The Week That Was

The Week That Was

By: Graeme Roberts

Deputy/news editor Graeme Roberts' Friday wrap on the important automotive news from the week just ending.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Chinese scoop up Pirelli 27 Mar 2015

We started the week with a bit of a surprise - famous Italian tyremaker was nabbed by a Chinese chemical company with big plans for its tyre making unit. Mama mia!

THE WEEK THAT WAS: GM axes Russian plant, FCA axes Chrysler in UK 20 Mar 2015

Two major automakers respectively wielded the axe this week. General Motors all but shut down its Russian production and dumped Opel there while FCA admitted, finally, that pretending Lancias were Chryslers was a Silly Idea, and that actual Chrysler Chryslers no longer sell well in the UK, and all but axed the lot.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Out 'n' about with suppliers and Mazda 13 Mar 2015

Post-Geneva, there was no shortage of auto industry happenings this week.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Geneva (by one means or another) 6 Mar 2015

So, did anything interesting happen this week? I seem to recall the odd vague mention of a motor show Somewhere in Europe. Geneva? That's it. We had a full team on the ground while Muggins here managed the mother ship back in Blightly. Which, after hearing reports of the wifi standard at the show, suited me just fine.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Hobnobbing with the A-listers 27 Feb 2015

A highlight for the Z-list 'trade site' peasant this week was - courtesy of right place, right time - to sup down at the A-listers' table on the international first drive event for Volvo's superb new XC90.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Lifting the hood on sales data 20 Feb 2015

ACEA's monthly reports on European car sales are always interesting and this week we decided to drill down a bit and see if there was anything interesting in the January data - and that for 2014 - worth keeping an eye on during the rest of 2015. There was.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: And so, what of 2015? 13 Feb 2015

Analysis-r-us so let's start there this week, shall we?

THE WEEK THAT WAS: A European renaissance? 6 Feb 2015

'Car sales in Europe off to a strong start' is not a headline we've been accustomed to writing much in the last few years but we did, finally, manage it today.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Ship shape and not too bent fashion 30 Jan 2015

We must all be ghouls at heart - the most-read story on just-auto this week: what got bent on the Heogh Osaka, the ship that recently enjoyed an unscheduled port of call on a Southampton sandbank.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: New Hondas and the ship's upright again 23 Jan 2015

Just back from what was my first ever Honda launch event to bring you news of the 2015 CR-V update for Europe, majoring, of course on a new diesel engine and ZF's new(ish) nine-speed automatic.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Detroit and stuff 16 Jan 2015

The Detroit show - in balmy -17C temperatures, I hear - dominated proceedings this week with those that went describing it as the most optimistic in a long time. Some nice new product appeared, not least the long-awaited Honda/Acura NSX and Ford GT.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Tipping point avoided... 9 Jan 2015

One way or another, this first full working week after the festive break has been an eventful one.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Another year races by 19 Dec 2014

As someone said to me this week: "The older you get, the faster the years go by." He's not wrong. Where DID 2014 go? The year may be winding down to the Christmas break but things have still been busy in the autobiz.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Takata the new Firestone? 5 Dec 2014

Back from two weeks' 'staycation', the words that stood out as I returned to the news desk last Monday were 'Takata' and 'Honda'. And, as the latest developments in this long-running saga occurred throughout the week, I started to think of two more words: 'Ford' and 'Firestone'. Remember all that back at the beginning of this decade? If not, this 2005 story from our archives neatly summarises it.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Automotive safety: the good, the bad and the ugly 28 Nov 2014

One thing that has always got everyone in the automotive business talking is safety. It's an interesting one. Cars have become much safer in recent decades, of course.

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