Our Man In ASEAN

Our Man In ASEAN

By: Tony Pugliese

Jakarta-based Tony Pugliese's regular updates, news and analysis from the ASEAN countries of south-east Asia

ANALYSIS: Things to watch out for in Asia in 2015 6 Jan 2015

After a bumper 2014 in Asia-Pacific, buoyed by growth in China's car market, Tony Pugliese considers the outlook for markets in the region in 2015.

ANALYSIS: Indonesia's car market cools 26 Nov 2014

Indonesia is an ASEAN market with plenty of growth potential. However, Tony Pugliese notes that it has hit some bumps in the road as fuel prices have soared.

COMMENT: Foreign carmakers chose appeasement in China 27 Aug 2014

China's ongoing investigation into anti-competitive practices in the country's automotive industry has picked up momentum in recent weeks, with some of the biggest companies in global automotive industry accused of abusing their market position.

July 2014 management briefing: ASEAN sales fall 11% in H1 30 Jul 2014

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region's six main markets continued to decline in the second quarter, by 6.7% to 811,461 units, according to data compiled by Tony Pugliese from various industry sources.

SOUTH KOREA: South Korean vehicle sales up 7.7% in June 9 Jul 2014

Domestic sales among South Korea's five main automakers increased by 7.7% to 121,221 units in June, from 112,595 units sold in the same month of last year, according to data released by the country's mainstream vehicle manufacturers.

ANALYSIS: Finding a way forward for Proton 26 Jun 2014

Malaysia’s first national car company, Proton - now in the custody of local privately-owned DRB-Hicom - continues to struggle to find its place in an increasingly competitive and open-boarder car world. Tony Pugliese considers the issues facing the company.

ANALYSIS: ASEAN vehicle sales fall 15% Q1 1 May 2014

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region's six main markets declined by close to 15% to 804,522 units in the first quarter of 2014, from 941,754 units a year earlier, according to data compiled exclusively for just-auto by Tony Pugliese.

ANALYSIS: The 35th International Bangkok Motor Show 26 Mar 2014

The 35th Bangkok International Motor Show got underway this week in a much more somber mood than last year. just-auto's ASEAN markets specialist, Tony Pugliese, was there to take the Thai auto industry's temperature and walk the halls.

ANALYSIS: Malaysia's revised National Automotive Policy 21 Feb 2014

The Malaysian government announced a second update to its National Automotive Policy (NAP) in January. Tony Pugliese provides an assessment of a policy that looks ambitious.

SOUTH KOREA: Top five sold 8.61m vehicles in 2013 7 Jan 2014

South Korea's top five vehicle manufacturers sold a combined 8,605,654 vehicles globally in 2013, which represents a 5% increase compared with 8,198,295 units sold in 2012, according to data released individually by the vehicle manufacturers.

ANALYSIS: Tan Chong steps up regional expansion in SE Asia 19 Dec 2013

Malaysia's Tan Chong group has stepped up its efforts in the last few years to expand its regional footprint and cement its position as one of South-east Asia's largest independent pan-regional vehicle distributors.

ANALYSIS: Thailand’s Eco-Car programme “Mark 2” 3 Dec 2013

The Thai government launched “phase two” of its “eco-car” programme in October 2013, after it received final approval from its Board of Investment (BOI) in August. Tony Pugliese reviews Thailand's incentives and the resultant boost to the country's automotive sector.

ANALYSIS: ASEAN vehicle market turns down in Q3 22 Oct 2013

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region of south-east Asia declined in the third quarter according to exclusive analysis produced for just-auto. A sharp drop in sales in Thailand was mainly responsible for the Q3 reversal. Nevertheless, sales for the first nine months remain ahead of last year.

ANALYSIS: Slow progress for Indonesia’s small car programme 28 Aug 2013

Indonesia's government announced broad plans for a small-car incentive programme in 2010. Progress has been slow, but a number of manufacturers are now participating in the Indonesian scheme. Tony Pugliese reviews progress to date.

ANALYSIS: H1 ASEAN sales rise 16% 26 Jul 2013

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region’s six main markets grew by just 4.9% to 888,240 units in the second quarter of 2013, from 847,105 units a year earlier, according to data compiled by AsiaMotorBusiness.com from various industry sources.

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