Gothenburg was the backdrop to FKGs Annual Forum

Gothenburg was the backdrop to FKG's Annual Forum

Last week saw Scandinavian automotive supplier body FKG's Annual Forum in Gothenburg, bringing together more than 400 component producers, politicians and union leaders. Just-auto was there and here is a quote snapshot of what is always a fascinating and lively conference organised by the tireless FKG.

"It is not every day we can talk about 1,300 new jobs" - Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson discussing third Torslanda shift.

"There is a saying in Swedish - 'keep your ears on the track' - it is a very positive thing" - FKG managing director Fredrik Sidahl concerning new Volvo jobs.

"We are looking for active participation and critical input" - Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson to suppliers.

"Those of you [FKG delegates] who have operated in France and Italy, you know it is very difficult to conclude a trade union agreement" - IF Metall chairman Anders Ferbe.

"I hope industry makes its voice heard to say how important it is to have FTAs. I know there is going to be a hullabaloo and [in] Parliament there will be an awful lot of discussions" - European Parliament member Olle Ludvigsson.

"France - oh France - is in a huge problem and gives rise for concern" - FKG MD Fredrik Sidahl.

"1,300 new jobs in in Volvo - brilliant" - IF Metall chairman Anders Ferbe.

"We have vacancies - [the] purchasing department [for example] has quadrupled in size" - Jaguar Land Rover director purchasing Ian Harnett.

"I have the benefit of being on the Social Democratic party board and perhaps I have certain influence" - IF Metall chairman Anders Ferbe.

"Sweden needs a bigger industrial sector to solve the problem of unemployment" - Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson.

"The Go Global activity is supported by the Swedish government. It is enough to make it happen" - FKG MD Fredrik Sidahl.

"Already today, we are working on improving trade between Iran and Sweden. As long as you follow the rules, you are today able to do a lot of business" - Scandinavian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce board member Robert Lundqvist.

"We have not got an industrial Minister - that is a bid odd. The Prime Minister I guess, understands the situation better than the previous one - he is quite fresh" - FKG MD Fredrik Sidahl.

"We will end up with around 470,000 cars [total] this year, which will be an all-time high for Volvo" - Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson.

"We have to be very critical of [President Vladimir] Putin's regime. Unfortunately, Putin is winning his game - we are too slow" - Teknikföretage chief economist Anders Rune.