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UK manufacturers need to start planning for different trade scenarios between UK and the rest of EuropePlanning for life without zero-tariff trading - Analysis

5 December 2016

Whether they like it or not, it seems likely that manufacturers across the UK are heading for a future without zero-tariff trading. Although for many cost increases are inevitable, action can be taken to mitigate this while also bolstering supply chain relationships, writes Richard Gane.

OEMs need to tread carefully in their relationships with suppliers and look to minimise supply chain risksCOMMENT - VW must change its buyer behaviour

24 August 2016

As VW Group wrestles with the cost and other implications of ‘dieselgate’, attention this week was drawn to a dispute between the company and two of its suppliers. If it is looking at its supplier base for cost savings, it will need to act carefully. Richard Gane considers the strategic implications for OEM-supplier relationships.  

ANALYSIS: Supply chain management and the crisis at Toyota

2 February 2010

Is Toyota's much vaunted supply chain management system on the verge of meltdown in the midst of the unfolding quality crisis centred on faulty accelerator pedals? SupplierBusiness reports

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