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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 'Bye Twin Gate, hello hatchback

The key change for Skoda Superb generation three is that the Twin Gate choice of 'boot' or 'hatchback' opening is no more. As an insider rev...


Peugeot is trying to move its image and pricing to the space occupied by Volkswagen. Britain being the French brand’s third largest market,...

RESEARCH ANALYSIS: Review of vehicle seating

Car seats are becoming lighter by as much as 50 percent. This paradox is achieved through novel designs’ using new materials, foams and asse...

ANALYSIS: VW & Toyota losing the SUV race in China

The Chinese vehicle market might not be surging but sales of crossovers and SUVs certainly are, registrations rising by 54% (YoY) in March....

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Subaru Impreza 24 Apr 2015

Glenn Brooks

Thanks to a greatly improved yen-sterling exchange rate, Subaru's UK importer is now bringing in the Impreza once more. It might be a little anonymous in the looks department but to drive, there's character aplenty.

ANALYSIS: Toyota's plant and product engineering revamp 22 Apr 2015

Dave Leggett

Toyota has had its fair share of problems to contend with in recent years. However, there are now signs that the company is raising its global game to compete with rivals, says Dave Leggett.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Polo BlueGT & Polo GTI 22 Apr 2015

Glenn Brooks

A facelift, more power for the GTI and a new engine which, in the BlueGT, runs on four or two cylinders are some of the highlights of the latest Volkswagen Polo range.

April 2015 management briefing (2): General Motors' OnStar Europe 'gamechanger' 21 Apr 2015

Cat Dow

The wave of advanced vehicle connectivity technologies coming to vehicles embrace a number of interlinked elements, from seamless personal connectivity, to driver assistance systems (and autonomous vehicle control), intelligent transport systems, on-board telematics and the changing human machine interface itself inside the vehicle. In this month's management briefing we talk to OEMs and examine key aspects of the connectivity revolution coming down the line. In this instalment, Cat Dow runs the rule over GM's plans to launch its OnStar telematics service in Europe in October 2015.

JUST A LOOK AROUND: Honda's Swindon plant ready to be Civic Central 20 Apr 2015

Graeme Roberts

There was a palplable air of excitement throughout just-auto's brief tour of Honda Motor Europe's Swindon. Newly named a global hub for the next generation five-door Civic (the Canadian plant in Alliston, Ontario will take over next generation CR-V production for Europe and the imminent redesigned Jazz will come from Japan), the sprawling factory has been through rough times in recent years, culminating in the mothballing of its second assembly line (in its own building) following the 2007-2008 credit crunch sales slump which hit the Honda and Toyota plants here in England particularly hard.

ANALYSIS: Can the Evoque remain JLR’s golden goose? 17 Apr 2015

Glenn Brooks

It's the car that created what must surely be the most profitable vehicle segment since the original Range Rover. Now, as the Evoque reaches mid-cycle, how can Land Rover make sure it continues to be JLR's profits powerhouse?

ANALYSIS: MG on the road to nowhere 16 Apr 2015

Ray Hutton

What's in a brand? The Chinese think that being British makes MG special. Here in Britain, the reality is that it must compete in the bargain basement.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Land Rover Defender 7 Apr 2015

Glenn Brooks

It's like driving an old-shape Transit and some of the final versions will cost in excess of GBP60,000, but the Defender will be much missed once production ends later this year.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche Boxster GTS 2 Apr 2015

Glenn Brooks

Porsche's Europe-wide sales are by 43% so far this year. The addition of the Macan is obviously a big factor but so too is the firm's policy of adding derivatives throughout each model's lifecycle. The latest Boxster GTS is a case in point.

Management briefing: developments in powertrain batteries 31 Mar 2015

Matthew Beecham

Battery technologies for powertrain applications have become a focus of attention as OEMs seek to improve performance and reduce the costs of electrified vehicles - both hybrids and pure EVs. Matthew Beecham talks to industry participants to gauge the bigger picture and efforts to cut costs in this summary article from just-auto/QUBE.

ANALYSIS: Depressed Thai market forces eco-car rethink 26 Mar 2015

Tony Pugliese

After a government stimulated market binge in 2012, the Thai vehicle market has been left saturated and has declined sharply since. As output of small cars in other countries of the ASEAN picks up, the OEMs' planning assumptions for manufacturing eco-cars in Thailand are being upset and strategies hastily revised. Tony Pugliese reports.

ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Group considers success and succession 24 Mar 2015

Ray Hutton

Ray Hutton was at the annual Volkswagen media and investor conference in Berlin earlier this month. Attendees heard much on the subject of how the mighty VW Group marches onwards and upwards towards its 2018 target to be global number one. But who will be in charge by then?

ANALYSIS: UK automotive supplier industry perks up 19 Mar 2015

Dave Leggett

There are signs of a revival in the UK automotive supplier industry, but a sense of perspective is needed, says Dave Leggett.

ANALYSIS: Europe can be a Cadillac 'test bed' region 17 Mar 2015

Graeme Roberts

While Cadillac’s goal of evolving into a global luxury brand is dependent on the US and China, Europe remains part of the long-term equation for the brand, GM insists. The brand has only a nominal presence in Europe, but that low presence is allied to strong brand recognition. That means the region can serve as a relatively low risk test bed for the brand’s customer experience approaches, according to an automotive industry analyst.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS [updated 17/3]: Once more 2 the B-segment breach, Mazda 13 Mar 2015

Graeme Roberts

Starter for 10 - what is the average age of the B-segment buyer here in the UK?

ANALYSIS: Brazil gets its way in Mexico car quota deal 10 Mar 2015

Fernando Calmon

After some tense negotiations, both sides ended up yielding ground and the renewed automotive accord between Brazil and Mexico was finally signed yesterday (9 March) in Rio de Janeiro. Yet analysis suggests Brazil managed to achieve little advantage besides renewing import/export quotas for four years.

ANALYSIS: General Motors' latest retreat from Indonesia 10 Mar 2015

Tony Pugliese

General Motors' decision to close (at the end of Q2) its assembly plant in Bekasi, a satellite city just east of Indonesia's capital Jakarta, came as a shock to many in the industry. Tony Pugliese considers the reasons for the move and its implications.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Range Rover Hybrid 2 Mar 2015

Glenn Brooks

It’s 120kg heavier than its equivalent SDV6 variants, yet averages 30+mpg in the real world with 26% fewer emissions of CO2. It will glide in and out of your garage in silence but 700Nm of torque can be summoned in an instant - the Hybrid is a Range Rover like none other.

February 2015 management briefing: 48V mild hybrids (3) 27 Feb 2015

Calum MacRae

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation - from regenerative and friction braking - than is available on the traditional 12V system. Calum MacRae takes a closer look at supplier plans and forecasts for 48V.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volvo UK goes for high spec, seven seat XC90 redesign 26 Feb 2015

Graeme Roberts

Volvo's UK unit is keeping one card up its sleeve when it launches the redesigned XC90 SUV starting in June.

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