Beecham's Tech-Talk

Beecham's Tech-Talk

By: Matthew Beecham

Matthew Beecham interviews automotive component industry specialists to learn more about changing technologies and new innovations.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts on trends in the spark and glow plug market - Q&A 3 May 2016

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with tier one suppliers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Bert De Haes, Group Product Manager Ignition EMEA at Federal-Mogul Motorparts about trends in the automotive spark and glow plug market.

April 2016 management briefing - Creeping closer to fully autonomous driving 20 Apr 2016

While self-driving cars are not yet available to the public, more and more models across all segments now offer some form of advanced assistance to the driver. To get a sense for where we are along the road toward autonomous driving, here is a snapshot of the Toyota Prius and Volvo XC90.

Cruden on the changing use of simulators in the automotive industry - Q&A 19 Apr 2016

The Dutch simulator expert, Cruden, has reacted to the automotive industry’s call for more open architecture and affordable simulator software options that do not restrict automotive companies from working with one simulator manufacturer’s hardware. It recently launched the Panthera Software Suite, making it available to users of any desktop, static or motion simulator and using almost any vehicle model. A surprise development has been the release of a free version of the software, Panthera Free. Matthew Beecham spoke to Maarten van Donselaar, CEO to find out why.

GKN VP discusses the Twinster AWD system on the Ford Focus RS - Q&A 18 Apr 2016

For the new Ford Focus RS, driveline expert GKN developed a new version of its Twinster torque vectoring all-wheel drive (AWD) system. GKN Driveline’s Vice President of Global Product Technology, Dr Ray Kuczera, explains what drivers need to know about the system.

Faurecia marketing director on emissions control technologies – Q&A 15 Apr 2016

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with tier one suppliers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Stéphane Martinot, marketing director of Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies about its exhaust heat power generation system, investigation into thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and how it helped Ford hit the right note on the Mustang.

Bonding with Dow Automotive – Q&A 14 Apr 2016

Dow Automotive Systems, part of The Dow Chemical Company, has been in the business of adhesives for decades. Dr Matthew Beecham spoke to Dr Andreas Lutz, head of adhesives R&D with Dow Automotive in Horgen, Switzerland and Dr Stefan Dehnicke, R&D leader Specialty Adhesives at Dow Automotive in Schwalbach, Germany about the challenges of joining certain lightweight composites and recycled parts.

Borealis Automotive on the increasing use and re-use of carbon fibre in mass produced cars – Q&A 11 Apr 2016

Borealis AG develops solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. Matthew Beecham spoke to Nicholas Kolesch, head of marketing for the group’s automotive business about the use of carbon fibre in vehicle manufacture, recycling trends and new automotive applications for polymers.

Henkel Automotive on composite leaf springs for the Volvo XC90 and adhesive market trends – Q&A 7 Apr 2016

Henkel develops adhesive, sealant and functional coatings technologies for the automotive industry. Matthew Beecham caught up with Frank Kerstan, Global Programme Manager for Automotive Composites and his colleagues to learn more about Henkel’s composite leaf spring for Volvo, adhesives for windscreens, and electro ceramic coatings.

Bosch on the IoT, connectivity, sensors and cameras – Q&A 29 Mar 2016

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with tier one automotive component suppliers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Arun Srinivasan, head of Bosch’s UK automotive division about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and how the connected car will become the third living space – next to home and office.

Magna Electronics’ global product director on affordable semi-autonomous driving technologies - Q&A 23 Mar 2016

On a freeway close to Magna’s North American headquarters in Troy, Michigan, we got the opportunity to observe the supplier’s advanced driver assistance technologies in action. When the moment was right – and lanes clearly marked - our driver, Chris Van Dan Elzen, Global Product Director, Far Field Driver Assistance Systems, Magna Electronics took his hands off the steering wheel and let the Cadillac ATS steer itself.  With the demo car safely parked up, Matthew Beecham learned more about such novelties and what else is in the pipeline.

Evolution Time Critical on how to avoid automotive supply chain failure - Q&A 18 Mar 2016

UK-based emergency logistics specialist, Evolution Time Critical recently introduced a bespoke transport management system, recruited staff and generated a 19 percent increase in revenues. Matthew Beecham spoke to Brad Brennan, managing director of ETC to find out more.

Magna Steyr President on launching products smarter and quicker – Q&A 16 Mar 2016

Continuing just-auto's series of interviews with global component manufacturers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Karl-Friedrich Stracke, President Fahrzeugtechnik & Engineering of Magna Steyr about its smart factory, lightweighting and what makes a good acquisition target. Magna Steyr is a major engineering and manufacturing partner to automakers.

Magna's CTO on autonomous driving, cyber security, lightweighting and Stadco - Q&A 15 Mar 2016

Magna International develops and manufactures an array of automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components, as well as being the world’s largest brand-independent assembler of complete vehicles. Matthew Beecham caught up with Swamy Kotagiri, Chief Technology Officer, Magna International to learn more about the supplier’s technologies, from ADAS to the use of certain materials for lightweighting.

Kumho Tire’s European Marketing Director on the run-flat market, lightweighting and football sponsorship – Q&A 14 Mar 2016

Headquartered in Gwangju, South Korea, Kumho Tire produces over 60 million tyres annually worldwide. Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with tyre makers, Matthew Beecham spoke to Dirk Rockendorf, European Marketing Director of Kumho Tire to learn more about the run-flat tyre market, lightweighting and using football sponsorship to increase brand awareness in the European market.

Trico MD on what it takes to grow in the European wiper blade market – Q&A 11 Mar 2016

Despite the wiper blade being a mature technology, manufacturers are still pushing back the technical boundaries and finding ways to grow their market share.  To learn how the European wiper blade market is taking shape, Matthew Beecham spoke to Olivier Raby, Managing Director for Trico Europe. Market leader Trico Products’ wiper product range includes complete wiper systems, blades, arms, linkages, motors, electronics and vision modules.

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