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ANALYSIS: Mégane GT 220 & future Renaults

The GT200 Sport Tourer version of Renault's B32 series Mégane is that rare thing - a small estate that brings a smile to the driver's face....

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2016 Land Rover Discovery & L462

It might be more than a decade old but the Discovery is still one of the best four by fours that money can buy - constant development, inclu...

Briefing: Innovative emission technologies

The main forces driving automotive emission technology are, of course, the ever increasing stringent emissions regulations worldwide. These...

Jakarta Auto Show Report

The 2015 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show got underway yesterday at the shiny new Indonesian Convention and Exhibition centre in B...

ANALYSIS: Honda’s Bold Runabout Vehicle (BR-V) - the Next Big Thing? 20 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

Underlining Honda's increasingly smart move towards investing where populations and incomes are rising in Asia, the company has just revealed a prototype of a new model, the BR-V.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2016 Volvo S60 & V60 Cross Country 20 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

In releasing the new S60 Cross Country, Volvo thinks there might just be a niche for an extended ground clearance D segment sedan. And, the company is hedging its bets, by also launching the V60 Cross Country estate.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Euro 6 Sorento 2.2 diesel & future Kia SUVs 17 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

The Sorento must surely be one of Kia Motors’ most profitable vehicles, especially in Europe. British market prices now stretch beyond the GBP40,000 mark, which arguably makes the latest model a premium brand vehicle.

ANALYSIS: Honda Europe in crisis - where's the Waku Waku? 14 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

Is it far fetched to suggest that Honda might eventually withdraw from the European market? That would be the worst possible scenario but where is the vision to prevent such a humiliation for this company, a global giant which keeps failing in EU markets?

ANALYSIS: Slovakia plant could lift JLR over 1m a year 13 Aug 2015

Calum MacRae

Jaguar Land Rover's announcement that it is planning a production plant at Nitra in Slovakia potentially raises its capacity by as much as 300,000 units a year. Calum MacRae considers the announcement in the context of the company's plant-model mix, its future growth strategy and outlines why the first model to be built in Slovakia could be the next Defender.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Subaru Outback & future models to 2021 13 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

It's a big seller in the USA, but here in Europe, the latest Subaru Outback is a fairly rare sight. That's a shame, as it makes a terrific family car and its rev-happy Boxer diesel engine is a brilliant piece of engineering for enthusiast owners.

August 2015 management briefing: Innovative emission technologies (1) 10 Aug 2015

Matthew Beecham

The car's exhaust system is a technology hotbed, playing a decisive role in controlling emissions and acoustic comfort. Continuing just-auto's series of research snapshots - pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE with comment from market leaders Tenneco and Faurecia - Matthew Beecham reviews some technical trends in the exhaust sector.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Audi risks a diesel-only strategy for new Q7 6 Aug 2015

Glenn Brooks

A plug-in hybrid e-tron is coming in 2016 but Audi UK is about to launch the new Q7 with just one engine: a 272PS 3.0-litre TDI. Will that be enough to tackle the multi-engine new Volvo XC90, a car Audi admits is likely to become the segment leader?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Land Rover Discovery Sport 4 Aug 2015

Graeme Roberts

Ease of use was the single thing that impressed me most about Land Rover's new, seven seat, Discovery Sport.

ANALYSIS: ASEAN vehicle sales drop 16% in Q2 2015 4 Aug 2015

Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in southeast Asia's deteriorated significantly in the second quarter, according to data collected exclusively for just-auto by AsiaMotorBusiness.

Lear and Dräxlmaier on key trends in the automotive wiring harness market 3 Aug 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto's series of research snapshots - pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE - Matthew Beecham talks to executives at Lear Corp and Dräxlmaier Group about some trends in the wiring harness sector.

July 2015 management briefing: Tomorrow's steering systems 29 Jul 2015

Matthew Beecham

For many years, power steering technology was focused on hydraulic systems but demand is now favouring electric power steering mainly due to fuel consumption and logistical benefits. In this briefing extracted from just-auto/QUBE's research service, Matthew Beecham provides an overview of some key companies and developments in the steering sector.

ANALYSIS: Kia 'thinks globally, acts locally' on product 29 Jul 2015

Roger Stansfield

One of the major reasons for Kia's phenomenal rise in recent years is its ability to produce specific models in and for the markets where they are sold. It's a 'think globally, act locally' approach.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Corsa VXR & Opel-Vauxhall's product pipeline 29 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

GM Europe's Mokka is one of the most successful B-SUVs in the region, but does that mean that few people are interested in a pricey Corsa? Not at all, with orders for Opel's new OPC and Vauxhall's just-launched VXR soon to cross the 1,500 cars mark.

ANALYSIS: Making sense of China's car sales volatility 28 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

Just as in Europe, India or the USA, looking at China as one market doesn't give you the full picture. Differences across geographical areas are one reason why some models are suddenly hugely popular, while others are fading rapidly.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Minnow Mitsubishi not short on L200 claims 23 Jul 2015

Graeme Roberts

Minnow Mitsubishi Motors UK (MMUK) is only a bit player in the 2.5m unit UK new car and 321,000 commercial vehicle market but has long punched above its weight in one tonne pickup trucks. And it's making some pretty bold claims for its fully redesigned L200 line.

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT: Review of road wheels 22 Jul 2015

Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto’s series of research snapshots – pulled from its automotive research platform, QUBE - Matthew Beecham reviews some trends in the road wheels market.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: New DS 5 & the future of PSA's luxury brand 21 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

It will soon be 60 years since the Citroën DS was revealed to dropped jaws at the 1955 Paris motor show. Now, PSA has a more subtle desire to create a luxury brand based on this car's name. Will a quiet, slow, relentless, Lexus-style approach work?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015 Mazda6 & future models 17 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

As noted recently on just-auto, Mazda is on a roll in its home market but it’s also doing very well in North America, China, Australia and across Europe. The company's largest sedan and its only estate car has been refreshed and is now selling better than ever.

ANALYSIS: Foreign brands attack declining Japanese market 16 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

Vehicle sales ended the first half of CY2015 down 11%, due mostly to a tax rise for Kei-models. Yet not every OEM is suffering. Mazda was up 47% in June, while multiple European brands are also enjoying high percentage gains.

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