Brooks On OEM Product Trends

Brooks On OEM Product Trends

By: Glenn Brooks

Analyst Glenn Brooks looks at OEM new product developments in the context of company strategies and market trends

GENEVA 2015 DEBUTS: Lotus Evora facelift 19 Dec 2014

It might not be taking place until March, but the first cars to be making their global debuts at the next Geneva motor show have been announced.

DETROIT 2015 DEBUTS: Cadillac CTS-V & Lexus GS F 17 Dec 2014

Various world premieres for the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) have been announced, and others will follow. Ongoing updates are being made to the list ahead of the 12 & 13 January media preview days.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Hyundai Veloster - why its death matters 17 Dec 2014

It’s not often that a vehicle is killed off just days after just-auto drives it. The lack of a diesel engine did for the Hyundai Veloster in Britain but the car is, however, still very much alive elsewhere.

ANALYSIS: Future models for North America - Part 2 16 Dec 2014

Part one of this two-part series concerned the major models the Detroit Three vehicle makers have up their sleeves for 2015. Now we take a look at the other big OEMs.

ANALYSIS: Future models for North America - Part 1 12 Dec 2014

The NAIAS in mid-January will mark the official start to the next wave of vehicle launches in the US. So what are the major OEMs readying for the 2016 model year? First, we examine the Detroit Three.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015MY Dacia Duster 9 Dec 2014

You say DAY-see'a, I say DAH-chee'a, others say Datch-ya. The pronunciation hardly matters, and nor does the odd Duster model name when Renault's low-cost brand is doing so well, especially in the UK.

2015 NEW YORK SHOW DEBUTS: McLaren Sports Series 5 Dec 2014

It might not be taking place until April 2015, but another global debut for the next NYIAS has been announced.

JAPAN: Toyota registers Lexus 'LC' for future coupe 5 Dec 2014

There have been rumours that a new coupe would revive the SC name but now comes news that TMC has registered the LC 500 and LC 500h model names.

JAPAN: Suzuki Escudo/Grand Vitara & Kizashi build ends 3 Dec 2014

The era of Suzuki's body-on-frame SUVs may be coming to an end, as Japanese production of the long-lived Escudo/Grand Vitara has now ceased. The Kizashi sedan is also no longer manufactured, a company spokesperson has confirmed to just-auto.

EXCLUSIVE: Ford refuses comment on future Galaxy 1 Dec 2014

A company spokesperson has told just-auto that Ford will "neither confirm nor deny" whether a replacement for the Galaxy will be launched. Production of the current model will end on 18 December.

2014 THAILAND MOTOR EXPO DEBUTS: World premieres 1 Dec 2014

The media preview day of the 31st Thailand International Motor Expo was on 28 November 2014. Here follows a list of vehicle world premieres.

Watch Volvo's next XC90 get rolled, and rolled 28 Nov 2014

We all remember that video of the outgoing XC90 being rolled SEVEN times and no crushing of the roof. To me, it's been the gold standard of safe cars ever since.

US: Opel Cascada to become Buick Velite? 28 Nov 2014

General Motors has registered a request with the US Patent and Trademark office for the model name 'Velite', leading to speculation that a modified Opel Cascada/Cabrio will be sold in North America.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Scirocco TDI 150 DSG 28 Nov 2014

Fresh from a mid-cycle update, the VW Scirocco is something of a survivor. While a few new entries such as the Veloster have appeared in its segment, most former rivals have now vanished as buyers continue to switch to crossovers and premium brand coupes.

CHINA: Land Rover & Jeep rival Haval launches H9 28 Nov 2014

Great Wall Motors' Haval division has begun selling the H9, the brand's largest model yet. Haval, once known as Hover, also makes China's best selling SUV, the H6.

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