There's no doubting Chevrolet's ambition. Six model launches next year is extraordinary - indeed as Europe president Wayne Brannon wryly told just-auto this week at the company's Orlando brand launch in Valencia, Spain, he had never seen its like before in his "short" 37-year career.

And Chevrolet's ambitious push comes as parent company GM makes ever-more significant inroads into its gargantuan USD50bn US taxpayer bailout - a loan it is increasingly determined to repay and looks increasingly like doing so.

Brannon is convinced Chevrolet will grow the market too with its new Orlando launch. "The segment is 400,000-500,000 units around Europe - there is quite a bit of volume out there," he said.

"We are trying to show we can execute a car without being boxy or boring - we have got the really distinctive Chevrolet space."

The company makes no bones about its American background - and plans to emphasise that heritage strongly with the new models' drive.

As Brannon noted: "85 out of 100 people will say Chevrolet is an American company - we still have this DNA of being from the States - we see this as a real differentiation - and we will embrace it."

Chevrolet's massive surge next year - to complement an already busy 2010 that saw the manufacturer claim its new Spark had "put Chevrolet in front of a new type of buyer" - is designed to get some serious numbers going.

The automaker concedes nonetheless "the last 12 months haven't been easy," with Chevrolet UK managing director Mark Terry noting the "headwinds in the market." However, the new models, coupled with a decent five-year 'Promise' - to include free servicing, warranty and roadside assistance, will put Chevrolet front of house like never before.

And of course the Volt will capture a fair number of headlines as well as the raft of new brand launches. Terry even goes as far as to describe it as "the most important car to launch in America this century," a pretty bold prediction.

The company is talking up its own future - and why not? With Brannon insisting the US taxpayer will get his money back, the Chevrolet division is gearing up to deliver some serious volume at the same time.