Brooks On OEM Product Trends

Brooks On OEM Product Trends

By: Glenn Brooks

Analyst Glenn Brooks looks at OEM new product developments in the context of company strategies and market trends

FRANKFURT DEBUTS LIST: BMW eDrive models & Rolls-Royce Dawn 4 Aug 2015

BMW and Rolls-Royces are the latest brands to confirm the details of a motor show world premiere for the 2015 Frankfurt IAA.

ANALYSIS: Making sense of China's car sales volatility 28 Jul 2015

Just as in Europe, India or the USA, looking at China as one market doesn't give you the full picture. Differences across geographical areas are one reason why some models are suddenly hugely popular, while others are fading rapidly.

Q&A: Paul Philpott, MD of Kia Motors UK - Part 2 23 Jul 2015

In the second of a two-part Q&A, Paul Philpott reveals when Kia will launch a B-crossover, how he won't rule out one day outselling Toyota, and the secret of how a cheap cars brand became one now selling GBP40,000-plus models.

Q&A: Paul Philpott, MD of Kia Motors UK - Part 1 23 Jul 2015

There years ago this month Paul Philpott became the managing director of Kia Motors for the UK and Ireland. This followed a stint at Kia Motors Europe (KME) in Frankfurt and prior to that, senior roles at Ford of Britain and Toyota GB.

UK: Kia “ready for a [global] sports car” - MD Paul Philpott 23 Jul 2015

Kia UK’s MD Paul Philpott has told just-auto that the brand is “ready for a sports car” but that such a vehicle “has to work globally”.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: New DS 5 & the future of PSA's luxury brand 21 Jul 2015

It will soon be 60 years since the Citroën DS was revealed to dropped jaws at the 1955 Paris motor show. Now, PSA has a more subtle desire to create a luxury brand based on this car's name. Will a quiet, slow, relentless, Lexus-style approach work?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015 Mazda6 & future models 17 Jul 2015

As noted recently on just-auto, Mazda is on a roll in its home market but it’s also doing very well in North America, China, Australia and across Europe. The company's largest sedan and its only estate car has been refreshed and is now selling better than ever.

ANALYSIS: Foreign brands attack declining Japanese market 16 Jul 2015

Vehicle sales ended the first half of CY2015 down 11%, due mostly to a tax rise for Kei-models. Yet not every OEM is suffering. Mazda was up 47% in June, while multiple European brands are also enjoying high percentage gains.

Papped in Prague: the facelifted Porsche 911 16 Jul 2015

Its official debut might be just under two months away at the Frankfurt IAA, but the mid-life refresh for the 911 has been seen in public. The pics have appeared, inevitably, on FaceBook.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2 Series Gran Tourer & future UKL1 platform BMWs 13 Jul 2015

As recent registrations data from Germany reveal, BMW's decision to spread engineering resources into additional models has brought good and bad news. Now, the just-launched LWB 2 Series MPV should, the firm hopes, attract many conquest sales.

Q&A: Ulrika Pettersson, technical project leader for Volvo XC90 10 Jul 2015

As head of software development for VCC's V526 project, Ulrika Pettersson manages the input of suppliers to the new XC90's advanced infotainment system. With more variants of this big SUV still to come, her role is evolving.

ANALYSIS: BMW sales plunge in largest EU market 9 Jul 2015

The 12 percent YoY rise in the June German passenger cars market has seen some notable changes to the usual pecking order. Opel muscled past both Ford and BMW to take fourth position behind Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and third-placed Audi.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015 Rio & Kia's future small cars 8 Jul 2015

In South Korea it's always been the Pride, in China it's the K2, while in Europe and the Americas, Kia's B-hatchback is called Rio. The recently updated model is a solid cornerstone for its maker's future small car ambitions, worldwide.

FRANCE: PSA confirms future DS model for Mulhouse 7 Jul 2015

PSA Peugeot Citroën has told the media that it intends to manufacture a new DS model at its Mulhouse plant in eastern France, commencing in 2018.

ANALYSIS: 2015 WRX STI & Subaru’s future SGP vehicles 6 Jul 2015

Infamous as the ATM ram raiders' getaway vehicle of choice, the WRX STI brings Subaru lots of welcome and unwelcome publicity. For all that, this compact super-fast sedan remains an engineering tour de force and a seriously exciting car to drive.

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