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Slice Of Warburton

By: Simon Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

COMMENT: Iran coiled spring bursting to unwind 17 Jul 2015

It's been glacially slow in evolving, but could one of the longest-running sanctions sagas in modern times be about to draw to a close?

COMMENT: Russian masquerade born of frustration 10 Jul 2015

Sitting here in the West and listening to the litany of critics lined up against Russia, all aiming their formidable firepower firmly at Moscow, their collective hammering against the Kremlin walls is as persuasive as it is articulate.

COMMENT: No wizards needed at US$100 a barrel 2 Jul 2015

It's been variously labelled as President Vladimir Putin's 'vanity summit' and those attending it as 'Kremlin lackeys,' but for the thousands throngingh this year's St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, it was a chance to offer some defiance to a disappoving Western world.

COMMENT: Tsipras steals the show in St Petersburg 23 Jun 2015

Arguably Europe's most powerful politician made a surprise appearance at last week's St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) - and it wasn't Angela Merkel.

COMMENT: Bosch takes societal bull by horns 5 Jun 2015

For all the chatter surrounding the brave new world of autonomous driving, there is one supplier at least which is broadening the debate beyond the physics and the chemistry.

COMMENT: Russia plays political football but is there light ahead? 29 May 2015

Just when you thought things couldn't be any worse for the auto sector in Russia, up popped the AEB recently with its latest monthly instalment of doom that sets the situation in stark clarity, but will a stabilising rouble ride to the rescue?

COMMENT: UK election sets cat among Brussels pigeons 15 May 2015

UK satirical magazine, Private Eye's cover this week has the strapline: "New poll shows Miliband ahead" and its ironic micky-take of just how wrong British forecasting services were will have been noted with some alarm across the English Channel in Brussels.

COMMENT: Labour Day Paris putsch at Renault 1 May 2015

It's unclear whether or not Cherie Blair attended yesterday's (30 April) Renault AGM in Paris at which the French State formalised its extraordinary shareholding move , but maybe the wife of the former British Prime Minister would have raised a quizzical eyebrow following her somewhat bizarre elevation to the executive floor of the automaker.

COMMENT: Russia - it is rocket science 31 Mar 2015

It's not often Soviet rocket scientists are mentioned in an automotive context, but the subject came up recently on the sidelines of the Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow, where I was interviewing GAZ Group CEO, Vadim Sorokin.

COMMENT: Russia defiant in face of yet another crisis 19 Mar 2015

You might be forgiven for thinking the Russian Federation was at the edge of an economic precipice at the moment, facing a potential avalanche of catastrophic bad news that even for this battle-hardened country is especially daunting.

COMMENT: Oiling the Russian economy 16 Mar 2015

Despite some small recovery in the oil price of late, adding a few pence, cents or centimes back onto a litre of fuel at the pumps, the crash in the price of the black stuff has been nothing short of spectacular during the last few months.

COMMENT: Deep breath needed as Russia drops again 11 Mar 2015

News of yet another calamitous plunge in Russia vehicle sales may come as no surprise to some, but the February drop of 38% in cars and LCVs is nonetheless one of the steepest yet recorded.

COMMENT: Diesel not out in London and Paris 20 Feb 2015

Four years ago a clearly frustrated Renault spokesman exclaimed: "Point final, point final" or 'end of story' to me down the line from Paris concerning the fantastical tale of the so-called spy scandal.

COMMENT: A Tyre for all Seasons 6 Feb 2015

We have quite a conundrum sat here in the north west European outpost of the UK, looking at our Continental cousins undertake the twice-yearly dance involved in changing tyres as the seasons come and go.

COMMENT: What now for docked Hoegh Osaka cargo? 23 Jan 2015

So the saga of the Osaka is finally over - at least the seaborne element of it anyway - but perhaps now the real drama begins back at port in Southampton.

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