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Dave Leggett

Dave LeggettBiography

David Leggett has been editor of just-auto since 2000. He has been analysing the auto industry for over 25 years in analyst, forecasting or B2B publishing roles. He is frequently asked for media interviews or to present at industry conferences.

Leggett also plays a leading role in the development of just-auto's expanding research portfolio.

He joined just-auto from the Economist Group's Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) where, as director of automotive forecasting, he played a key role in the integration and development of forecast-orientated automotive data to the EIU’s electronic product portfolio.

As a regular contributor to the EIU Motor Business series, he also took the initiative in developing the unit’s opinion pieces for internal and external websites and was also responsible for commissioning research.

Formerly, he was director of forecast services at CSM Europe, the European arm of US-based auto industry analysts CSM Worldwide, where he developed the European Light Vehicle Forecast Service for automotive clients across the world.

Previous appointments include senior associate with Global Insight (then DRI) and senior economist with the UK’s automotive trade body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

While at Global Insight in the mid-1990s he led the company's expanding analysis of automotive emerging markets, especially in East Asia.

He holds an honours degree in Economics from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

Columns by Dave Leggett

From the Editor

From the Editor

just-auto editor Dave Leggett's overview of the auto industry, its companies, products and people.

Articles by Dave Leggett

PSA has said it is PSA and Proton ‘talking about partnership’ – reports

23 September 2016

PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Malaysian automaker Proton are reportedly discussing a partnership, according to media reports. There are also reports that a number of other OEMs could be discussing potential partnerships with struggling Proton.

Harman claims its system provides a series of layers that combine to produce a virtually impenetrable shield around the safety-critical functions and those which may contain personal dataHarman develops ‘5+1’ cyber-security framework

22 September 2016

Harman says that the prospect of cyber attacks on vehicles is becoming an increasingly serious one as vehicle connectivity is being enhanced and it has developed what it claims is an appropriate framework to deal with the threat. 

Ford wants to be well positioned for the challenges ahead - blending traditional car company strengths with new ones that play to emerging mobility opportunitiesFord charts path for long-term growth - Analysis

21 September 2016

At its recent ‘Investor Day’, Ford’s senior management set out its strategic priorities. The plan is to build on core strengths and grow in emerging opportunities. Dave Leggett describes some highlights and offers an assessment.

SAP and Bosch work together on industrial data

21 September 2016

German-based business software giant SAP and Bosch are planning to work closely together on connected vehicles and industrial machines over the internet. It’s part of an initiative in Germany to improve connectivity and standards involving equipment in use and manufacturing infrastructure, with implications in automotive components manufacturing.

Magna accelerates work on active aerodynamics

21 September 2016

With global automakers continuing to address the challenge of increasing fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions in their vehicles, Magna International has accelerated its development work in active aerodynamic systems, an innovative technology it says is "designed to help auto manufacturers clear regulatory hurdles".

Bidders may be eyeing lower liabilities if Takata heads into bankruptcy Takata share price plunges on bankruptcy rumours

20 September 2016

Takata’s share price has plunged by almost 12% in trading on the Tokyo stock market today on speculation that potential bidders are now considering bankruptcy proceedings for the troubled supplier.

Toyota to offer night-only shifts in Japan

20 September 2016

Toyota is planning to introduce night-time only shifts in Japan as part of a review of shift-patterns that allow for ‘family friendly’ daytime-only shifts for workers with children.

China to build more EV charging stations

19 September 2016

China is planning to accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities in residential areas to boost production and sales of EVs.

As part of its AV drive, Ford is expanding its Silicon Valley operations, creating a dedicated campus in Palo AltoFord shoots for 100K a year AVs

16 September 2016

Ford is aiming to have an autonomous vehicle in commercial operation by 2021 and wants to have ‘high volume’ (over 100,000 units a year) to maximise the business opportunity via ride-hailing or ride-sharing.

August car sales down 13.5% in South Africa

16 September 2016

Car sales in South Africa declined by 13.5% in August, the market weighed down by a weak economy and higher car prices.

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