Ford has inked a deal to use Cornings Gorilla Glass for the 2016 GT windscreen and engine cover

Ford has inked a deal to use Corning's Gorilla Glass for the 2016 GT windscreen and engine cover

Not unsurprisingly, given just-auto's audience, news from the supplier sector generated the most interest from readers this week. Topping the bill was news Corning's Gorilla Glass would be used for the windscreen and rear window/engine cover of the 2016 edition of Ford's delectable GT. The words gorilla and glass should ring a bell with many - it's also used on higher end smartphones and tablets as it often survives even cracking when said gadgets are accidentally dropped and its scratch-resistant properties keep screens looking box-fresh new longer, too.

While on the subject of 'glass', we also had news Sabic is developing polycarbonate car window technology with integrated lighting features - clever idea that must be attracting interest from stylists and designers - just look at the clever trickery LED tech has brought to lamps, especially tail lights, in recent years.

Supplier M&A activity continued - just today we reported the EU has green lit Magna's acquisition of gearbox specialist Getrag. And we talked with Harman on why partnering is essential in the infotainment and connectivity sectors.

With the end of 2015 looming (what, already?), eyeballs are focusing on Sales Reports and we had one, also just today, from Our Man in America, predicting all-time record US light vehicle sales for 2015. Have the champagne on ice, automakers.

And, as eyes focused on the Volkswagen numbers, we reported a 27th consecutive month of European sales increases, the odd blip here and there not withstanding.

Have a nice weekend and a great Christmas and New Year holiday break.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,