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From the Editor

By: Dave Leggett

just-auto editor Dave Leggett's overview of the auto industry, its companies, products and people.

Electric cars to drool over - the week

25 Nov 2016 | Dave Leggett

Quite naturally, fully electric cars are seen as a green choice. If we put aside the thorny question of how the electricity has actually been generated for the zero emission vehicle, it's a rather marvellous thing: A car being propelled by a propulsion system that isn't reliant on burning fossil fuels at the point of use.

What draws Samsung to Harman?

22 Nov 2016 | Dave Leggett

Samsung Electronics is currently embroiled in a crisis over a range of its cell-phones that can catch fire. However, it has also announced an audacious US$8bn planned purchase of Harman. What's driving the strategy?

What could a Trump victory mean for the automotive industry?

9 Nov 2016 | Dave Leggett

The Western political establishment has had another rude shock after the summer's Brexit referendum vote in the UK. The US has voted Donald Trump as president-elect, confounding the opinion polls that had pointed to a narrow win for Hillary Clinton. The question on many minds today is an obvious one: What could this mean?

What's with this Brexit thing, Watson?

28 Oct 2016 | Dave Leggett

Brexit has been in the news again this week, its implications stretching far and wide, sometimes confounding expectations. On the plus side, the UK economy is performing relatively well according to the latest data. In the auto sector, there was also the welcome announcement from Nissan that it will invest in future new models at Sunderland.

COMMENT - Auto industry consolidation just ratcheted up

24 Oct 2016 | Dave Leggett

Industry consolidation is much talked about in automotive circles. Just the other day, I heard the prediction - one that I first heard in the 1990s - that the global auto industry will eventually collapse to around six big players. Don't hold your breath though. It is probably true to say though that the process of consolidation or restructuring at the industry level is a pretty slow one and takes a number of forms. It is coming, but it will take time. Maybe though, we're seeing signs of acceleration.

SMMT chief bangs EU single market drum - Interview

12 Oct 2016 | Dave Leggett

Speaking exclusively to just-auto, SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes says the UK auto industry’s interests would be best served by continued membership of the European Union’s single market following the UK’s planned exit from the trade bloc in 2019.

Volkswagen Group reiterates reinvention strategy for automobile future

6 Oct 2016 | Dave Leggett

As it reels under the pressures that have followed ‘dieselgate’, Volkswagen is laying out a new strategy to meet the mobility and technology challenges ahead. There were more insights into its latest thinking on strategic implementation from its executives in Paris.

Ford charts path for long-term growth - Analysis

21 Sep 2016 | Dave Leggett

At its recent ‘Investor Day’, Ford’s senior management set out its strategic priorities. The plan is to build on core strengths and grow in emerging opportunities. Dave Leggett describes some highlights and offers an assessment.

Ford’s Investor Day – preview

14 Sep 2016 | Dave Leggett

Ford is hosting will host an ‘Investor Day’ conference – an annual event - for representatives of the investment community in Dearborn today (Wednesday, September 14). The conference is from 10am to 2pm EDT, including a question and answer session. We look ahead to it.

COMMENT – Some short-term relief, but Brexit concerns remain

5 Sep 2016 | Dave Leggett

The subject of Brexit – the UK’s decision to leave the EU, following a referendum - is already proving somewhat tortuous for the UK government.

COMMENT - Opportunity ahead in autonomous, shared cars

31 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

Do you recall the vision of the future that was presented in the movie ‘Total Recall’?

Diesel share of European car market falling

30 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

Data released by LMC Automotive shows that the diesel share of the West European car market is continuing to decline this year.

What will a Tesla electric truck look like?

16 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

Just what would a Tesla electric freight truck look like? It’s a question that many in the auto industry have been asking after the latest visionary bulletin (Master Plan, Part Deux) from Tesla founder and talisman Elon Musk. 

THE WEEK – Connected and secure…

12 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

We live in an increasingly connected up society and the way things are going, we will not be escaping always-on personal connectivity when we get into our cars. We published a nice feature this week that considers some of the latest developments.

Design and engineering drivers for Honda’s new NSX

10 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

Honda Vehicle engineering leader Jason Bilotta talks about new technology applications and the design principles for the new Honda NSX

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