Although we have been here before, and the phoenix has climbed back up before the fire turned it to ashes, I have a feeling Saab may have entered the Last Chance Saloon this week.

This headline kind of says it all, there's a crucial court hearing next Friday and even suppliers are using words like 'last attempt'. Our full coverage, with all the developments this week is here, as usual. GM appears crucial and won't budge, despite an attempt to modify a proposed ownership structure, and clearly the administrator is getting twitchy, and apparently close to removing Sweden's equivalent of Chapter 11 from the automaker. Who will and how the bones will be picked over is anybody's guess but there is some serious loan money outstanding.

Our series of interviews continued this week with a lengthy chat between Vauxhall's UK chief and our editor Dave Leggett and there was also good news for UK Suppliers plc with the news that GM's local sourcing is on the up.

The Thai floods are still causing Honda grief and not just in Thailand. If you need a comprehensive catch-up, we have all of that bundled here for you. Toyota is also still affected and its new fiscal full year forecast out today reflects that.

Some mixed fortunes in production plans: Ford is boosting US output while Mitsubishi has idled a line in Japan and Renault-Samsung is cutting back.

But it looks like European output could be up next year even though some analysts see a sales decline in the west.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,