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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Hyundai Veloster - why its death matters 17 Dec 2014

It’s not often that a vehicle is killed off just days after just-auto drives it. The lack of a diesel engine did for the Hyundai Veloster in Britain but the car is, however, still very much alive elsewhere.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015MY Dacia Duster 9 Dec 2014

You say DAY-see'a, I say DAH-chee'a, others say Datch-ya. The pronunciation hardly matters, and nor does the odd Duster model name when Renault's low-cost brand is doing so well, especially in the UK.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Golf GTE 2 Dec 2014

When it comes to electric vehicles, the science that discharges power from charged up batteries is proving stubborn.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Scirocco TDI 150 DSG 28 Nov 2014

Fresh from a mid-cycle update, the VW Scirocco is something of a survivor. While a few new entries such as the Veloster have appeared in its segment, most former rivals have now vanished as buyers continue to switch to crossovers and premium brand coupes.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Volvo V60 Polestar 25 Nov 2014

Yes, it's thirsty but the straight-six under the bonnet of the new V60 Polestar is Volvo's best sounding engine yet. Even better than the sadly short-lived V8. Such a shame then that the turbo 3.0-litre is also for the axe. No chance of a reprieve, Volvo?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI 21 Nov 2014

It can't catch the sixth place Qashqai but the recently facelifted VW Polo is now the UK's seventh best seller, ahead of the entire Audi A3 range.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Lexus NX 300h 14 Nov 2014

After years in the European wilderness, Lexus now seems set on a steady path of sales expansion. The new NX, a RAV4-sized crossover, is the next step in its plan to become a sports-premium brand.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Audi S1 7 Nov 2014

Given how long Audi has been having success with marketing quattro as a sub-brand, it's surprising how long it took to release a series production small car with all-wheel drive. Was the S1 worth the wait?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Golf SV (Sportsvan) 4 Nov 2014

When it first appeared, the Golf Plus seemed to be answering a question no-one was asking. But Volkswagen had seen an opportunity, and around 150,000 were built and sold worldwide in this model's best years. Now comes the replacement, the Sportsvan, or in Britain, the SV.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Vauxhall Corsa 31 Oct 2014

Could this be the car to wrest control of the UK's B-hatchback class away from the Fiesta? With Ford of Europe extending the current model's lifecycle out to eight years, Vauxhall might just get lucky.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Maserati Ghibli diesel 29 Oct 2014

How might Maserati attain its worldwide sales goal of 75,000 cars a year by 2018? By adding new models and offering more diesels. To judge by the torque, CO2 average, economy and surprisingly burbly exhaust note of the diesel Ghibli, the firm might just hit its target.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2014 Peugeot RCZ R 21 Oct 2014

Audi, or Peugeot? No contest. But what if the question is instead TT or RCZ R? Trickier. It would be ironic if PSA's cost cutting means this beautiful coupe won't have a replacement as the RCZ is already a successful, high-priced Peugeot.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2014 Kia Sportage 17 Oct 2014

Kia has just enjoyed its best September yet in Britain, with 13,292 cars delivered. And the top model? The Sportage, which is selling better than ever in recently updated form.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Bentley Continental GT V8 S 14 Oct 2014

The current Continental GT has been on the market since early 2011 but Bentley continues to expand and update the range. A great excuse for just-auto to try the latest V8 S coupe.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Ford EcoSport 7 Oct 2014

Back in the 2000s, Ford do Brasil's EcoSport was one of the first B-SUVs to make it big in South America. Now, the second generation model has arrived in Europe.

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