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By: Simon Warburton

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COMMENT: Nissan looks to extract top bang for its Champions League buck 11 Apr 2014

It's not hard to see why Nissan was so keen to replace Ford as UEFA's automotive partner in its four-year Champions League sponsorship deal, despite what appear to be eye-wateringly expensive costs.

INTERVIEW: Michelin marketing manager winter tyres Europe Pierre-Edouard Sorel 7 Apr 2014

Pierre-Edouard Sorel joined Michelin in 2005. He started as a sales representative in France in trade marketing. At the end of 2007, he headed the market intelligence department of Michelin's Earthmover tyres product line and has been marketing manager for winter tyres in Europe since 2011. Sorel talked to Simon Warburton about legislation, labelling and the dealer benefits of winter tyre usage.

COMMENT: Rouble pressure concentrates Russia minds 26 Mar 2014

If there was only one word being shouted from the rooftops in Moscow last week at the Russian Automotive Forum (RAF), it was simply, localisation.

COMMENT: Russia pushes local as exchange rate jitters mount 21 Mar 2014

Temporary - hopefully - tensions aside - Russia still has enormous potential to grow and almost double its current predicted volume of between 2.3m and 2.4m units this year according to some estimates.

INTERVIEW: Volkswagen Group Rus general director Marcus Osegowitsch 20 Mar 2014

Marcus Osegowitsch is general director, Volkswagen Group Rus and Simon Warburton caught up with him on the sidelines of this year's Russian Automotive Forum organised by Adam Smith Conferences in Moscow.

COMMENT: Can Russia become a 4m market? 20 Mar 2014

There was a certain frisson to this year's Russian Automotive Forum (RAF) organised by Adam Smith Conferences in Moscow for the most obvious of reasons.

COMMENT: Mercedes continues Brussels defiance on refrigerant 12 Mar 2014

It's easy enough to understand a note of triumph creeping into Honeywell's "final word" reaction this week to the news of Brussels' scientific boffins backing the r1234yf refrigerant.

COMMENT: Russian auto jitters as Sochi feel-good factor evaporates 7 Mar 2014

No sooner did the final bars of the score to this year's triumphant Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi fade into memory - accompanied by a tear-shedding bear reminiscent of the Moscow Olympics in 1980 - than all that goodwill seems to have evaporated in a puff of smoke.

INTERVIEW: Steel Market Development Institute - Washington and Detroit 28 Feb 2014

America's Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) is a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Founded in August 2008, the SMDI was previously known as AISI's Market Development programme.

COMMENT: No red carpet as CGT blasts Paris on PSA 26 Feb 2014

I don't know why I should be surprised, but the comments from France's Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT) union this week, were, well, breathtaking.

COMMENT: New AvtoVAZ broom sweeps the stable 20 Feb 2014

It hasn't taken long for new AvtoVAZ CEO, Bo Andersson to stamp his mark on the Russian automaker.

COMMENT: France state of intent to PSA 19 Feb 2014

After months of shadow boxing, PSA Peugeot-Citroen finally confirmed today (19 February) what the market had widely anticipated, namely a massive three-way cash injection that will see EUR3bn (US$4.1bn) pumped into the automaker.

INTERVIEW: Magna Powertrain president Jake Hirsch 18 Feb 2014

Jake Hirsch has worked in the automotive supply industry for 30 years, including as president and CEO of Teksid Aluminium, CEO of Textron Fastening Systems; managing director of TRW Occupant Restraints and COO at Magna Europe where he was also a member of the Board of Directors. He talked to Simon Warburton in Detroit about some of the challenges and opportunities in the business.

COMMENT: US splits north/south on union issue? 17 Feb 2014

Well, who saw that one coming? Not me certainly - I thought the UAW would sweep all before it in its aim to secure representation for the 1,500 or staff at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant in Tennessee.

COMMENT: Chattanooga vote to sway American south? 14 Feb 2014

In what could be a landmark vote for the Southern States of America, Volkswagen's staff at its Chattanooga plant in Tennessee are going to the polls to determine if they wish to be represented by the UAW.

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