We once saw premium brand vehicles constantly in the UK's top 10 but, after the banking collapse of 2008, that began to change. In September, there were strong signs that the days of people buying BMWs instead of mass market brands are back.

Here's a few observations from a glance at SMMT data, issued earlier today:

  • 19 straight months now of rising sales
  • Highest volume of new cars sold in 166 months
  • More than 20,000 Fiestas sold in September
  • 3 Series and 1 Series have each now outsold the Polo YTD*
  • The 3 and 1 were sixth and seventh best sellers in September
  • The two BMWs are now eighth and ninth YTD

When discussing the above with Dave Leggett earlier, he pointed out that interest rates near zero and many people on personal contract plans (PCPs) are without a doubt behind the constantly expanding market. The car dealer will tell  you that your three year deal is coming to the end of its contract, so why not sign up for the new and improved model or a better one for the same monthly outlay?

*3 Series: 34,484; 1 Series, 34,448; Polo, 34,302