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THE WEEK THAT WAS - Diesel developments

News from Ford of Europe of a brand-new, Euro VI-compliant diesel engine line drew most eyeballs of all just-auto stories this week....

ANALYSIS - Ford cuts its losses in Asia

Ford’s decision in January to pull out of Japan and Indonesia, two major automotive markets in Asia, by the end of the year took the rest of...

Graeme Roberts | 15 Jan 2016

We scored a rare treat this week while attending the Detroit show and associated events in what I am told was a "really cold" Michigan this week. I guess I fluked my one visit to Motown's big do several years ago when I enjoyed crystal clear skies and temperatures mild enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun while waving to the residents of Windsor across the river and discovering it is possible for Canada to be south of the US. In places.

Graeme Roberts | 8 Jan 2016

The global automotive industry stands on the brink of unprecedented change due to the impact of eight discrete megatrends, according to a new report from just-auto.

Graeme Roberts | 18 Dec 2015

Not unsurprisingly, given just-auto's audience, news from the supplier sector generated the most interest from readers this week. Topping the bill was news Corning's Gorilla Glass would be used for the windscreen and rear window/engine cover of the 2016 edition of Ford's delectable GT. The words gorilla and glass should ring a bell with many - it's also used on higher end smartphones and tablets as it often survives even cracking when said gadgets are accidentally dropped and its scratch-resistant properties keep screens looking box-fresh new longer, too.

Graeme Roberts | 25 Nov 2015

Engines are expensive items for an automaker to develop and, after sharing some powertrains with former owner Ford, Volvo, under new Chinese owner Geely, developed its own Drive-E engine range. The engines, which are all built with a maximum capacity of two litres and four cylinders, offer lower weight, size and complexity, all resulting in lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and greater driveability.

Latest Interviews

Dave Leggett | 14 Jan 2016

Ford’s Fields tells just auto he wants to revolutionise the automotive customer experience.

Dave Leggett | 11 Nov 2015

Ford's former Chief Technical Officer Paul Mascarenas has told just-auto that he believes the challenges faced by the auto industry currently put it at a pivotal stage and those firms who fail to embrace the emerging mega-trends will lose out.

Latest News

Graeme Roberts | 29 Jun 2016

Ford said it had now sold over 1m F-150 pickups with segment-exclusive EcoBoost engines in the US.

Fernando Calmon | 24 Jun 2016

Following BMW, which will begin X1 SUV exports from its Brazilian assembly plant to the US next month, three other automakers have decided to hire temporary workers to help fill new orders from overseas due to increased competitiveness following devaluation of the Brazilian real versus the US dollar.

Graeme Roberts | 22 Jun 2016

As it slowly expands its new Vignale line to fill a premium slot once held by the Ghia nameplate, Ford has shown the production version of the Kuga SUV on sale in Europe later this year. Vignale versions of the Mondeo [Fusion] four-door sedan and wagon are already in showrooms while dealers are taking orders for the S-Max people carrier and five-door Mondeo hatchback. The Edge Vignale SUV arrives late in 2016.

Dave Leggett | 17 Jun 2016

Ford in North America says its SUVs are off to their best sales start in company history in the first five months of the year, prompting the company to build nearly 22,000 extra SUVs this summer.

Dave Leggett | 15 Jun 2016

Ford says that its SmartDeviceLink’s new developer programme will make it easier to build in-car apps for a growing list of global automakers that have adopted or are exploring adoption of the Ford-created smartphone app interface standard.

Graeme Roberts | 15 Jun 2016

Ford has announced announcing major changes in its China, India, global strategy and finance management team as part of plans to "elevate" Chinese operations and its new strategy to be both an auto and mobility company.

Graeme Roberts | 15 Jun 2016

Former Ford chief Alan Mulally established the OneFord strategy to rationalise product lines around the globe as much as possible but that doesn't mean every market has to take all the model lines offered. Example: Ford Australia has said 'no' to the new, Brazilian-designed, Indian-built Ka+ recently launched here in Europe.

Graeme Roberts | 14 Jun 2016

Time was, a vehicle floor covered in carpet was a step up from the base model's rubber or vinyl. But in a reversal, some Ford luxury truck drivers have asked for, and got, a vinyl option in lieu of plush pile. "For customers who feel equally at home in cowboy boots or a sport coat," the automaker said.

Dave Leggett | 8 Jun 2016

Ford has revealed a KA+ model for Europe positioned below the Fiesta in the marketplace. The rationale behind the model is to meet demand for low-cost vehicles in an increasingly fragmented European B-segment.

Dave Leggett | 6 Jun 2016

Ford has announced a new ST-Line sports model range for Europe. It says the new line is designed for customers who aspire to the sporty image of Ford’s ST models, but do not require the full ST sports performance.

Bill Cawthon | 3 Jun 2016

As we warned last month, year-on-year comparisons of US light vehicle sales are likely to be disappointing even though the industry is still on track for another 17m unit year.

Simon Warburton | 2 Jun 2016

Europe's Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), has revised its forecast for 2016 car registrations up from its initial January forecast of 2% growth. 

Dave Leggett | 27 May 2016

A major plank of Ford’s electrification strategy in the US is its hybrid range and it claims the latest Fusion hybrid model has a range of 610 miles on a full tank of petrol plus a full battery charge.

Simon Warburton | 27 May 2016

Grupo Antolin has opened a new manufacturing plant in Sanand (India) to reinforce its industrial presence.

Graeme Roberts | 25 May 2016

Romania’s prime minister Dacian Ciolos has asked Ford to develop and expand its production in Romania.

Graeme Roberts | 25 May 2016

Ford is recalling 271,00 2013-2014 F-150 vehicles in North America to replace brake master cylinders.

Graeme Roberts | 25 May 2016

Novelis has commissioned its third aluminium automotive finishing line in Oswego, New York to supply Ford.

Fernando Calmon | 24 May 2016

The market for medium size pickups here in Brazil may be small but it keeps growing largely thanks to sales in medium-size and small cities, especially those where agribusiness is strong. In 2015 the sector accounted for 4.5% of all vehicle sales, rising to 5.9% in the first quarter of 2016.

Graeme Roberts | 20 May 2016

New passenger car sales in Romania rose 9.4% year on year in the first four months of 2016 to 28,000 units. But local car production went down 6.4% on lower domestic sales and exports, according to the Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA).

Dave Leggett | 18 May 2016

Ford says it is the first automaker to develop foams and plastics using captured carbon dioxide for its vehicles.

Graeme Roberts | 5 May 2016

Ford of Britain said over 60,000 prospective buyers have configured a Canadian-made Edge since January 2016 while right-hand-drive production has just begun.

Graeme Roberts | 5 May 2016

Ford on Thursday said it had invested in Pivotal, a cloud-based software platform company headquartered in San Francisco, to further enhance its software development capabilities and deliver innovations to customers more quickly.

Latest blogs

Dave Leggett | 4 Aug 2015

'Make hay while the sun shines' is an old saying that underlines the importance of making the most of clement conditions while you can, for tomorrow, weather conditions may not be so favourable.

Dave Leggett | 16 Jan 2015

Interesting news today that Ford is significantly raising output of the Fiesta in Germany in Q1 (other models, too, but mainly Fiesta). The move prompts a number of thoughts.

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