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Dave Leggett

Dave LeggettBiography

David Leggett has been editor of just-auto since 2000. He has been analysing the auto industry for over 25 years in analyst, forecasting or B2B publishing roles. He is frequently asked for media interviews or to present at industry conferences.

Leggett also plays a leading role in the development of just-auto's expanding research portfolio.

He joined just-auto from the Economist Group's Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) where, as director of automotive forecasting, he played a key role in the integration and development of forecast-orientated automotive data to the EIU’s electronic product portfolio.

As a regular contributor to the EIU Motor Business series, he also took the initiative in developing the unit’s opinion pieces for internal and external websites and was also responsible for commissioning research.

Formerly, he was director of forecast services at CSM Europe, the European arm of US-based auto industry analysts CSM Worldwide, where he developed the European Light Vehicle Forecast Service for automotive clients across the world.

Previous appointments include senior associate with Global Insight (then DRI) and senior economist with the UK’s automotive trade body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

While at Global Insight in the mid-1990s he led the company's expanding analysis of automotive emerging markets, especially in East Asia.

He holds an honours degree in Economics from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

Columns by Dave Leggett

From the Editor

From the Editor

just-auto editor Dave Leggett's overview of the auto industry, its companies, products and people.

Articles by Dave Leggett

Jim Hackett has CEO experienceNew Ford CEO will be Jim Hackett [biog]

22 May 2017

Jim Hackett is to be named Ford CEO today, replacing Mark Fields.

Mark Fields presided over a 40% decline to the Ford share price, and that built shareholder dissatisfactionFord replaces CEO Fields with Jim Hackett

22 May 2017

Ford has named Jim Hackett as its new president and CEO, replacing Mark Fields.

Ford shakes up senior management structure

22 May 2017

As well as announcing that Jim Hackett takes over from Mark Fields as the company's new CEO, Ford has also announced a number of other senior management changes today.

Chicken and egg. Fueling infrastructure - or the lack of it - is viewed as a considerable constraint to the widespread take-up of hydrogen fuel cell vehiclesToyota hails Japan hydrogen stations agreement

19 May 2017

Toyota has announced that eleven companies in Japan have agreed to collaborate on the 'large-scale' construction of hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) across the country.

Hyundai plans two more plants in China

19 May 2017

Hyundai is reportedly planning to add two vehicle manufacturing plants in China to lift its annual capacity there to around 1.8m vehicles.

Dana to build new manufacturing facility in Chongqing, China

19 May 2017

Dana has announced that the company will build a new 7,500 square-metre (80,000 square-foot) manufacturing facility in Chongqing, China.

Investors are wary of headwinds ahead for car companiesDetroit has investors on its mind - COMMENT

18 May 2017

The automotive business, like others, is subject to economic cycles. It is now ten years since the global economic slowdown - the 'credit crunch' of 2007 - that eventually brought us a much more serious banking crisis in late 2008 and the a pretty severe global recession in 2009.

The latest move by GM to cut cost and focus on parts of the world where it is most profitable follows decision to exit Europe GM cuts operations in India and South Africa

18 May 2017

General Motors has announced cuts to its international operations which it says will save it around USD100m a year.

Bentley made around 11,800 luxury cars in Britain last year (with significant parts content imported from Germany) and like other OEMs with UK plants, is concerned about post-Brexit trading rules with the EUUK gov consulting auto companies on Brexit

17 May 2017

The British government department responsible for the UK's departure from the EU has been conducting a round of fact-finding interviews and dialogues with UK automotive manufacturers ahead of negotiations to take the UK out of the EU.

Upcoming Fiesta is a very important model for Ford in Europe, but also in many markets around the worldFord Europe starts production of new Fiesta

17 May 2017

Ford says it has begun production of the new generation (8th) Fiesta model at its plant in Cologne, Germany.

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