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Volvo's engine and platform independence progress

Engines are expensive items for an automaker to develop and, after sharing some powertrains with former owner Ford, Volvo, under new Chinese...

Advanced tech previews from OEMs - PLDB

There has been a flurry of announcements in recent weeks concerning the next wave of high-tech components....

Indian summer for SsangYong - ANALYSIS

SsangYong, the smallest, oldest, and worst-named of Korea’s motor manufacturers, has finally produced a car that measures up to the competit...

ANALYSIS: VW's self-defeating defeat devices

In September 2015, the industry – and VW in particular – was dealt a seismic shock when it became clear that VW had sought to cheat US emiss...

Clubman takes BMW's Mini to size C 9 Nov 2015

Graeme Roberts

The redesigned Clubman has taken BMW's English brand into new territory where Mini previously dared not tread - would you believe C segment? That'll add fuel to the fire for the numerous 'Bini' haters out there (at least on my Facebook page) who, 14 years on, have still not grasped the idea that Mini is now a brand and not a model description. Now just 2mm shorter than a Volkswagen Golf, the latest Clubman - insiders call it the longest and biggest Mini - is 27cm (almost a foot) longer than the five-door hatchback version on a wheelbase 100mm larger, and 7cm lower with 81 litres more luggage space. And it now has four 'proper' doors. Overall length is 4,253mm, width 1,800mm and height 1,441mm. The wheelbase measures 2,670mm (D segment territory in the 1980s!) while the track is 1,564mm front and 1,565mm rear.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Outlander PHEV & future Mitsubishi SUVs & PHEVs 6 Nov 2015

Glenn Brooks

The plug-in hybrid version of the Outlander has been a strong seller for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK and many other European markets. Now comes a dramatic mid-life facelift plus a raft of refinements and even better taxation numbers.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Toyota Avensis, powered by BMW 2 Nov 2015

Glenn Brooks

It’s a conundrum for Toyota Motor Europe - how to justify staying in the declining D segment? Volkswagen, Opel-Vauxhall and Ford leverage their rival models across global markets and/or multiple brands but the Avensis is more or less a Europe-only car.

2015 TOKYO SHOW: World premieres 29 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

A list of world premieres at the 2015 Tokyo motor show appears below.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 911 Carrera 4 GTS & future Porsches 29 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

Porsche’s strategy of ever more variants for the 911 range is paying dividends: worldwide deliveries reached 25,000 cars in the first nine months of 2015. The GTS line, new earlier this year, is a good example of how the company constantly finds ways of expanding sales of its rear-engined supercar.

October 2015 management briefing: key supplier technologies update (2) 28 Oct 2015

Matthew Beecham

There is much more to the IAA in Frankfurt than a dazzling array of new cars. At the world's biggest auto show, suppliers' stands bristled with lightweight innovations to help reduce emissions as well as improve driver safety, comfort and communications. Matthew Beecham caught-up with executives from some of the world's leading component suppliers. In this second instalment, we take a look at the main IAA messages from Tenneco, Faurecia, Magna and Plastic Omnium.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: X152 F-TYPE R Convertible & future Jaguar X161 23 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

With Jaguar registrations finally heading in the right direction thanks to the addition of the XE, the two-year old F-TYPE is also beginning to sell better. It’s been a slow burn for this supercar, but its abilities have never been in doubt.

October 2015 management briefing: key supplier technologies update (1) 22 Oct 2015

Matthew Beecham

There is much more to the IAA in Frankfurt than a dazzling array of new cars. At the world's biggest auto show, suppliers' stands bristled with lightweight innovations to help reduce emissions as well as improve driver safety, comfort and communications. Matthew Beecham caught-up with executives from some of the world's leading component suppliers. This first instalment summarises the main IAA technology messages from Tedrive Steering, Johnson Controls, Continental and Hella.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Nissan Leaf gets a longer lead 19 Oct 2015

Graeme Roberts

Normally, electric or electrified cars are launched to the media in urban settings, never far from an emergency recharge point, but Nissan clearly had confidence in the newly extended range of its latest Leaf - a theoretical 250 kilometres or, in old money, 155 miles. Hence a coffee stop 1,607m above sea level at a place called Col de Turini, to which we had scampered up from Nice, had another 78km to run, had a thoretical range of 25km left on the 'fuel gauge' and there was zero chance of a reviving fast charge. Merde!

