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Simon has had many years as a business reporter, starting on a local newspaper in the West Midlands and subsequently working in the aviation and drinks industry sectors.

His experience in the aviation field was latterly with Reed Business Information division Air Transport Intelligence, while he was also Paris correspondent for Flight International.

Simon joined just-auto from RBI at the beginning of 2010 and talks on a daily basis to many of the major industry players, particularly on the supplier side and has developed close links with generic component manufacturer bodies. 

These include the European supplier organisation, CLEPA, which, representing five million supply industry workers, is one of the Continent's most significant employers, while its US equivalent, OESA, is of equal importance. 

A fluent French speaker, Simon regularly talks to global actors such as Renault, whose alleged industrial espionage scandal in 2011, rocked both its home country and the company. France is home to myriad suppliers - and industrial disputes - with Simon closely following both as Europe enters a period of major economic turbulence.

Component producers in Thailand were devasted by floods in 2011 and Simon regularly talked to both government representatives and suppliers in a bid to gauge the impact. The ongoing epic saga at Saab has left suppliers owed hundreds of millions of Euros and is a business tale Simon has been following on a daily basis.

Born in Southampton, Simon is stuck with the football team of the same name, having gone through thick and thin, mainly thin, during many years of support.

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Slice Of Warburton

Slice Of Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

Articles by Simon Warburton

Renault's CGT signature is notably absent from the manufacturer's CAP 2020 dealRenault inks labour deal but provokes CGT fury

16 January 2017

Renault France and three of its major unions have inked the Cap 2020 agreement outlining the future direction for the automaker, although the more militant CGT labour body has condemned the deal as "bad for the staff and bad for the business," in a wide-ranging document outlining its grievances.

Prosecutor likely to continue emissions probe - Renault

16 January 2017

Renault is reiterating its vehicles comply with domestic and European emissions regulations, following its opinion the French Prosecutor was likely to continue with its investigation into the issue.

GEFCO pushes logistics envelope as OEM demand evolves

13 January 2017

Logistics provider, GEFCO, says one of its key challenges in the frenetically advancing world of new vehicle technologies is how to maintain its position at the head of the queue when it comes to OEMs or suppliers choosing its delivery systems.

Adient's Recaro group to supply CV seats to MAN Truck & Bus

13 January 2017

Adient's Recaro Automotive Seating product group has secured a contract with MAN Truck & Bus AG to increase annual production at the company's facility in Skarbimierz, Poland. 

Toyo Tyre North America expands R&D capabilities

12 January 2017

Toyo its expanding research and development capabilities at its North America manufacturing facility, with expansion slated for completion this year.

Hella unveils first half-auto sales increase of 1.2% to EUR2.4bn

12 January 2017

Hella has posted half-year external auto sales up 0.6% to EUR2.41bn (US$2.6bn), compared to the previous year of EUR2.39bn.

Conventional transportation of fossil fuel cars is being turned on its head by the increasing uptake of EVsGEFCO addresses myriad EV transportation challenges

11 January 2017

Logistics provider, GEFCO says rapid advances in powertrain technology are driving it to radically alter the way in which it addresses supply chain delivery.

Tenneco to supply clean air solutions for new Daimler NRM engines

11 January 2017

Tenneco is supplying the complete hot-end aftertreatment system for diesel applications, which includes the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), mixer and the SCR-Coated Diesel Particulate Filter (SDPF) with an SCR substrate in a module with sensors.

PSA Group global sales grow 5.8% in 2016 to 3.1m units

11 January 2017

PSA Group sales grew 5.8%, to 3,146,000 units last year as the company continues its 'Push to Pass' plan, which provides for 121 regional launches by 2021.

NEVS appoints new vice president of Product Strategy & Planning

11 January 2017

NEVS current senior director Electrical Engineering & Vehicle Motion, Hans-Martin Duringhof, has been appointed vice president of Product Strategy & Planning and member of the automaker's management team.

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