Brooks On OEM Product Trends

Brooks On OEM Product Trends

By: Glenn Brooks

Analyst Glenn Brooks looks at OEM new product developments in the context of company strategies and market trends

2016 DETROIT SHOW DEBUTS: Volvo S90 13 Oct 2015

A world premiere for January's 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has been announced by Volvo Cars.

GUANGZHOU SHOW DEBUTS: Buick Verano five-door 12 Oct 2015

The SAIC GM joint venture has announced a second world premiere for November's Auto Guangzhou.

ANALYSIS: Forget Volkswagen, Mazda is the big news in Germany 9 Oct 2015

It has no rich parent; no manufacturing plant in Europe; sells no hybrids, EVs or PHEVs. Plus, a new roadster has just been added to the model range of this non-premium brand. A recipe for disaster, then. Not at all: Mazda is outselling Toyota, Peugeot and Fiat in Germany. And, it's closing on Nissan.

TOKYO SHOW DEBUTS: Lexus concept 9 Oct 2015

TMC has announced the world premiere of a Lexus concept ahead of this month's Tokyo motor show.

LA SHOW DEBUTS: Facelifts for Porsche 911 AWD variants 7 Oct 2015

Porsche has announced further world premieres for November's 2015 Los Angeles auto show.

EXCLUSIVE: UK: Fiat will return to C segment in 2016 6 Oct 2015

'Egea' has been revealed as the model name for the sedan variant of TOFAS and FCA's Aegea Project cars. A Fiat five-door hatchback and an estate will follow, with the UK importer telling just-auto the latter two cars will be sold here in 2016. Both models will be imports from TOFAS-FCA's Bursa plant in Turkey.

US: Ford builds 96,000 F-Series pick-ups in September 2 Oct 2015

After building a combined 94,401 units of its F-150 and F-Series Super Duty pick-ups in August, Ford has ramped up production further, with 96,504 made in September.

COMMENT: What Tesla ISN'T telling us about the Model X 30 Sep 2015

This presentation by Elon Musk is half an hour long but well worth watching. It demonstrates yet again that Tesla Motors doesn't do many things in the same way as other car companies.

2016 GENEVA SHOW DEBUTS: Porsche Panamera 25 Sep 2015

Porsche is now the sixth brand to have announced a world premiere for the 2016 Geneva motor show.

September 2015 management briefing: Frankfurt IAA overview 23 Sep 2015

In the second and final part of this month's management briefing, we take a look at the stand out concepts, production cars and trends seen at the 2015 Frankfurt IAA motor show.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Tivoli and future SsangYong SUVs 18 Sep 2015

Impressed by Jaguar's 203% year on year sales rise in August? That's of course down to the addition of the XE, but the leaping cat brand wasn't the British market's fastest riser last month: that award goes to SsangYong, its registrations rocketing by 262%. The new Tivoli has clearly hit the market at exactly the right time.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Euro 6 Cherokee diesel & future Jeeps 17 Sep 2015

Is there a better example of the integration of FCA's R&D and manufacturing operations than the Jeep Cherokee? A front- and all-wheel drive Fiat CUSW platform, production in the US but soon to be expanded to China, and plans to develop additional models based on shared platforms - Jeep might have an all-American image but this is now a global brand.

2015 FRANKFURT IAA MOTOR SHOW: World debuts 17 Sep 2015

Various world premieres were announced at the 2015 IAA Cars in Frankfurt am Main and we continued to update just-auto's global debuts list. Media preview days were 15 & 16 September.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: VW Passat 2.0 TDI Euro 6 11 Sep 2015

It might only be the third best seller in its UK market class, but the Passat is climbing quietly up the sales charts. Last month, it even outsold one of the big success stories of 2015, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

September 2015 management briefing: Frankfurt IAA preview 10 Sep 2015

The biennial Frankfurt Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) is upon us, with the media preview days taking place on 15 and 16 September. Time then to take a look at some of the new models and concepts making their global debuts.

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