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Simon Warburton

Simon WarburtonBiography

Simon has had many years as a business reporter, starting on a local newspaper in the West Midlands and subsequently working in the aviation and drinks industry sectors.

His experience in the aviation field was latterly with Reed Business Information division Air Transport Intelligence, while he was also Paris correspondent for Flight International.

Simon joined just-auto from RBI at the beginning of 2010 and talks on a daily basis to many of the major industry players, particularly on the supplier side and has developed close links with generic component manufacturer bodies. 

These include the European supplier organisation, CLEPA, which, representing five million supply industry workers, is one of the Continent's most significant employers, while its US equivalent, OESA, is of equal importance. 

A fluent French speaker, Simon regularly talks to global actors such as Renault, whose alleged industrial espionage scandal in 2011, rocked both its home country and the company. France is home to myriad suppliers - and industrial disputes - with Simon closely following both as Europe enters a period of major economic turbulence.

Component producers in Thailand were devasted by floods in 2011 and Simon regularly talked to both government representatives and suppliers in a bid to gauge the impact. The ongoing epic saga at Saab has left suppliers owed hundreds of millions of Euros and is a business tale Simon has been following on a daily basis.

Born in Southampton, Simon is stuck with the football team of the same name, having gone through thick and thin, mainly thin, during many years of support.

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Slice Of Warburton

Slice Of Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

Articles by Simon Warburton

Bosch looks to EUR1bn savings using Industry 4.0

24 April 2017

Bosch is aiming for EUR1bn (US$1.1bn) in productivity savings using Industry 4.0 manufacturing methods as the concept continues to gain ground in industrialised countries.

Authenticity drives leather imperfection acceptance - Audi

24 April 2017

Audi says consumers are now more willing to accept defects in leather for car interiors as the drive for authenticity gains momentum at least in Western countries.

A Lectra cutting machineLectra preps for Industry 4.0 future

21 April 2017

Leather cutting machine specialist Lectra said it had completed its next three year road map in order to drive Industry 4.0 concepts which are increasingly becoming the norm for manufacturing.

Lectra showcases internet of things power

21 April 2017

Cutting machine manufacturer, Lectra said it had been operating with the so-called internet of things for 10 years already as the concept starts to gain momentum and acceptance in Industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques.

Russia is looking to import substitution in a bid to rely less on components being shipped in from overseasRussia bangs import substitution drum - DLA Piper

13 April 2017

Global law firm, DLA Piper says Russia is focused on addressing the needs of the country's automotive industry in a plan designed to boost the sector until 2025 using a combination of incentives and import substitution initiatives.

EC clears Lear acquisition of Antolin seats and metal business

13 April 2017

Officials at the European Commission (EC) have approved the acquisition by Lear of the seats and metal business of Grupo Antolín-Irausa through the EU Merger Regulation.

Kremlin will be relieved G7 has imposed no futher sanctions on RussiaAEB AMC urges UK open mind to Russia post-Brexit

12 April 2017

Russia's Association of European Businesses Automobile Manufacturers Committee (AEB AMC) says it is sure the UK will open dialogue with Moscow concerning any post-Brexit trade agreements, despite suggestions yesterday (11 April) British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson had called for further sanctions against The Kremlin.

Auto's importance to Kaluga can be gauged by its contribution of 10% in tax revenue to region's coffersKaluga auto now 30% of region's industrial manufacturing - Minister

12 April 2017

Kaluga's Economic Development department says the automotive sector now accounts for 30% of the region's industrial manufacturing and 10% of its tax revenues.

Russia government has made a series of financial initiatives available to localise manufacturing or export abroadRussia targets auto suppliers for financial incentives

11 April 2017

Russia's Industrial Development Fund (IDF) says providing access to certain incentives for overseas companies looking to set up in the country, "is not rocket science," as Moscow continues its drive to steer the automotive sector through turbulent times.

AEB chairman is hailing first quarterly Russia sales rise in four years but cautions Russia posts first quarterly sales rise in four years

11 April 2017

Sales of new passenger cars and LCVs in Russia increased 9.4% last month with quarterly figures showing the first positive movement in more than four years according to data from the Association of European Businesses (AEB).

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