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New Tucson helps Hyundai to outsell GM Holden

How often do we hear of GM being humbled by Hyundai? That’s what’s been happening in Australia in recent weeks, as the Korean brand has over...

Brazil recovery likely to be sluggish

The perennial rivalry between the optimistic and the pessimistic about what the Brazilian market will be like this year has hit a peak in th...

Graeme Roberts | 4 Mar 2016

A fair number of interesting stories came out of Geneva this week. We learned, for example, that Jeep almost got yanked from the UK market in 2012. And has apparently been saved by the (Fiat-built) Renegade. Volkswagen's little diesel difficulty isn't worrying GM Europe - Opel's boss wants to increase the diesel mix as he also adds a little electrification to the bowl. Even better, after years of losses and not a little restructuring pain (RIP Bochum and Antwerp plants), breakeven is on the cards this year.

Matthew Beecham | 18 Jan 2016

Among those traditional automakers taking space at this year’s consumer electronics show (CES) – and stealing much of the limelight - were Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia and VW. Presentations from new names such as Faraday Future and potential disrupters Google and Apple gave the show an extra buzz. The accent was on personalisation of the driver experience via cloud connectivity, shared autonomous vehicles and even drone technology. In this month’s management briefing – the first of two parts – we draw on automakers’ plans for partial- and fully-autonomous cars to see what we can learn from it all. Our second part turns the spotlight on supplier ADAS innovations - from Autoliv to ZF TRW - that caught our eye in Vegas and Detroit over the past few weeks.

Graeme Roberts | 27 Nov 2015

I'm not long back from a fascinating week in Ontario, home to all of Canada's car assembly plants, major suppliers such as Magna and Linamar and a bunch of clever companies and academic boffins all working in what we might term the connected and automated car space.

Graeme Roberts | 19 Nov 2015

It takes a fair bit to impress engineers from a major OEM but the boffins from a major Canadian university reckon they achieved that recently with a guided tour of a new research and development facility they are building.

Latest Interviews

Dave Leggett | 2 Mar 2016

General Motors Europe boss has told just-auto that the company is off to a strong sales start as it looks to hit breakeven in 2016. In a wide-ranging interview in Geneva, he also said that Opel is looking to address its weakness in SUVs, is concerned about the UK’s currency movements and believes that Opel should focus on efficiency gains for combustion engines - rather than go for hybrids - in meeting tighter CO2 emission rules.

Dave Leggett | 17 Sep 2015

General Motors' UK operations' chief is Vauxhall MD Tim Tozer. He tells just-auto about the brand's high hopes for the new Astra and the resurgence of the UK manufacturing plant that makes it (one of two in Europe).

Latest News

Simon Warburton | 29 Apr 2016

General Motors is to plough US$788.7m into a new engine programme, as well as projects to modernise vehicle operations at its Spring Hill Manufacturing Plant, creating 792 jobs and retaining 16 posts.

Graeme Roberts | 25 Apr 2016

General Motors has halted production at four of its North American assembly plants while it assesses the effect on its supply chain from the recent Japanese earthquake.

Graeme Roberts | 25 Apr 2016

Former General Motors vice-chairman and top Opel and GM Europe executive, Stephen Girsky, will retire from the automaker’s board of directors next June. He joined the board in July 2009.

Dave Leggett | 21 Apr 2016

General Motors has more than doubled its profit in Q1 from a year ago as it continued to benefit from strong sales in North America as well as an improvement in Europe.

Dave Leggett | 13 Apr 2016

General Motors is turning its employees’ recycled water bottles into a fabric insulation that covers the Chevrolet Equinox engine. The bottles – collected from five of its Michigan facilities – are also being turned into air filtration components and insulation in coats for the homeless community.

Tony Pugliese | 5 Apr 2016

Domestic sales by South Korea’s five main automakers continued to grow strongly in March, by 11.7% to 148,848 units from 127,216 units a year earlier, according to data released individually by the vehicle manufacturers.

Bill Cawthon | 4 Apr 2016

March was a month of surprises. Analysts were surprised when Easter and spring break holidays played hob with their sales forecasts. General Motors might have been caught off guard when the fleet sales it tries so hard to avoid helped Ford leapfrog it into the top spot for March. Nissan set an all-time record and bumped American Honda down to sixth place among the major automakers.

Dave Leggett | 24 Mar 2016

General Motors is simplifying the options available on new models to lower product development and manufacturing costs, raise quality and improve inventory turnover.

Graeme Roberts | 22 Mar 2016

In an effort to revive production at its South Korean manufacturing hub, GM wants to boost South Korean sales to 10% percent market share.

Graeme Roberts | 21 Mar 2016

GM's president Dan Ammann and GM China president Matt Tsien have announced jointly the company's strategy for Chinese market growth in the next five years.

Graeme Roberts | 17 Mar 2016

US vehicle safety regulators announced on Thursday (17 March) 20 automakers have agreed to make automatic emergency braking standard on nearly all US vehicles by 2022, a move that could prevent thousands of rear-end crashes annually.

Dave Leggett | 15 Mar 2016

Under a new initiative between the two partners, e-hailing Lyft drivers will be able to rent cars from General Motors.

Dave Leggett | 14 Mar 2016

General Motors has announced it is acquiring software firm Cruise Automation to further accelerate the company’s development of autonomous vehicle technology.

Graeme Roberts | 14 Mar 2016

People suing General Motors over a faulty ignition switch will get two chances in a Manhattan court this week to argue the automaker should be held accountable for injuries, deaths and lost vehicle value, a media report said.

Graeme Roberts | 10 Mar 2016

There is strong evidence Indonesia will eventually replace Thailand as the main automotive production hub in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), according to Ipsos Business Consulting.

Dave Leggett | 8 Mar 2016

Opel has confirmed strong sales across Europe in February, boosted by ramping up new Astra sales. The strong February figures will come as a boost for GM in Europe which is aiming to hit breakeven on its operations this year.

Tony Pugliese | 8 Mar 2016

The new vehicle market in Vietnam continued to expand in February, by over 16% to 11,168 units from 9,604 units a year ago, according to data released by the Vietnam Automotive Manufacturers Association.

Graeme Roberts | 1 Mar 2016

An open secret about a future General Motors Holden model for Australia has been inadvertently confirmed, according to an Australian media report.

Chris Wright | 1 Mar 2016

General Motors' UK operation Vauxhall is firmly behind Britain remaining in the European Union.

Dave Leggett | 22 Feb 2016

The continuing depressed outlook for Brazil’s economy is leading General Motors to reconsider investment plans for the country, according to an interview with GM President Dan Ammann.

Tony Pugliese | 22 Feb 2016

New vehicle sales in China rose 7.7% year on year to 2.5m units in January, according to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Dave Leggett | 19 Feb 2016

General Motors says it will invest US$148m to repurpose flexible machining and assembly equipment at its Spring Hill Manufacturing plant to build V8 engines to meet market demand, retaining approximately 200 jobs.

Latest blogs

Dave Leggett | 8 Jun 2015

I have come across some interesting food for thought on the subject of Tesla and how disruptive its innovative e-tech really is in an article in the Harvard Business Review.

Graeme Roberts | 2 Jun 2015

What to do with an old vehicle plant site once last units have been shipped and the buildings bowled?

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