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Driving the new Q30, and Infiniti future models

It's been a long time coming but finally European car buyers are becoming aware of Infiniti. The Q30 is the reason why brand sales were up b...

Audi S8 plus - if 585PS just isn’t enough power

Are there really people who think the 585PS 4.0-litre biturbo V8 S8 is too slow? It seems so, as Audi now sells a 605PS plus variant which a...

Brexit could lift UK auto production – Asian view

The automotive industry in Asia is busy weighing up the implications of last month’s decision by the UK to leave the EU - whether the outcom...

Ford and Lincoln future models into the 2020s

In the final part of just-auto's in-depth look at Ford Motor Company's future models and architectures, the spotlight is on the firm's high...

Indonesian market rebounds in Q2 21 Jul 2016

Tony Pugliese

The new vehicle market in Indonesia continued to recover in June, with sales rising by 11.3% to 91,500 units from 82,200 units a year earlier, according to data released by the automotive industry group Gaikindo.

New biturbo 3.0 for 911 - best Porsche engine yet? 13 Jul 2016

Glenn Brooks

Porsche’s worldwide sales were up by just three percent in the first half of 2016 but the 911 is doing better than that, deliveries rising by 10 percent. That’s thanks to the release of a model which has had so many changes in mid-life that it even gains a new project code: 991.2, as opposed to 991 for the series which first appeared in late 2011.

New 300PS diesel for Jaguar XJ - ANALYSIS 11 Jul 2016

Glenn Brooks

Never a big seller, nonetheless JLR does have plans to replace the now six years old Jaguar XJ. That won’t be for another three years but in the meantime, a package of tech updates and a new diesel are paying sales dividends.

Fiat 500 a building block for future small cars 7 Jul 2016

Glenn Brooks

The latest 500 is a worthy update of what had already been a big seller, especially in European countries. Like Mini, this is an expanding franchise, as the 500e, 500X, 500L and 500 L Living/MPW prove. FCA has further plans to add even more derivatives, each of which should aid the ongoing cause of a major revival in the fortunes of the Fiat brand.

July 2016 management briefing: Johnson Controls on redefining European car buyer groups 7 Jul 2016

Matthew Beecham

Concerned that the traditional car model segmentation is an outdated means of describing target groups, Johnson Controls Automotive Seating worked with researchers from Concept M institute for market psychology to define a set of more meaningful categories that pinpoint the diverse needs and wants of today’s European drivers. The supplier used a recent press gathering in Berlin to explain its approach, findings and practical relevance to automakers.

Audi tech migrates south to updated A3 6 Jul 2016

Graeme Roberts

Audi's updated A3, launched in Europe last April, has reached the UK with new driver assistance systems and engines plus the usual 'mid life facelift' updated headlights and tail lights and other minor styling tweaks. The Audi 'virtual cockpit' is also available in a range that encompasses three- and five-door hatchbacks (the latter dubbed Sportback), a sedan and cabriolet. There are also sport S3 versions, and (not for the UK) electrified e-tron plus g-tron gas-fuelled models.

Brexit update - Where are we now? 5 Jul 2016

Dave Leggett

Dave Leggett provides an assessment of the latest developments following the UK’s referendum result to leave the EU.

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT: A review of the active grille shutter market 5 Jul 2016

Matthew Beecham

The aim of an active grille shutter (AGS) is to respond to the driving environment in order to reduce drag and improve fuel economy. During motorway driving, for example, the louvres would close thereby pushing the air around the vehicle to improve aerodynamics. If the car is towing a load or slow moving in traffic, the louvres would remain open to help maintain the best engine temperature.  Given that an increasing number of cars now have an AGS, here is our round-up of the market.

Volkswagen Ups the ante with city car's midlife Update - analysis 4 Jul 2016

Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's mid-life Update for the Up can be summed up as more poke, more connectivity and more customisation. Simple as that.

Ford's future models and platforms 30 Jun 2016

Glenn Brooks

In contrast to the Volkswagen Group, TMC, GM, HMG, Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ-MMC, Honda Motor, FCA and other major OEMs, Ford Motor Company will soon be building almost all of its vehicles on a handful of architectures. This first of two analysis pieces looks at the Dearborn-based firm's plans for the A-E car, SUV, crossover, minivan and pick-up segments. A close look at future big pick-ups and SUVs, plus plans for Lincoln, will follow.

What does 'Brexit' mean for the auto sector? 24 Jun 2016

Dave Leggett

In the end it was a narrow result, but the UK’s voters have voted to leave the European Union. What are the implications for the automotive sector?

The self-driving Volvo you shouldn't let drive itself, yet 24 Jun 2016

Graeme Roberts

It didn't take too long on the Volvo S90/V90 international media launch in sunny southern Spain for Naughty Boy here to get a lecture on Volvo driving.

June 2016 management briefing: Electronic suspension systems 23 Jun 2016

Matthew Beecham

An electronic (‘intelligent’ or ‘active’) suspension system can control the vertical movement of a vehicle’s wheels relative to its chassis or body via an on-board system. Given that a conventional passive suspension system features a fixed damper setting, there has always been a compromise between comfort and handling performance. Yet electronically controlled suspension systems that continuously adjust the damper settings to suit the road conditions eliminate that trade-off, providing the driver with greater levels of comfort and control. This month’s briefing reviews the market prospects for electronic suspension systems and some of the major players.

Toyota finally makes an economical Prius 22 Jun 2016

Glenn Brooks

The Prius has always been an engineering tour de force. What it hasn't ever been, is a genuinely economical model in all conditions and in all markets. Designed mainly for tax laws in Japan and car pool lanes in Northern California, for European buyers Toyota's eco image poster child has never lived up to the hype. Until now.

VW's amazing new 1.0-litre Golf engine - Analysis 20 Jun 2016

Glenn Brooks

The new turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which Volkswagen has quietly slipped into the Golf is one of the best kept secrets of 2016. Power, torque, CO2 and economy are all state of the art, but the best bit is how terrific it sounds - like an old school BMW six-cylinder.

Monroe riding high on the electronic suspension market - briefing 20 Jun 2016

Matthew Beecham

A clear trend in the shock absorber sector is integrating more and more electronics. Electronic dampers adjust instantly to ensure ride comfort and firm vehicle control. Tenneco Inc is among those leading players in the electronic suspension market. At a recent company event, the supplier updated us on its product portfolio and scope.

OEM purchasing managers outline supplier requirements 16 Jun 2016

Dave Leggett

Vehicle manufacturer purchasing managers have described the challenges facing the UK supply chain and frustrations they face in dealing with suppliers.

JLR’s internationalisation strategy continues – Analysis 14 Jun 2016

Ian Henry

As Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Brazil officially opens, Ian Henry takes a closer look at the company’s latest manufacturing set-up and its evolving international manufacturing strategy.

Robust recovery continues in European car market 9 Jun 2016

Dave Leggett

Western Europe’s car market is continuing to recover, helped by a positive replacement cycle and returning consumer confidence built on an improving economy. While sales still remain below pre-recession levels they are heading rapidly in the right direction.

Nissan’s phone man and his connectivity integration challenge 1 Jun 2016

Chris Wright

It just goes to show how times are changing. A new survey shows just how much our smartphones rule our lives and car buyers admit they can like everything about a new model – the styling, price, fuel economy and how it drives – but will walk out of the showroom if it doesn’t synch with their mobile phone.

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