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COMMENT: No wizards needed at US$100 a barrel

It's been variously labelled as President Vladimir Putin's 'vanity summit' and those attending it as 'Kremlin lackeys,' but for the thousand...

COMMENT: Russia - it is rocket science

It's not often Soviet rocket scientists are mentioned in an automotive context, but the subject came up recently on the sidelines of the Rus...

Simon Warburton | 19 Mar 2015

You might be forgiven for thinking the Russian Federation was at the edge of an economic precipice at the moment, facing a potential avalanche of catastrophic bad news that even for this battle-hardened country is especially daunting.

Simon Warburton | 16 Mar 2015

Despite some small recovery in the oil price of late, adding a few pence, cents or centimes back onto a litre of fuel at the pumps, the crash in the price of the black stuff has been nothing short of spectacular during the last few months.

Simon Warburton | 9 Sep 2014

One of the aspects that genuinely surprised me about the recent visit to Russia organised by Renault and AvtoVAZ was the almost complete absence of trade union antagonism to restructuring.

Simon Warburton | 11 Jun 2014

Only a few years ago, the vast, sprawling factory that is home to AvtoVAZ in Togliatti, apparently accounted for a staggering one in seven of the population in this central western city in Russia.

Latest Interviews

Simon Warburton | 20 Mar 2014

Marcus Osegowitsch is general director, Volkswagen Group Rus and Simon Warburton caught up with him on the sidelines of this year's Russian Automotive Forum organised by Adam Smith Conferences in Moscow.

Simon Warburton | 7 Jun 2013

GAZ Group parent Russian Machines, claims CNG is the cheapest of commonly used motor fuels, with costs per 100km almost 60% lower than for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It also says CNG is more than twice as cheap as a diesel-powered car and 2.5 times lower price than a gasoline vehicle. Russian Machines CNG project executive director, Peter Zolotarev, spoke to Simon Warburton from the company's Yaroslavl plant about the possibility of using the gas in the country and some of the infrastructure challenges associated with it.

Latest News

Simon Warburton | 29 Mar 2016

GAZ Group's component division says it is not enough just to drive down cost, but that product lines need to diversify in order to generate new business.

Dave Leggett | 22 Oct 2015

GAZ Group says it has expanded its cooperation with Daimler and begun the production of stamped body parts for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. The first stamped parts have already been shipped to the GAZ Mercedes assembly line that makes Sprinter vans. 

Simon Warburton | 27 Aug 2015

GAZ Group says it has started sales of GAZelle NEXT vehicles in Serbia.

Dave Leggett | 8 Jul 2015

Yaroslavl Fuel Systems Plant of GAZ Group has developed a full range of Euro-5 compliant high-pressure fuel pumps for a Common Rail system.

Simon Warburton | 29 Jun 2015

GAZ Group owner, Oleg Deripaska refutes the commonly-held view Russia is gripped by crisis, but acknowledges the myriad challenges the country faces.

Simon Warburton | 25 Jun 2015

Russian producer, GAZ Group says it has "supplier visibility" down to Tier 3 level and even further as it looks to leverage the possibly short-lived advantage of a rouble under pressure.

Simon Warburton | 25 Jun 2015

GAZ Group parent, Russian Machines says "not one rouble" is wasted in the company as it continues its efficiency moves to drive down costs in the business.

Simon Warburton | 25 Jun 2015

Mercedes-Benz says it will not produce more Sprinter vans in Russia than the market demands as partner GAZ also acts cautiously in the current volatile economic environment.

Graeme Roberts | 22 Jun 2015

Sberbank and GAZ Group have signed a general agreement on cooperation in foreign markets.

Simon Warburton | 19 Jun 2015

GAZ Group says it is constantly evaluating its supplier base as a depreciating rouble provides genuine opportunity to capitalise on what otherwise is a bleak Russian economic position.

Simon Warburton | 19 Jun 2015

GAZ Group says it aims to achieve RUB5bn (US$93m) in cost savings this year as it prepares to launch its new full metal van based on the Gazelle Next chassis.

Simon Warburton | 18 Jun 2015

Mercedes-Benz Vans Russia's supply quality control unit says it does not make sense to "go in and out" of the troubled market, which is currently beset by myriad challenges stemming partly from international disapproval of what many see as Moscow's actions in Eastern Ukraine and de facto annexation of Crimea.

Simon Warburton | 18 Jun 2015

GAZ Group's supply division is welcoming the rouble depreciation as a genuine business opportunity but noted it had to submit its tender to manufacture for its parent in just the same way as any other competitor.

Simon Warburton | 18 Jun 2015

GAZ Group's parent estimates the bottom may have been reached of plummeting passenger and light commercial vehicle sales in Russia but concedes the government will likely have to keep stepping in with incentive programmes.

Graeme Roberts | 2 Jun 2015

Mercedes-Benz Vans Russian assembler GAZ has built its 10,000th Sprinter Classic (previous generation model) 18 months after production began in September 2013 in Nischni Nowgorod.

Simon Warburton | 30 Apr 2015

Automotive unions as well as labour confederations have met in Moscow to discuss Global Framework Agreements (GFA) with a view to gaining experience on their potential implementation in Russia.

Simon Warburton | 7 Apr 2015

GAZ Group says despite the potential for yet more crises in the Russian market, it is aiming for the same level of investment this year.

Simon Warburton | 31 Mar 2015

GAZ Group says the current rouble devaluation allows it to take advantage by competitively exporting commercial vehicles with improved warranties compared to similar foreign products.

Simon Warburton | 30 Mar 2015

Russian automaker, GAZ Group says it "must be" selling 30% of its production to non ex-Soviet Union countries in three years as the organisation looks to take advantage of a depreciating rouble.

Graeme Roberts | 18 Mar 2015

General Motors said it would "change its business model in Russia" by axing Opel, scaling down Chevrolet to premium US-made imports and closing two production facilities.

Simon Warburton | 20 Feb 2015

GAZ Group is remaining tight-lipped surrounding speculation it has requested RUB25bn (US$403m) in guarantees from the Russian State.

Simon Warburton | 17 Feb 2015

GAZ Group has signed a distribution agreement with Eastern European company, Verano Motors, to sell GAZelle Next light commercial vehicles in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Latest blogs

Simon Warburton | 19 Jun 2015

It became clear to me just why the Russians were so twitchy about letting any old foreigner in to Nizhny Novgorod until around 1992, after talking to GAZ CEO, Vadim Sorokin from his eyrie on the 14th floor of the automaker's HQ in the same city this week.

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