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Briefing: Emerging markets in trouble (3)

In the full year 2014, Argentina, Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand & Turkey are set to become an even greater drag on global light vehicle ma...


Five years ago, the idea of Citroën selling more than a few thousand high priced cars each year would have been rightly ridiculed. How thing...

Briefing: Emerging markets in trouble (2)

In the full year 2014, Argentina, Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand & Turkey are set to become an even greater drag on global light vehicle ma...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche 911 Targa 4

Porsche continues to expand the 911 range, with the Targa body style having just gone on sale in Britain. Could this be the best looking var...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Škoda Octavia estate 4x4 22 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

It's well known that the British love estates, one of the reasons why the UK is such an important market for Škoda. Multiple derivatives continue to be added to the Octavia estate range, including several with 4x4 drive.

ANALYSIS: GM gets serious about Cadillac 21 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

Despite Cadillac being a serial underachiever outside North America, GM is investing heavily in its one would-be global luxury vehicle division.

August 2014 management briefing: Emerging markets in trouble (1) 20 Aug 2014

Sabine Blümel

In the full year 2014, Argentina, Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand & Turkey are set to become an even greater drag on global light vehicle markets than in FY13, declining by at 9.1% or 1.1m to 11.13m units. In the previous five years and during the global financial crisis they were key drivers. Sabine Blümel considers the implications for the industry. This first part is an overview.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: SEAT Alhambra 2.0 TDI 19 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

Alhambra sales were up 19% worldwide in the first half of 2014, making it SEAT’s second most improved model after the León. This has also given the Palmela plant which builds it some overdue good news.

ANALYSIS: Piston days - Daimler leads steel charge 14 Aug 2014

Calum MacRae

In an automotive era when vehicle lightweighting is all the rage and vehicle manufacturers such as JLR and Ford launching all-aluminium versions of mainstays of their product ranges it seems incongruous that diesel engine pistons are bucking this trend by increasingly moving to steel from aluminium.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Volvo XC70 14 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

Volvo’s year on year sales for July were up by 37% in the UK. Much of the reason is an ongoing freshening of its cars. The updates continue, with a model year 2015 XC70 now on sale.

ANALYSIS: BMW - 2Q14 results insight 13 Aug 2014

Sabine Blümel

An accelerating model momentum that includes product renewal and proliferation of the portfolio into an increasing number of new sub-segments has been and continues to be the key driver of the strong earnings growth at the BMW Group.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Range Rover L 11 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

The long wheelbase Range Rover has taken the big 4x4 into GBP100,000-plus territory. Now there’s an even pricier Autobiography Black trim level, as well as model year 2015 changes.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen e-Golf 7 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

Will the new plug-in Golf fry the Focus Electric and mulch the Leaf? It’s certainly good enough to become the sales leader in its class.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Vauxhall VXR8 GTS 5 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

Last year's Vauxhall VXR8 not powerful enough for you? No problem, this year's GTS adds an Eaton supercharger, 150 more horsepower and a perhaps surprising amount of refinement.

ANALYSIS: Volkswagen - 2Q14 results insight 1 Aug 2014

Sabine Blümel

The VW Group that operates eight passenger car brands, three truck brands and one motorcycle brand, reported solid 2Q14 results. Sabine Blümel takes a closer look at the group's passenger car business.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen Golf R 1 Aug 2014

Glenn Brooks

With a zero to 62mph time of just five seconds, this is the fastest Golf yet. But does the 300PS (221kW), four-wheel drive R live up to the hype?

July 2014 management briefing: ASEAN sales fall 11% in H1 30 Jul 2014

Tony Pugliese

New vehicle sales in the ASEAN region's six main markets continued to decline in the second quarter, by 6.7% to 811,461 units, according to data compiled by Tony Pugliese from various industry sources.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015MY Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian 29 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

It might be about to enter its ninth year of production but the L200 pick-up remains competitive and has aided Mitsubishi Motors Europe's 23% year-on-year H1 sales rise.

ANALYSIS: Daimler - Q2 results insight 25 Jul 2014

Sabine Blümel

Daimler reported strong second quarter results this week and the outlook looks very good for the group, writes Sabine Blümel.

PRODUCT PEEP: Kia K900 knocks on big brands' door 24 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Prior to moving to the UK, I had almost zero exposure to the Kia brand which, 20 years ago, was mostly recycled Mazdas. And something called a Festiva which was a Mazda 121 built on an OEM basis for Ford Asia Pacific. If someone had told me the brand - under different ownership - would one day come at least within nose-punching distance of Lexus and those European 'premium' brands, I'd have laughed. But the day, it appears, has arrived.

July 2014 management briefing: Global light vehicle market 23 Jul 2014

Dave Leggett

The first half of the year has seen global light vehicle sales accelerate as expanding vehicle markets have more than compensated for those that have contracted. Dave Leggett eyes the latest data and the outlook.

PLDB: Future Models - what's new this month 23 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

July has been a busy month for news updates on many future EV, hybrid, PHEV and fuel cell vehicle programmes, with some especially interesting facts on the next Prius.


Glenn Brooks

The sales target might be modest but there's no denying the ability of BMW's newest model, the Macan and Evoque-challenging X4.

US: Kia Motors America - a "bit player" with ambition 22 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

Kia Motors America may be marking 20 years in the US this year but, despite 535,179 sales in 2013 (down 4% on 2012), the recent hit of 5m cumultative, half year 2014 volume up 7.2% to 297,413 and around 765 dealers in all 50 states, still insists its main mission is "awareness" and that the brand is "still a bit player".

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