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Daimler - Q2 results insight

Daimler reported strong second quarter results this week and the outlook looks very good for the group, writes Sabine Blümel....

Kia K900 knocks on big brands' door

Prior to moving to the UK, I had almost zero exposure to the Kia brand which, 20 years ago, was mostly recycled Mazdas. And something called...

Global light vehicle market developments

The first half of the year has seen global light vehicle sales accelerate as expanding vehicle markets have more tan compensated for those t...

PLDB: Future Models - what's new this month

July has been a busy month for news updates on many future EV, hybrid, PHEV and fuel cell vehicle programmes, with some especially interesti...


Glenn Brooks

The sales target might be modest but there's no denying the ability of BMW's newest model, the Macan and Evoque-challenging X4.

US: Kia Motors America - a "bit player" with ambition 22 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Kia Motors America may be marking 20 years in the US this year but, despite 535,179 sales in 2013 (down 4% on 2012), the recent hit of 5m cumultative, half year 2014 volume up 7.2% to 297,413 and around 765 dealers in all 50 states, still insists its main mission is "awareness" and that the brand is "still a bit player".

ANALYSIS: TDI technology at the core of Audi's powertrain strategy 21 Jul 2014

Calum MacRae

High-tech TDI engines that provide economy and performance sit at the heart of the Audi brand's values and technological DNA. As Audi marks a quarter century since it debuted TDI, Calum MacRae takes a look at Audi's strategy to develop TDI powertrain technology further to meet tighter future CO2 emission targets and the need for still higher efficiency from internal combustion engines.

ANALYSIS: Swallowing Fiat-Chrysler 'would be bad for Volkswagen' - analyst 18 Jul 2014

Dave Leggett

Equities analyst Sabine Blümel has told just-auto that Volkswagen may be interested in parts of Fiat-Chrysler, as rumoured, but would have to be careful to avoid potential problems with such an acquisition.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Driving the Swedish nanny state 17 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Been lying awake at night wondering how plug-in cars are doing in Europe? Me, neither, but, having now evaluated a few - Vauxhall Ampera [aka Chevy Volt], Toyota Prius, Volvo V60 with the Mitsubishi Outlander and BMW i3 REX to come - I figured it was time to take a look. Cue the expert number crunchers at UK-based JATO Dynamics.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Audi R8 16 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

It's now more than seven years since the Audi R8 went on sale, but the car's development by quattro GmbH is continuing right to the end of production.

US: Kia Design Center stands alone from parent's 15 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

While it might operate under the same umbrella organisation - Hyundai America Technical Centre Inc (HACTI) - as the California proving ground, Kia's Design Center America (KDCA), adjacent to the brand's national sales company in Irvine, California, has been happily divorced from its parent company's design facility since 2008 and operates completely independently.

US: Critters count at Hyundai-Kia proving ground 15 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Critter control isn't an essential item on the CV of anyone applying for a job at Hyundai America Technical Centre's Inc's (HATCI) California proving ground in the Mojave Desert but it doesn't hurt to know what you're doing. For a start, facility manager Matt Seare has no problem catching snakes and carries the essential kit in the SUV in which he prowls the 4,300-acre facililty.

ANALYSIS: Should manufacturers really put Facebook in the car? 14 Jul 2014

Cat Dow

How we reconcile the tasks of driving a vehicle with the desire of drivers to stay connected looks set to be at the heart of the evolving vehicle in the future. How much information does the driver really want and how far do we go before we hit problems with 'distraction'? Cat Dow considers some of the latest research which questions assumptions on drivers' social media demands.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: D-Max lifts Isuzu sales by 85% 10 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

Despite having a one-model range, Isuzu sales have been rising strongly in 2014, and outpacing the market. In June alone, volumes were up by 85%.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Citroën C4 Cactus 8 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

With innovations galore, including air-filled bumpers, low CO2 thanks to a base weight of under a tonne, and production ramping up at a once-doomed Spanish plant, the Citroën C4 Cactus is very much the new, profit-driven face of PSA.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Citroën C1 4 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

We first saw the second generation C1 alongside the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo at the Geneva motor show in March. Production is now ramping up, and UK deliveries are about to commence.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: [data added] Vauxhall Insignia Country Tourer 4 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

While PSA, Renault, Ford and Toyota struggle in Europe's D segment, Opel-Vauxhall boasts of 100,000 Insignia orders since the facelifted model was launched at September 2013's Frankfurt show. What's GM Europe's secret ingredient?

June 2014 management briefing: advances in lighting (2) 30 Jun 2014

Ian Henry

Automotive lighting continues to see rapid product development underpinned by advanced technologies and the needs of car designers to differentiate the product through imaginative lighting solutions. In this second part, extracted from just-auto's QUBE research service, we consider the regulatory framework and the advent of daytime running lights (DRLs) in Europe.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé 26 Jun 2014

Glenn Brooks

The arrival of the Gran Coupé sees BMW expanding the 4 Series to three body styles. How does this new hatchback compare to the rival Audi A5 Sportback?

ANALYSIS: Finding a way forward for Proton 26 Jun 2014

Tony Pugliese

Malaysia’s first national car company, Proton - now in the custody of local privately-owned DRB-Hicom - continues to struggle to find its place in an increasingly competitive and open-boarder car world. Tony Pugliese considers the issues facing the company.

June 2014 management briefing: advances in lighting (1) 24 Jun 2014

Ian Henry

Automotive lighting continues to see rapid product development underpinned by advanced technologies and the needs of car designers to differentiate the product through imaginative lighting solutions. In this multi-part series, extracted from just-auto's QUBE research service, we take a look at the sector and latest developments.

ANALYSIS: How Vauxhall could overtake Ford in 2015 23 Jun 2014

Glenn Brooks

It used to seem far fetched to suggest that more Vauxhall passenger vehicles could be sold in Britain than Fords, but it no longer does. And it might even happen as soon as next year.

NEW PRODUCT: Redesigned Toyota Aygo adds customisation options 19 Jun 2014

Graeme Roberts

Discussion amongst journalists attending the European launch of Toyota's redesigned Aygo A-segment city car centred around the engine - had the automaker done enough?

THE EVOLVING BRANDSCAPE: Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) 19 Jun 2014

Mark Bursa

In the first of a new series examining major OEM brand strategies, Mark Bursa takes a look at newly merged Fiat Chrysler Automotive's brand portfolio and its future strategic direction.

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