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: New Kadjar & future Renault SUVs 16 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

Having seen the enormous and ongoing success of the Qashqai in European markets, Renault has at last entered the segment which was more or less invented by its Alliance partner.

ANALYSIS: Spreading the CVT word 15 Oct 2015

Calum MacRae

Earlier this week the announcement by JATCO of a new transmission, the innocuously named CVT7 W/R, passed by with relatively little fanfare save for its reporting on the pages of just-auto.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 208 GTi & future Peugeots 15 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

DS is PSA’s luxury brand, Citroen a quirky-mainstream marque, leaving Peugeot to be an alternative to Volkswagen. That’s the theory. Where does the 208 GTi fit in then? There’s new thinking here too: it’s now part of the by Peugeot Sport sub-brand.

ANALYSIS: If Audi Brussels gains Q6, where does A1 go? 14 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

Reports are beginning to emerge which piece together the puzzle over the future of Forest, officially known as Audi Brussels. The plant, which once made the VW Polo, is now the base for all production of the Audi A1 and S1. Will the next generation cars also be made there?

ANALYSIS: Forget Volkswagen, Mazda is the big news in Germany 9 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

It has no rich parent; no manufacturing plant in Europe; sells no hybrids, EVs or PHEVs. Plus, a new roadster has just been added to the model range of this non-premium brand. A recipe for disaster, then. Not at all: Mazda is outselling Toyota, Peugeot and Fiat in Germany. And, it's closing on Nissan.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Audi S8 & future models 7 Oct 2015

Glenn Brooks

Suddenly, the full-sized luxury sedan segment is roaring back to life. Forget the economic stalling in some parts of the world and instead see what's happening in the US, in Europe, in India, in Japan - luxury limousines are big business again, and Audi is ready to take on the S-Class and the new BMW 7er with a revised A8 and S8 range, including the new S8 plus.

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Redesigned Vauxhall (Opel) Astra 6 Oct 2015

Graeme Roberts

Executives' pride in Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant having secured the contract to be the lead factory for the new generation Astra was palpable at the UK media launch. It was clear that union flexibility was the key to the British plant getting the nod over the Germans - securing 2,000 automaker and supplier jobs until at least 2020 - and led to Bochum, instead of Ellesmere Port, facing the axe. No more British built Astras would also have meant no more British Vauxhall cars (the former Luton car plant is now a development site) and no more Ellesmere Port.

ANALYSIS: Thailand looks to end first-time buyer overhang 6 Oct 2015

Tony Pugliese

Thailand’s military government is desperate to draw a line under the first-time car buyer programme, a populist scheme which ran between October 2011 and December 2012 and which still has a significant indirect influence on the local vehicle market, writes Tony Pugliese

ANALYSIS: What does TPP mean for autos? 5 Oct 2015

Dave Leggett

A trade deal involving the US, Japan and 10 other Pacific rim countries has been agreed. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will reduce trade barriers between the nations involved and the agreement follows years of wrangling over arrangements for specific industrial sectors, such as automotive.

ANALYSIS: Europe diesel forecasts revised down on VW scandal 29 Sep 2015

Dave Leggett

The expected decline of the popularity of diesel-fuelled vehicles in the European car market has been significantly accelerated in the light of the Volkswagen diesel emission fixing scandal according to research carried out by analysts at just-auto's QUBE research unit.

September 2015 management briefing: Frankfurt IAA overview 23 Sep 2015

Glenn Brooks

In the second and final part of this month's management briefing, we take a look at the stand out concepts, production cars and trends seen at the 2015 Frankfurt IAA motor show.

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