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Briefing: 48V mild hybrids (3)

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation...

Volvo UK specs up seven seat XC90 redesign

Volvo's UK unit is keeping one card up its sleeve when it launches the redesigned XC90 SUV starting in June....

ANALYSIS: Suzuki's new brand flagship - Vitara

As a car brand, Suzuki is not one of the big beasts of the auto industry. It's something of a niche player but is now planning to cement its...

ANALYSIS: Mercedes smart brand's last chance?

Mercedes-Benz has struggled for 18 years to make profits from smart. Platform sharing with Renault may be the brand's last chance, writes Ra...

ANALYSIS: Europe's fragile recovery continues 23 Feb 2015

Dave Leggett

Car sales in January were off to a good start and it was the seventeenth successive month of growth. It's good that the market is growing again, but risks to recovery remain and trading conditions will remain tough across the region, says Dave Leggett.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: SEAT León Cupra 23 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Once the Volkswagen Group’s biggest underachiever, SEAT is succeeding at last. The evidence? In Germany it’s now a top-ten brand, and in the UK, it was just 47 cars behind Fiat in January.

February 2015 management briefing: 48V mild hybrids (2) 20 Feb 2015

Calum MacRae

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation - from regenerative and friction braking - than is available on the traditional 12V system. Calum MacRae takes a closer look at OEM plans in this area and asks, what will 48V bring?

ANALYSIS: How soon until Nissan Europe outsells Toyota? 17 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Certain new and accelerating trends are revealed for the European passenger car market in the latest figures issued by ACEA.

ANALYSIS: Key new vehicles coming up 13 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

The Chicago auto show is now underway to be followed by Geneva in a few weeks' time, with New York and then Shanghai in April. Which are the key vehicles to note at these shows? just-auto's new and future products editor, Glenn Brooks, provides a need-to-know summary.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Volvo S80 D4 13 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

This month marks nine years since the second generation S80 entered production, and by February 2016, its S90 successor will likely have appeared. Nonetheless, Volvo continues to tweak its largest sedan, with the Model Year 2015 S80 now on sale.

February 2015 management briefing: 48V mild hybrids (1) 12 Feb 2015

Calum MacRae

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation - from regenerative and friction braking - than is available on the traditional 12V system. In this month's management briefing, Calum MacRae takes a closer look at the emerging technology platform.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Audi A6 3.0 TDI quattro 12 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

The facelifted A6 range is now on sale in Britain. As well as the styling changes, emissions are claimed to be up to 22% lower, Matrix headlights are a new option, the CVT is replaced by a dual-clutch S tronic gearbox and EU6-compliant engines feature.

ANALYSIS: Global vehicle market in 2015 heading for growth 11 Feb 2015

Dave Leggett

According to LMC Automotive, the global light vehicle market ended 2014 on a high note with a best ever seasonally adjusted annualised rate of sales (SAAR) of 92m units a year posted in December as dealers and OEMs across the world aimed to hit their volume targets.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015MY Range Rover Sport SDV8 6 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

The 2015 model year Range Rover Sport is now on sale, and there are two main mechanical changes: an extra 40Nm of torque for the 4.4-litre diesel V8 and a new evolution of ZF’s 8HP70 eight-speed automatic gearbox.

ANALYSIS: Ford: Time to rev up profits in 2015? 2 Feb 2015

Colin Whitbread

Following the unveiling of Ford's Q4 and full-year 2014 financial results and, more importantly, its outlook for 2015, an obvious question is whether financial performance is poised to rev up in the same way as some of the new performance products recently shown in Detroit. Colin Whitbread considers the financial issues ahead for Ford.

ANALYSIS: Kadjar - Renault tries again in Qashqai segment 2 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Frustrated with seeing Alliance partner Nissan's Qashqai selling over 200,000 units per annum in Europe, while its rival Koleos cannot manage even 10,000 registrations, Renault is having a rethink. Its answer? The Kadjar.

ANALYSIS: ASEAN vehicle market down almost 10% in 2014 28 Jan 2015

Tony Pugliese

The fourth quarter sales data is in and 2014 saw vehicle sales fall by almost 10% in the ASEAN region. Tony Pugliese analyses the results in major markets across the region and considers prospects for 2015.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid 28 Jan 2015

Glenn Brooks

At 2,350kg, it's easily the weightiest variant of the newly facelifted range. Somehow, though, the PHEV Cayenne is Porsche's most officially fuel efficient SUV yet.

RESEARCH ANALYSIS: Review of cockpits and instrumentation 26 Jan 2015

Matthew Beecham

Although there can be no doubt that tomorrow's drivers will be better informed, there remains some concern about information over-load. Matthew Beecham reports on some innovations to help keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Honda CR-V update majors on diesel powertrain 23 Jan 2015

Graeme Roberts

When you already have a vehicle that is a major success (outselling all car models in the US in December) and one of the most popular models in its segment pretty much worldwide, there's not too much point in altering the recipe too much.

ANALYSIS: Has Audi reached a limit with model proliferation? 22 Jan 2015

Ray Hutton

Audi's continuing success has come with a stream of new products but is a TT family a step too far?

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Škoda Fabia 19 Jan 2015

Glenn Brooks

The new Fabia five-door hatchback, on sale this month in Britain, is shorter but roomier and weighs an average 65kg less, boasts the largest boot in its segment and is competitively priced (from GBP10,600). But gone, sadly, is the vRS.

ANALYSIS: Europe's car market in 2014, and 2015 19 Jan 2015

Glenn Brooks

The market might have been up by 5.4% in 2014 but there were some surprising brands on the list of those which saw their sales effectively contracting. How will they fare in 2015?

ANALYSIS: Hoegh Osaka saga : Knowns and unknowns 16 Jan 2015

Simon Warburton

With news salvers working on the 51,000t Hoegh Osaka carliner could tow the giant ship back into the Port of Southampton next week just-auto has a look at what we know so far - and what might happen.

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