What exactly has so soured the relationship between Mahindra and Mahindra and what now seems increasingly like its estranged US importer in the guise of Global Vehicles?

Both sides are seemingly digging in for a fight that is likely to end up in a US Court - and both have adopted firmly opposing views that appear to be widening by the day.

Mahindra insists its US$35m contract with Global Vehicles for TR20 and TR40 pick-ups has expired - the importer says the matter is now before a District Court in Georgia.

Attempts to prise out of both parties just what has muddied the waters of a relationship that apparently goes back to 2006 is unclear.

Both give cagey answers to that question with Global insisting it has " a valid contract" and Mahindra firing back with an - admittedly striking - accusation that the importer is conducting "PR theatrics."

What also appears to have irked Global Vehicles is Mahindra's comments today it had decided to contact US dealers to "make other arrangements for distribution".

Global Vehicles maintains it has 350 dealers in 49 States waiting to sell the pick-ups and has pencilled in a December launch.

So just what has damaged relations so badly between the Indian and US companies?

At this moment, it's simply not clear what has driven the two to lob verbal barbs at each other across such a vast distance - with each all the while insisting they are right.

Whatever happens, Mahindra maintains it will bring its models to the US, while Global Vehicles insists it is "business as usual." This one will run and run.