Brooks On OEM Product Trends

Brooks On OEM Product Trends

By: Glenn Brooks

Analyst Glenn Brooks looks at OEM new product developments in the context of company strategies and market trends

Audi S8 plus - if 585PS just isn’t enough power 21 Jul 2016

Are there really people who think the 585PS 4.0-litre biturbo V8 S8 is too slow? It seems so, as Audi now sells a 605PS plus variant which also has a handy lift in torque to 750Nm.

Jakarta show world debut for Mitsubishi crossover 21 Jul 2016

Mitsubishi Motors will reveal what it terms a 'small crossover MPV concept car' at the Indonesia International Auto Show 2016. A production model will be one of the main products of a new 240,000 units per annum plant which MMC is presently building in Jakarta’s satellite city Bekasi.

Hyundai's Genesis G90 outselling German luxury cars 20 Jul 2016

To the astonishment of some, Hyundai Motor Group's high priced Genesis G90 is outselling many similarly sized luxury cars worldwide. This includes the Porsche Panamera, Audi A8/S8, Jaguar XJ and Maserati Quattroporte.

Paris show world debuts list - Hyundai i30 19 Jul 2016

The world premiere of the next generation Hyundai i30 will be at the Paris motor show.

Ford and Lincoln future models into the 2020s 18 Jul 2016

In the final part of just-auto's in-depth look at Ford Motor Company's future models and architectures, the spotlight is on the firm's high margin vehicles; namely large SUVs and pick-ups, along with what's in the pipeline for Lincoln.

New biturbo 3.0 for 911 - best Porsche engine yet? 13 Jul 2016

Porsche’s worldwide sales were up by just three percent in the first half of 2016 but the 911 is doing better than that, deliveries rising by 10 percent. That’s thanks to the release of a model which has had so many changes in mid-life that it even gains a new project code: 991.2, as opposed to 991 for the series which first appeared in late 2011.

New 300PS diesel for Jaguar XJ - ANALYSIS 11 Jul 2016

Never a big seller, nonetheless JLR does have plans to replace the now six years old Jaguar XJ. That won’t be for another three years but in the meantime, a package of tech updates and a new diesel are paying sales dividends.

Fiat 500 a building block for future small cars 7 Jul 2016

The latest 500 is a worthy update of what had already been a big seller, especially in European countries. Like Mini, this is an expanding franchise, as the 500e, 500X, 500L and 500 L Living/MPW prove. FCA has further plans to add even more derivatives, each of which should aid the ongoing cause of a major revival in the fortunes of the Fiat brand.

Ford's future models and platforms 30 Jun 2016

In contrast to the Volkswagen Group, TMC, GM, HMG, Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ-MMC, Honda Motor, FCA and other major OEMs, Ford Motor Company will soon be building almost all of its vehicles on a handful of architectures. This first of two analysis pieces looks at the Dearborn-based firm's plans for the A-E car, SUV, crossover, minivan and pick-up segments. A close look at future big pick-ups and SUVs, plus plans for Lincoln, will follow.

Porsche Panamera debuts MSB platform & new engines 29 Jun 2016

The second generation Porsche Panamera has been shown to the media. As well as being the first model for MSB, a Volkswagen Group RWD/AWD architecture, the new hatchback sees the arrival of a fresh V8 diesel engine, now compliant with the latest EC emissions legislation.

Airbumps for PSA project B618 - next Citroën C3 29 Jun 2016

The next Citroën C3 has been shown to the media at a special event ahead of its public debut at the Paris motor show show in the autumn. Developed on PSA's elderly PF1 platform using the B618 project code, the new model sports an evolution of the C4 Cactus' Airbumps.

Volkswagen scandal fallout - Porsche plunges into the red 29 Jun 2016

An exposure to the Volkswagen Group is the reason for Porsche SE having declared a loss of EUR273m (US303m) for fiscal 2015. The company's forecast for the present financial year is, however, unchanged.

Hyundai developing EVs for Genesis luxury brand - report 29 Jun 2016

Hyundai plans to release plug-in versions of its future Genesis models, the Korean company has told the media in its home market.

Goodwood FoS 2016 world premieres list 27 Jun 2016

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed took place between 23-26 June inclusive. The list of vehicle world premieres is published below.

Volkswagen kills Jetta Hybrid citing low demand 23 Jun 2016

A spokesman for Volkswagen of America has told just-auto that the Jetta Hybrid is being discontinued. The car was built at Puebla in Mexico, mainly for the US market.

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