brooks

As the first version of the new S-Class Coupé goes on sale in Germany, Mercedes-Benz has revealed technical details of the car's revolutionary suspension system, which allows the car to lean into bends.

Company research

Global electrified light vehicles market- forecasts to 2018

Global electrified light vehicles market- forecasts to 2018

This QUBE report from just-auto provides a comprehensive overview of the global electrified vehicles sector, major OEM developments, top 14 markets, technology trends and market projections. Use this...

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Daimler AG (DAI) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

Daimler AG (DAI) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Rev

Daimler AG (DAI) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the company’s businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by GlobalData...

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Vietnam Autos Report Q3 2014

Vietnam Autos Report Q3 2014

Business Monitor International's Vietnam Autos Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, auto associations, government departments and regulatory bodies with independ...

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