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THE WEEK THAT WAS - VW comes clean, JLR goes east

The really interesting stuff all happened as this week drew to a close - yesterday Volkswagen 'fessed up over the 'dieselgate' scandal and,...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Q3s and a longer range Leaf

A highlight for me in the last week was a go in what Nissan UK bills its third generation Leaf - the 2016 update with an optional longer ran...

Graeme Roberts | 9 Oct 2015

We'll permit ourselves a small 'told you so' this week after Jaguar Land Rover finally confirmed it would build the Range Rover Evoque in Brazil from early 2016, as well as the previously confirmed Land Rover Discovery Sport - which Our Man in Brazil first reported last May. JLR had said earlier it would only do 'new' models at the plant, but our sources said otherwise, and it makes sense to do the country's top selling JLR model locally as it (a) gets the price down, increases supply and frees up capacity at the Halewood, England, mother ship. And the high local content encouraged in Brazil allows local variation to suit market needs. JLR also now makes the Evoque at a joint venture in China (again, this gets the price down in a tax-protected market) and also assembles some models in India (ditto). All of which frees up UK capacity.

Roger Stansfield | 29 Jul 2015

One of the major reasons for Kia's phenomenal rise in recent years is its ability to produce specific models in and for the markets where they are sold. It's a 'think globally, act locally' approach.

Glenn Brooks | 28 Jul 2015

Just as in Europe, India or the USA, looking at China as one market doesn't give you the full picture. Differences across geographical areas are one reason why some models are suddenly hugely popular, while others are fading rapidly.

Glenn Brooks | 9 Jul 2015

The 12 percent YoY rise in the June German passenger cars market has seen some notable changes to the usual pecking order. Opel muscled past both Ford and BMW to take fourth position behind Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and third-placed Audi.

Latest Interviews

Roger Stansfield | 3 Dec 2015

"In future, all energy will come as electricity." Those words are not from some environmental activist or soundbite politician, but from a senior figure within the auto industry, which perhaps makes them all the more surprising.

Matthew Beecham | 19 Oct 2015

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews at the 2015 IAA show, Matthew Beecham met with Jean-Francois Berard, Vice President, R&D, Strategy, Marketing and Industrial, Auto Inergy Division, Jean-Bernard Lepage, Marketing Director, Auto Inergy Division, and Jerome Vidalie, Product Line Director, Structural Parts, Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior.

Latest News

Tony Pugliese | 3 Feb 2016

Leading South Korean carmakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors said their combined sales in China fell by over 22% year on year to 122,486 units in January, according to preliminary data released by the companies.

Dave Leggett | 26 Jan 2016

Hyundai Motor has reported a profit fall for the eighth consecutive quarter, with net profit in the quarter ended 31st December down by 2% to 1.6 trillion won.

Graeme Roberts | 14 Jan 2016

Hyundai Motor on Thursday said it wants to sell 77,000 of its first dedicated petrol-electric hybrid model globally in 2017, 80% more than its total hybrid car sales in 2015, as it tries to meet emissions regulations in key markets.

Tony Pugliese | 13 Jan 2016

New vehicle sales in China jumped by 15.4% to 2.8m units in December, from 2.4m units in the same month of last year, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

Tony Pugliese | 13 Jan 2016

New vehicle sales in the Philippines rose by over 25% to 26,679 units in December, lifting full-year sales by 22.9% to 288,609 units in 2015 from 234,747 in the previous year.

Graeme Roberts | 12 Jan 2016

Automakers are shipping more sport utility vehicles to the United States from Japan and South Korea to meet strong demand, according to a report from the Detroit show.

Graeme Roberts | 8 Jan 2016

Like neighbouring New Zealand, Australia saw a new car sales record in 2015 with 1,155,408 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles sold. Volume rose 3% year on year in December to 99,616.

Tony Pugliese | 7 Jan 2016

Hyundai Motor unveiled its first purpose-built hybrid vehicle, the Ioniq, at a pre-launch viewing at its Namyang R&D Center just outside South Korea's capital city Seoul.

Tony Pugliese | 4 Jan 2016

Hyundai Motor and affiliate Kia Motors have set a combined global sales target of 8.13m units for 2016.

Tony Pugliese | 4 Jan 2016

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors last month were ordered to sell a combined 6.6% stake in affiliated steelmaker Hyundai Steel, worth around US$376m, to comply with local chaebol (family conglomerate) ownership regulations.

Graeme Roberts | 17 Dec 2015

European new car sales experienced a 27th consecutive month of growth during November 2015 with volume up 13.5% year on year, the second largest rise this year, according to analysts at JATO Dynamics. This followed a significant slowing of growth during October as a consequence of smaller increases in the 'Big Five' EU markets.

Graeme Roberts | 16 Dec 2015

Hyundai Motor's top executive has said the outlook for next year was "not bright".

Graeme Roberts | 10 Dec 2015

Hyundai Motor launched its new EQ900 flagship saloon model range this week, to be sold under the company’s new Genesis luxury brand designed to take on global luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Graeme Roberts | 2 Dec 2015

India's infamous monsoon brought the Chennai automobile cluster to a standstill for the second time in two weeks as rain pounded the city and suburban areas from Tuesday morning.

Graeme Roberts | 1 Dec 2015

Hyundai Motor affiliate Kia announced on Tuesday it had shipped 15m vehicles to other markets, 40 years after starting exports.

Dave Leggett | 16 Nov 2015

Kia has set out a new strategy for green cars that it says will expand its green car line-up from four to 11 models by 2020. It is also aiming to improve average fuel efficiency by 25% over 2014 levels.

Tony Pugliese | 12 Nov 2015

Sales of new passenger vehicles in China jumped by over 13% year on year to 1.94m units in October, lifted by a sales tax cut at the end of September, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. The data covers sales of passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs but not commercial vehicles.

Graeme Roberts | 10 Nov 2015

New car sales in Australia were strong again last month, with volume up 3.4% year on year to 94,321 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles.

Tony Pugliese | 10 Nov 2015

New vehicle sales in the Philippines rose by 28% to a new monthly high of 28,667 units in October, from 22,278 units in the same month of last year, according to data released jointly by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA). The associations’ data does not include sales of some key importers, including Hyundai, Chevrolet and Subaru, which together typically account for around 15% of the total market.

Graeme Roberts | 10 Nov 2015

A year on year increase of 5% last month took New Zealand sales to a record October tally of 12,684 units. Year to date sales rose 5.5% to 112,217 new vehicles.

Tony Pugliese | 10 Nov 2015

Vietnam’s new vehicle market continued to expand rapidly in October, with deliveries to dealers rising by 44% to 19,181 units from 13,324 units a year earlier according to data released by the Vietnam Automotive Manufacturers Association.

Tony Pugliese | 5 Nov 2015

Hyundai Motor this week officially launched a new global premium brand, Genesis, as it targets growing demand for luxury cars. The company is following in the footsteps of leading global automakers such as Toyota with its Lexus brand. It will launch luxury versions of existing models, including the G90, G80 and G70.

Latest blogs

Graeme Roberts | 4 Aug 2015

As one who has worked 'down in parts' in a previous life I have not a little sympathy for the warehouse and counter men and women at Hyundai Motor Company Australia's spare parts operation.

Graeme Roberts | 2 Jan 2015

We're well used to China-only models from the long-established foreign automaker players there like Volkswagen and General Motors but now even the (relative) newcomers are getting in on the act.

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