Our Man In ASEAN

Our Man In ASEAN

By: Tony Pugliese

Jakarta-based Tony Pugliese's regular updates, news and analysis from the ASEAN countries of south-east Asia

Indonesia Motor Show: Focus is on small cars

15 Aug 2016 | Tony Pugliese

The Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show (GIIAS) got under way last week at the International Convention and Exhibition (ICE) centre in BSD, one of Jakarta’s fastest-growing new satellite towns. Tony Pugliese was there for just-auto

ASEAN vehicle sales jump 11% in Q2

29 Jul 2016 | Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in South-east Asia’s six largest markets rose by 10.6% to 781,162 units in the second quarter of 2016, from 706,532 units in the same period of last year, according to data collected exclusively for just-auto by AsiaMotorBusiness.com.

Brexit could lift UK auto production – Asia perspective

20 Jul 2016 | Tony Pugliese

The automotive industry in Asia is busy weighing up the implications of last month’s decision by the UK to leave the EU - whether the outcome of the referendum represents an opportunity for their businesses or in fact a threat. The impact so far in terms of currency fluctuations has been significant.

COMMENT - Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance good news for both automakers

13 May 2016 | Tony Pugliese

Nissan Motor confirmed this week that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors, in a deal worth JPY247bn (US$2.17bn).

ASEAN vehicle sales fall 3.6% in Q1

25 Apr 2016 | Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in south-east Asia’s six largest markets fell by 3.6% to 737,474 units in the first quarter of 2016, from 765,399 units in the same period of last year, according to data compiled exclusively for just-auto.

Thailand’s Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

23 Mar 2016 | Tony Pugliese

The 37th Bangkok International Motor Show got underway this week at the "Impact" exhibition centre near the old Don Muaeng airport on the outskirts of Bangkok. Tony Pugliese reports for just-auto

ANALYSIS - Ford cuts its losses in Asia

8 Mar 2016 | Tony Pugliese

Ford’s decision in January to pull out of Japan and Indonesia, two major automotive markets in Asia, by the end of the year took the rest of the automotive industry by surprise.

ASEAN vehicle sales fall 4% in 2015

27 Jan 2016 | Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in southeast Asia’s six largest markets expanded by 4.4% to 858,872 units in the fourth quarter of 2015, compared with 822,888 units in the same period of last year, according to compiled exclusively for just-auto by AsiaMotorBusiness.com.

Automakers look beyond the ASEAN Economic Community for growth

16 Dec 2015 | Tony Pugliese

The automotive industry itself is more focused on developing Thailand and also Indonesia as low-cost global production bases. More so now in the wake of new trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), signed in October between 12 Pacific Rim countries including the USA, Japan and ten other Asian and South American countries.

ANALYSIS: Thailand looks to end first-time buyer overhang

6 Oct 2015 | Tony Pugliese

Thailand’s military government is desperate to draw a line under the first-time car buyer programme, a populist scheme which ran between October 2011 and December 2012 and which still has a significant indirect influence on the local vehicle market, writes Tony Pugliese

ANALYSIS: ASEAN vehicle sales drop 16% in Q2 2015

4 Aug 2015 | Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in southeast Asia's deteriorated significantly in the second quarter, according to data collected exclusively for just-auto by AsiaMotorBusiness.

ANALYSIS: Things to watch out for in Asia in 2015

6 Jan 2015 | Tony Pugliese

After a bumper 2014 in Asia-Pacific, buoyed by growth in China's car market, Tony Pugliese considers the outlook for markets in the region in 2015.

ANALYSIS: Indonesia's car market cools

26 Nov 2014 | Tony Pugliese

Indonesia is an ASEAN market with plenty of growth potential. However, Tony Pugliese notes that it has hit some bumps in the road as fuel prices have soared.

COMMENT: Foreign carmakers chose appeasement in China

27 Aug 2014 | Tony Pugliese

China's ongoing investigation into anti-competitive practices in the country's automotive industry has picked up momentum in recent weeks, with some of the biggest companies in global automotive industry accused of abusing their market position.

July 2014 management briefing: ASEAN sales fall 11% in H1

30 Jul 2014 | Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region's six main markets continued to decline in the second quarter, by 6.7% to 811,461 units, according to data compiled by Tony Pugliese from various industry sources.

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