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Slice Of Warburton

By: Simon Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

COMMENT: Will countries pull up drawbridge as EC struggles? 8 Dec 2014

It's taking an achingly long time, but is the European Commission (EC) finally waking up to the idea not everybody is falling over themselves to be subsumed into its gigantic superstate embrace?

INTERVIEW: Faurecia deputy GM China Jingcheng Li 24 Nov 2014

China's astonishing growth rates of recent years is starting to ebb, but still represents a powerful performance that is the envy of most of the developed world. Simon Warburton talked to global component producer, Faurecia deputy general manager China Division, Jingcheng Li, about opportunities which challenges such as emissions control and lightweighting, present.

COMMENT: Iran nuclear talks to kick-start basic safety for all? 14 Nov 2014

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the imminent nuclear talks deadline on 24 November - another one - between Iran and its suspicious Western negotiators - there is one implication of the Vienna talks that probably won't even receive an airing.

COMMENT: Sweden looks to warm up emerging markets 24 Oct 2014

It's as if the Cold War never went away.

COMMENT: FKG keeps ears on the track in Gothenburg 24 Oct 2014

Last week saw Scandinavian automotive supplier body FKG's Annual Forum in Gothenburg, bringing together more than 400 component producers, politicians and union leaders. Just-auto was there and here is a quote snapshot of what is always a fascinating and lively conference organised by the tireless FKG.

COMMENT: City of Light needs radicalism once more 10 Oct 2014

Conjure up an image of Paris and chances are a multitude of accepted versions will crowd your brain, a smorgasbord of real experiences and tourist brochure charm hard-wired into our DNA for centuries.

COMMENT: Post Soviet unions no zest for strikes 9 Sep 2014

One of the aspects that genuinely surprised me about the recent visit to Russia organised by Renault and AvtoVAZ was the almost complete absence of trade union antagonism to restructuring.

COMMENT: From the Russian shop floor 5 Sep 2014

Last week Simon Warburton visited the Moscow Motor Show with Renault Russia and had the opportunity to talk with senior executives, as well as travel to alliance partner, AvtoVAZ, at its Togliatti plant in Samara. Here are some of the quotes from that trip..

COMMENT: Russian stoicism a valuable tool 4 Sep 2014

Eating a stone's throw from Moscow's notorious Lubyanka was an unusual experience last week, but then as so much of Russia is unexpected, it pays to keep an open mind.

COMMENT: Putin 'showing the instruments' in West stand off? 29 Aug 2014

There was no escaping it - the proverbial elephant in the room formed the backdrop to this week's Moscow Motor Show just as it had in St Petersburg earlier this year at the International Economic Forum.

COMMENT: What is normal as Russian maelstrom swirls? 18 Aug 2014

After weeks of what has seemed a phoney war of words between both sides, the stakes are starting to ramp up considerably between Russia and its newly-minted adversaries in the West.

COMMENT: NUMSA strike rhetoric needs injection of hope 28 Jul 2014

As sticking points go, South Africa's so-called 'peace clause' has proved exceptionally tricky to shift.

COMMENT: No political football for new Business Minister 21 Jul 2014

Much like supporting a football team, just when you think it's all going swimmingly and your club's in for a period of stability - and hopefully success - bang - the rug is pulled from underneath.

COMMENT: High time NUMSA ended permanent state of war with employers? 17 Jul 2014

Is the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) interested in promoting its members' conditions and working with employers in a country where union rights for all are still a relatively fledging concept, or is it more concerned with establishing some sort of Marxist State?

COMMENT: Has ZF set the M&A hare running with TRW? 15 Jul 2014

Is ZF Friedrichshafen's mooted takeover of TRW Automotive a ploy to smooth the peaks and troughs of any future recession?

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