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Briefing: Iran's auto industry (1)

Through a review of seven years of Iranian light vehicle production data, just-auto provides an understanding of the automotive industry’s c...

THE WEEK: JLR returning to global manufacturing?

Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover looks like it is slowly building up to a global manufacturing footprint that, at least a little, mirrors the...

Fernando Calmon | 10 Nov 2014

Attracting over 750,000 visitors in 11 days, the São Paulo motor show saw several locally made and imported new model launches of varying degrees of importance that, together, made this year's event one of the best in the show's 54-year history.

Graeme Roberts | 24 Oct 2014

If I had to think of one adjective to describe this week's autobiz news, 'interesting' is as good a fit as any. Bit of this, bit of that.

Graeme Roberts | 30 May 2014

In a bit of a change from my usual weekly epistle, may I first draw your attention to some articles from Our (occasional) Man in Russia, Simon Warburton, fresh back from (deep breath) the St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014. We've bundled up his articles, including the odd travelogue blog, here in one handy all-inclusive take-home pack. Well worth a read.

Graeme Roberts | 28 Mar 2014

OK, OK, I admit it - this week is looking a bit like Assembly Plant

Latest Interviews

Simon Warburton | 13 Mar 2012

Magna International has just announced 2011 full year net income of US$1bn, although European vehicle production fell by 4%. Magna International Europe and Magna Steyr Group president Guenther Apfalter talked to Simon Warburton at company headquarters south of Vienna about challenges in Europe and the direction the company is headed.

Simon Warburton | 24 Feb 2011

A third automotive company - DR Motor - has shown its hand at the last minute expressing an interest in moving into part of Fiat's Termini Imerese plant in Sicily, as the Italian and Sicilian governments prepare to divide up EUR450m (US$621m) in grants for the site

Latest News

Dave Leggett | 19 Apr 2016

Struggling China-based premium vehicles maker Qoros is hoping that management and organisational changes will bring an improvement to its financial performance.

Fernando Calmon | 31 Mar 2016

The proximity of Chery's newly-established Brazilian car factory to the new Jaguar Land Rover assembly plant, scheduled to be opened in the next quarter of 2016, is likely to result in cooperation between the Chinese automaker and its Indian-British Chinese joint venture partner, local reports suggest.

Tony Pugliese | 17 Mar 2016

Chinese automaker Chery Automobile is returning to the Egyptian market with the relaunch of models previously sold under the Speranza brand.

Dave Leggett | 29 Feb 2016

Chery has started construction work on a new plant capable of making 60,000 pure electric vehicles a year.

Fernando Calmon | 21 Dec 2015

The first pre-production Brazilian Range Rover Evoque has left the line at the new Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro state, assembly plant 174km (108 miles) west of Rio de Janeiro City. The automaker so far has kept to its planned local output timetable and plant inauguration is set for March 2016.

Fernando Calmon | 30 Nov 2015

In a typically cautious Japanese move, Honda has decided to defer the start of production at its new manufacturing plant in Itirapina, 190km/118miles northwest of São Paulo City. Plant construction has ended and it was supposed to be opened in coming days but plans have been postponed due to market lows likely to extend to 2016.

Glenn Brooks | 7 Sep 2015

The media preview of CDMS 2015, the 18th Chengdu motor show, took place on 3 September. The following vehicles and concepts were world premieres.

Andreas Strasser | 3 Sep 2015

he results of 'China's Most Admired Companies (2014-2015)' awards were unveiled at the CPPCC Auditorium on 29 July. Chery was highly recognised by the judges for its efforts in independent innovation, independent brand building and its achievements, becoming the only Chinese automaker with independent brand ranking among the 'China's Most Admired Companies'. This is also the second time for Chery to be included in the list.

Fernando Calmon | 26 Aug 2015

Brazil's auto parts industry has been more deeply affected by the current new vehicle sales downturn because it is a less resilient sector. But some relief has come from a slight improvement in aftermarket sales. After all, if Brazilians are shopping less for cars, they're spending more on replacement parts for repairs and servicing.

Fernando Calmon | 24 Aug 2015

Production and sales results have been gloomy in Brazil all year but recent confirmation of four new auto investments provided some relief although all had been announced previously.

Tony Pugliese | 31 Jul 2015

China’s Chery Automobile said it exported 50,130 vehicles in the first half of 2015, more than 25% of all Chinese vehicle exports in that period.

Chris Wright | 2 Jun 2015

Tata Motors' luxury vehicle unit Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has appointed a new head of sales in China where the company has seen a slow down in sales in recent months. Mark Bishop succeeds Yi Lu, who resigned in mid-April citing personal reasons.

Fernando Calmon | 26 May 2015

Against the background of an overvalued Brazilian real and an expanding market (for nearly a decade), the Chinese automakers' strategy for selling cars and light commercial vehicles here has been to offer well equipped models with no available additional options.

Dave Leggett | 25 Feb 2015

Qoros is to show its latest model - the Qoros 3 City SUV - at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Dave Leggett | 9 Feb 2015

Chery Automobile, telematics firm Pateo Corp and Internet car service platform Yongche Inc are to establish a joint venture to build fully electric 'smart' cars for a new sharing service in China.

Graeme Roberts | 6 Feb 2015

Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has launched its locally made Range Rover Evoque in China.

Dave Leggett | 4 Feb 2015

Qoros Automotive has announced the appointment of Phil Murtaugh as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Fernando Calmon | 29 Jan 2015

According to JATO Dymanics, Brazil remained the world's fourth largest auto market in 2014, staying ahead of Germany by a mere 67,000 units.

Graeme Roberts | 23 Jan 2015

Independent of obligations imposed by the industrial policy, all automakers building cars in Brazil (or about to) intend to increase their local content percentage. This is due to spiralling logistic costs, direct and indirect tax rises on imports and, especially, because there is a clear tendency towards a dollar to real valuation in this and in the years to come.

Graeme Roberts | 20 Jan 2015

Subaru maker Fuji Heavy Industries has put on hold plans to manufacture vehicles in China due to slowing demand.

Fernando Calmon | 12 Jan 2015

In automotive terms, 2014 surely will not be missed after the Brazilian domestic market’s 7.1% sales downturn. Combined with the 2013 0.9% slump, this means that, at 3.498m units, Brazilians bought some 8% less cars, LCV and HCV, last year than in the record 2012.

Graeme Roberts | 7 Jan 2015

Ricardo said it had worked with Qoros on NVH for the brand's new 3 City SUV.

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