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Matthew is a freelancer with more than 18 years' experience of researching, writing and analysing market and technical trends in the global automotive components industry. Since 2000, he has served as an associate editor for just-auto.com, monitoring market and technical developments of a range of automotive component sectors from clutches to coatings, seating to shocks and wheels to wipers.

As a director of Auto Research Analysts Ltd, his custom research assignments have included working for AT Kearney, Belron, Bridgehead International, McKinsey, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Motorsport Industry Association, Motor Industry Research Association and the Economist Intelligence Unit. He has also written for magazines including Car Graphic (Japan), JAMA (Japan) and Automotive Engineer (UK). He was awarded a PhD in automotive technology transfer from Cranfield University.

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Beecham's Tech-Talk

Matthew Beecham interviews automotive component industry specialists to learn more about changing technologies and new innovations.

Articles by Matthew Beecham

David NadalEden Games gears up for mobile devices

16 January 2017

The global gaming market is accelerating at a rapid rate. The sheer scale and reach has meant the traditionally conservative automotive industry is now embracing the opportunities for both revenues and exposure. In this interview, David Nadal, CEO and founder of Eden Games explains why these are exciting times for games developers playing in the automotive industry.

Vauxhall AstraInterior design and technology - Vauxhall Astra

12 January 2017

Inspired by the Monza concept, the seventh-generation Vauxhall Astra made its global debut at the 2015 IAA. As one of the UK’s best-sellers, Astra is a household name for British car buyers with almost three million sold in the country over the last 38 years. Built at the carmaker’s Ellesmere Port factory, the mid-size hatchback is based on a lightweight vehicle architecture with a new design, punchy powertrains and novel technologies. Continuing just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we borrowed one to take a closer look.

Stephan CimbalFalken swoops on the European OE tyre market

11 January 2017

Falken Tyre recently formed an OE partnership with Czech car manufacturer Škoda, marking the latest in a series of manufacturer relationships. To find out more and how the OE side of its business is shaping up, we spoke to the tyre maker’s European head of marketing, Stephan Cimbal.

Tim YerdonVisteon on transforming the car cockpit experience

9 January 2017

Continuing just-auto’s interviews with Visteon, we spoke to the vehicle cockpit electronics supplier's chief marketing officer, Tim Yerdon. In explaining how the car’s cockpit is expanding from being a physical space to an interface, he highlighted the trend for larger, curved displays, opportunities for augmented reality-HUDs and improving user experiences for automated driving and car sharing.  "There’s a lot of cool technology out there," says Yerdon, "but our job is to make it work and survive in the automotive environment."

Padmasree WarriorNextEV US CEO on Car 3.0 and delivering a premium user experience

6 January 2017

With a team in motorsport’s first all-electric race series, the FIA Formula E Championship, and a recruitment drive that has attracted top names from the automotive, technology and internet industries, NextEV is a name that has become increasingly familiar in the last two years. It is a global start-up, founded in China in 2014 with 12 offices and 2,000 employees worldwide. Last November, the company announced its user brand NIO and unveiled a 1,360ps supercar, the NIO EP9, in London. We spoke to US CEO, Padmasree Warrior to find out more.

Markus SchupfnerCES 2017 - Visteon CTO on AI and a centralised, cyber secured ADAS solution

5 January 2017

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with global automotive component suppliers, we caught up with Visteon’s chief technology officer, Markus Schupfner on the eve of the consumer electronics show (CES). He joined Visteon in April 2016 and is the executive tasked with executing the supplier’s technology roadmap – evolving ADAS platforms to autonomous driving.

Sachin Lawande CES 2017 - Visteon CEO on transforming the future of mobility

3 January 2017

Continuing just-auto’s series of interviews with global automotive component suppliers, we caught up with Visteon’s president and CEO, Sachin Lawande on the eve of the consumer electronics show (CES). Here he explains the supplier’s next-generation Phoenix infotainment platform, augmented reality head-up display and business growth in Asia.

Waving goodbye to buttons: BMW’s iDrive Controller with touchscreen control and gesture recognition.Next wave of gesture recognition technologies

21 November 2016

If you like talking to your car to operate certain functions, you can now wave and take a swipe at it. While gesture recognition is used in consumer electronics, it is now creeping into vehicles. Given that prodding and pinching at a touchscreen while driving can be distracting, using hand gestures and even eye movements to control climate and switch radio channels is seen as the next best thing. Continuing just-auto's series of research snapshots - pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE – reviews the stage reached with gesture recognition and what we can expect to see in tomorrow's car.

BMW Group extends car sharing programme and launches enhanced mobility services in Seattle under the new brand name, ReachNow.Tomorrow’s car sharing – digitally powered, keyless and driverless

14 November 2016

While car (ride) sharing has been around since the 1950s, it only really came of age in the 1990s with a number of small scale schemes dotted across Europe and North America. Since then its use has become widespread in the shared economy. This research snapshot reviews some of the latest car sharing schemes on offer, prospects for self-driving car sharing and the implications for car interior design.

Volvo S90Interior design and technology - Volvo S90

11 November 2016

Continuing just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we take a closer look at the Volvo S90.  Its minimalist cockpit, swish interior and smooth, punchy powertrain make it a strong challenger in the large executive saloon market.

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