Renault's CFDT union says it has secured several of its demands "for the moment" as more than 12h of restructuring negotiations finally came to an end last night (12 February) in Paris that could see the automaker slash EUR300 (US$405) per car in production costs.

Not all the strands have yet come together however, as yet another meeting is slated for 19 February to thrash out the details of the agreement that should see Renault confirm a minimum production level of 710,000 vehicles per year at its French sites by 2016.

Of this total, 110,000 models will be at the Flins plant, producing the Clio IV, including the Clio Initiale Paris, although volume levels are still subject to ratification by Renault's Central Works Council.
"At the previous meeting the trade unions asked us to review some items - this is what we did," said Renault EVP chairman of operations, Gerard Leclercq.

"If we arrive at an agreement, the implementation of the measures proposed will save us EUR300 per car produced in France. At Flins, for example, this will enable us to boost Clio IV production, in particular by producing high-end versions at the plant such as the Initiale Paris model".

The CFDT said in accepting its demands, Renault management had recognised the competitivity of French plants depended essentially on business strategy, before depending on staff.

"In this deal, management confirms its commitment to a renewed growth perspective in France," the CFDT said in an email sent to just-auto.

"It says it is ready to commit itself to reinforcing Renault's industrial base in France, solid and durable for manufacturing and engineering, to prepare Renault for the next decade and beyond 2020."

All four Renault bodies - the CFE-CGC, CFDT, FO and CGT - met the automaker in Paris this week.