Brooks On OEM Product Trends

Brooks On OEM Product Trends

By: Glenn Brooks

Analyst Glenn Brooks looks at OEM new product developments in the context of company strategies and market trends

Porsche Panamera debuts MSB platform & new engines 29 Jun 2016

The second generation Porsche Panamera has been shown to the media. As well as being the first model for MSB, a Volkswagen Group RWD/AWD architecture, the new hatchback sees the arrival of a fresh V8 diesel engine, now compliant with the latest EC emissions legislation.

Airbumps for PSA project B618 - next Citroën C3 29 Jun 2016

The next Citroën C3 has been shown to the media at a special event ahead of its public debut at the Paris motor show show in the autumn. Developed on PSA's elderly PF1 platform using the B618 project code, the new model sports an evolution of the C4 Cactus' Airbumps.

Volkswagen scandal fallout - Porsche plunges into the red 29 Jun 2016

An exposure to the Volkswagen Group is the reason for Porsche SE having declared a loss of EUR273m (US303m) for fiscal 2015. The company's forecast for the present financial year is, however, unchanged.

Hyundai developing EVs for Genesis luxury brand - report 29 Jun 2016

Hyundai plans to release plug-in versions of its future Genesis models, the Korean company has told the media in its home market.

Paris show world debuts list - Mitsubishi SUV Coupé 27 Jun 2016

Mitsubishi Motors has announced that the world premiere of its Ground Tourer Concept, a high-end SUV coupé, will be at the Paris motor show.

Goodwood FoS 2016 world premieres list 27 Jun 2016

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed took place between 23-26 June inclusive. The list of vehicle world premieres is published below.

Volkswagen kills Jetta Hybrid citing low demand 23 Jun 2016

A spokesman for Volkswagen of America has told just-auto that the Jetta Hybrid is being discontinued. The car was built at Puebla in Mexico, mainly for the US market.

Toyota finally makes an economical Prius 22 Jun 2016

The Prius has always been an engineering tour de force. What it hasn't ever been, is a genuinely economical model in all conditions and in all markets. Designed mainly for tax laws in Japan and car pool lanes in Northern California, for European buyers Toyota's eco image poster child has never lived up to the hype. Until now.

Hyundai ignores diesel backlash - Genesis models coming 21 Jun 2016

Hyundai Motor Company has denied reports in the South Korean media claiming that it has cancelled plans to add diesel engines to its Genesis sedan range. The company in fact now says it will add diesel versions of two models in 2017.

VW's amazing new 1.0-litre Golf engine - Analysis 20 Jun 2016

The new turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which Volkswagen has quietly slipped into the Golf is one of the best kept secrets of 2016. Power, torque, CO2 and economy are all state of the art, but the best bit is how terrific it sounds - like an old school BMW six-cylinder.

Tata sales plunge in home market - Renault closes in 14 Jun 2016

The recent addition of several new small cars has done nothing to help Tata Motors' sales in India, the company having last month been eclipsed by both Toyota and Honda, as it fell to sixth place just ahead of Renault.

ANALYSIS - Can the new Jaguar F-PACE beat the Macan? 25 May 2016

For too many years, those running Jaguar listened to ‘experts’ who said an SUV would dilute its image. What nonsense. Now, as the leaping cat brand prepares to launch the F-PACE, it believes it has a car that’s as good as the Macan. Is it?

General Motors' future platforms - a go-to guide 18 May 2016

In the past, General Motors never seemed able to have all its divisions acting in sync. Costs skyrocketed as platforms were re-engineered for different regions and brands were saddled with superfluous models. Now, a leaner GM plans to use ten core architectures, many of which will have shared modules, for all future vehicles.

ANALYSIS - 2016 Fiat 500X 12 May 2016

FCA’s strategy of creating two distinct products in the B-SUV/crossover segment is paying major dividends. The strength of Renegade sales in the US proves that a Jeep doesn’t have to be big, while the 500X is behind a sales renaissance for the Fiat brand in European markets.

ANALYSIS - 2016 Subaru Legacy/Liberty 3.6 4 May 2016

Think Subaru and you don’t immediately think ‘six-cylinder family sedan’. If the Legacy 3.6 is like no other car in the D/mid-size segment, then its unique attributes only seem to add to the appeal.

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