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Simon Warburton

Simon WarburtonBiography

Simon has had many years as a business reporter, starting on a local newspaper in the West Midlands and subsequently working in the aviation and drinks industry sectors.

His experience in the aviation field was latterly with Reed Business Information division Air Transport Intelligence, while he was also Paris correspondent for Flight International.

Simon joined just-auto from RBI at the beginning of 2010 and talks on a daily basis to many of the major industry players, particularly on the supplier side and has developed close links with generic component manufacturer bodies. 

These include the European supplier organisation, CLEPA, which, representing five million supply industry workers, is one of the Continent's most significant employers, while its US equivalent, OESA, is of equal importance. 

A fluent French speaker, Simon regularly talks to global actors such as Renault, whose alleged industrial espionage scandal in 2011, rocked both its home country and the company. France is home to myriad suppliers - and industrial disputes - with Simon closely following both as Europe enters a period of major economic turbulence.

Component producers in Thailand were devasted by floods in 2011 and Simon regularly talked to both government representatives and suppliers in a bid to gauge the impact. The ongoing epic saga at Saab has left suppliers owed hundreds of millions of Euros and is a business tale Simon has been following on a daily basis.

Born in Southampton, Simon is stuck with the football team of the same name, having gone through thick and thin, mainly thin, during many years of support.

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Slice Of Warburton

Slice Of Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

Articles by Simon Warburton

GEFCO diversifies offer to combat Russia downturn

22 March 2017

Logistics operator, GEFCO says its Russian operations have been able to largely cope with the downturn in the domestic automotive market by diversifying and leveraging expertise from parent company, RZD.

“I know exports have increased from a very low level to a respectable level – a few 10,000s in totalRussian manufacturing quality "high" but a way to go - AEB

21 March 2017

Russia's Association of European Businesses (AEB) Automotive Manufacturers Committee (AMC) is cites the "extremely high" quality of assembled vehicles for export, but concedes there is a way to go before Western international acceptance becomes widespread.

Wyoming teams with Lear for road-side technology

21 March 2017

Lear has been selected by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) as its partner to supply vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure Road Side and On-Board Units.   The supplier has in-house capabilities, augmented by its 2015 acquisition of Arada Systems, for vehicle electrical systems required to connect vehicles to other vehicles and to roadside infrastructure, including hardware, software and cybersecurity.  Lear has deployed road-side equipment in more than 20 locations across eight States and in five countries. Wyoming is one of the US Department of Transportation's pilot sites for connected vehicles, with a focus on trucking and highway driving in adverse weather conditions.  In addition to supplying all related safety applications to the pilot programme, Lear's E-Systems will supply its Locomate Roadstar product with features such as Dedicated Short-Range Communications, high-precision GPS, Wi-Fi, Security and more.  Designed to withstand harsh environments, the Locomate Roadstar is the next generation of the product from Lear's automotive connectivity portfolio.  "Lear is pleased to showcase our expertise with both in-vehicle and roadside infrastructure capabilities as well as our commitment to work closely with States such as Wyoming in order to provide vehicle connectivity solutions," said Lear SVP and E-Systems business segment president, Frank Orsini. "Our E-Systems team is focused on delivering innovations for automotive connectivity platforms, and our industry-leading vehicle connectivity product offering is the result of our global engineering talent bringing leading products to market." Lear was founded in Detroit in 1917 as American Metal Products, with the company celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Valeo acquires German based Gestigon start-up

21 March 2017

Valeo has acquired all of the outstanding shares of German start-up, Gestigon, specialising in developing 3D image processing software for vehicle cabins.

SRG Global opens new Innovation Centre in Michigan

21 March 2017

SRG Global has completed its Innovation Centre located in Taylor, Michigan, featuring areas for prototyping, testing and scale-up experimentation.

Ricardo develops real-world vehicle emissions monitoring service

21 March 2017

Ricardo Energy & Environment, working with technology partner OPUS Inspection, has launched a real-world vehicle emissions monitoring service.

Russian Automotive Forum - Sourcing Russian suppliers key - Ford Sollers

20 March 2017

Ford Sollers says domestic suppliers are key to dealing with the challenges faced by all automakers in the Russian market as the country continues to grapple with ruble and oil price pressures, as well as international economic sanctions.

Russian Automotive Forum - GAZ Group looks close to home for competitive edge

20 March 2017

GAZ Group's component division says it is actively seeking to source more Russian suppliers as the company continues its drive to launch new products and cut costs.

“One of the most creative support measures is of course the search for a partnerRussian Automotive Forum - domestic exporters to receive boost

20 March 2017

Russia's Export Centre (REC) says there will be an increase in the amount of financial support available to automakers using the Decree 905 mechanism for companies looking to conduct business abroad.

France Opel diesel probe closed

20 March 2017

France's anti-fraud office has closed its investigations concerning Opel's diesel vehicles.

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